10 gallon stocking help

  1. Boopy Mitch

    Boopy Mitch New Member Member

    i have a standard 10 gallon aquarium and wondering how many fish to get. I am thinking of:
    - 1 male betta (I already have in a 8 litre tank)
    - 6-10 harlequin raboras
    - 6 Pygmy cories OR 6 Khuli loaches.
    just want to make sure it is not over stocked. As I have already googled and all are comparable.
    Thanks for any answers.
  2. codyrex97

    codyrex97 Well Known Member Member

    I think 1 Betta and the rasbora is already pushing it. Cories and khulis don't fit in a 10 gallon.

    EDIT: I don't know a whole load about the rasbora but I think you could pull off a Betta with 6 harleys. I don't know if it's recommended or not. Somebody should chime in about that.
    But the cories and khulis are a sure no-go. Khulis can grow to 4-5 inches, so with 6 that's 24-30 inches of fish! Physically a bad match already. The cories are physically a good match, but they're so adventurous that they won't be very comfortable in a 10 gallon.
  3. FallenOwl

    FallenOwl Well Known Member Member

    IME, you could possibly do
    1 Male betta
    5 Harlequins,
    or if your not completely in love with them, I have mine with White Cloud Minnows.
    If you go with the white clouds, you could possibly have 6-7.
  4. codyrex97

    codyrex97 Well Known Member Member

    Yes I've heard White Cloud Minnows are another good option to go with betta. Another I've heard suggested is Ember Tetra. I have no experience with any of these as my Betta is in a Betta/inverts setup in my 10 gallon. He's the only fish in the tank, with some shrimp and snails.
  5. FallenOwl

    FallenOwl Well Known Member Member

    Ember Tetras may work as well. And you could get 6-7 of them as well. Just remember, fish enjoy their space just as much as we do ;)
  6. el337

    el337 Fishlore Legend Member

  7. JFreshwater

    JFreshwater Valued Member Member

    Yea a 10g seems a little small for schooling fish and a beta together. I'd do one or the other personally.
  8. clk89

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  9. Pringlethesnail

    Pringlethesnail Well Known Member Member

    I would do the Betta with one school of 6 fish of any of those three as well as the others suggested. So read up on the nitrogen cycle, cycle your tank for 3-4 weeks, add a passive Betta and your school. My Betta is with a school of 6 neon tetras right now in my ten gallon with an aquaclear 30 filter and all is well.
  10. JFreshwater

    JFreshwater Valued Member Member

    Most people will say 10 gallons is not enough swim space for neons.
  11. PlatyGurl2015

    PlatyGurl2015 New Member Member

    I think a betta would be very happy if you kept him alone in a 10g. It also kind of depends on the personality of the betta. Some bettas can't be kept with any other fish.
  12. aliray

    aliray Fishlore VIP Member

    The majority of bettas do not like other fish in their tanks, and will eventually kill or really damage the other fish in the tank and are best kept by themselves. You could try a nerite snail and a couple of ghost shrimp. Alison:;hi2
  13. Anders247

    Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    I would keep the betta with shrimp and snails. No other fish will work, the other fish you listed in the OP are too big/active for a 10g anyways.