10 Gallon Salt Water Tank?

  1. Raymond Taylor Initiate Member

    now i dont know if i will do this but i just want to get a idea if it can be done. right now i have a free 10 gallon tank (its a fresh water tank) and i was wanted to know can u do a 10 gallon salt tank? if u can what fish can be put in it?
  2. MikeRad89 Well Known Member Member

    A couple of small goby species would work.

  3. Raymond Taylor Initiate Member

    from what i saw on youtube alot of ppl have done it. lol should have looked at youtube first. i just wonder can i start this up with $150. but like i said i dont think i will do this, but its cool to see what ppl saw and whats on youtube
  4. Nart Well Known Member Member

    $150 to start a SW tank? Like Fish and live rocks only?

    Maybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, but you'll have to do a lot of shopping on used equipment and private sellers with live rock.
    I'll give you a list of what I think you'll need as a bare minimum to start one.

    1) Heater
    2) HOB filter and or power-head
    3) 7-10 pounds of live rock (you can buy dry rock, cheaper, but it a longer cycle)
    4) Lights (any light will do for a Fish+live rock set-up)
    5) Salt
    6) RODI water (I wouldn't recommend tap, unless you know the TDS and etc..)
    7) Refractometer
    8) Refractometer calibration fluid
    9) Sand (optional)

  5. New Fish in Town Well Known Member Member

    I don't have any experience with saltwater, but from what I have heard you need to research the costs and then multiple that times 4. One youtube even said multiple times 10. I bought a freshwater top fin 20 gallon starter kit that was on sale for $79. Fast forward almost 3 years later and I am pretty sure the tab is close to $1,000. The upgraded filter, live plants, fish, gravel, decorations, CO2, etc added up.
  6. Reef13G YT Member Member

    1 clownfish
    2 small goby
    2 peppermint shrimp
    2 snails
  7. Nart Well Known Member Member

    I personally wouldn't put a solo clownfish in. 2 small gobies might be it in terms of fish stocking. Skunk cleaner and some snails

  8. Reef13G YT Member Member

    Maybe they can try a chromis, some shrimp, and a turbo snail?
  9. Nart Well Known Member Member

    No. Chromis are a schooling fish and should be kept in a group. Which I wouldn't put in a 10G. A small goby or a pistol goby combo would be all the fish I would put in a 10G. It's too cramped of a space to fit anything else really.
  10. Reef13G YT Member Member

    ok, what I would do, I would just fill the entire tank with shrimp, snails, and some other inverts. Or I'd just fill the entire tank with coral. If you probably grow coral and probably handle it, you can make a lot of money selling it because of the endangered reefs, though if you are not experienced you can waste a chunk of coral.

  11. Nart Well Known Member Member

    Honestly, I wouldn't hold my breath about making lots of money selling corals, especially from a small system. The hard part is finding buyers as well. I personally would just keep it as a fun hobby with the occasional sell and trade. Even the reefers I know with larger systems don't make a lot of money from selling corals from their frag tanks. The amount of time, and equipment dedicated to it... you'll never break even. Just my thoughts
  12. Reef13G YT Member Member

    I do admit that coral is insanely expensive for some cool corals, like you said, it would hard to break even, what I would get like 2 pieces of coral and let them grow with some live rock and get some inverts in there