10 gallon rescape

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by shusband, Jun 14, 2016.

  1. shusband

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    Second re-scape of the week! This one is my 10 gallon "shrimp tank". It has 12 ghost shrimp and a single peacock gudgeon goby. I may get another, not sure how to sex them. Got ghosts to see if I could keep shrimp alive before trying cherry shrimp. May just do ghosts and a pair of peacock gudgeon. Plants are small vals, Java fern, anarchis/hydrilla, a small Amazon sword I'm trying to propagate, some floating plant I'm not sure of and two stem plants I'm not sure of, think one might be rotala. Might get red root floaters, not sure what else, maybe a miss ball or two.
  2. Frogtank1Valued MemberMember

    Nice! Shrimp tanks are awesome. I suggest using RO water if you're not currently. Seachem equilibrium or something to remineralize.
  3. OP

    shusbandWell Known MemberMember

    What is the advantage of RO water with equilibrium over well water? I have equilibrium but don't use it since I'm on well water and it comes with a relatively high mineral content?
  4. Frogtank1Valued MemberMember

    the advantage is to eliminate variables and maintain consistency. Maybe the well water is fine, but for me I am paying anywhere from 8-13 dollars per shrimp for Crystal Red and I now take no chances with my water. I know for sure that every time I do a water change or top off my water is the same.

    Do you know exactly what is in your well water, and that it never changes? Does it have any chlorine or chloramine? How do you treat the well water for consumption?

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