10 Gallon No-Fish Aquarium!

  1. LWormy Member Member

    Hello! Due to a recent camallanus infection in my 10 gallon Walstad guppy tank, I decided to restock the tank without any fish. I am currently treating all my guppies in a QT out of the tank and am well aware that camallanus worms can live in my 10 gallon for quite awhile without any fish host, therefore I decided that I would have give all my guppies away and restock my tank with other critters:(. I currently have some snails, Asian clams, and cherry shrimps in the tank. It have Finnex Fugeray Planted + as a light source, very dense carpet of DHG, lots of bacopas, and some other random plants. Do anyone have any idea what I could put in it that's not fish? I would preferably have something that takes care of mosquito and other insect larvae because this tank have no filter or pump and only has a heater.
    Thanks! :D:D:D:D
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  4. dandelion Member Member

    I'm not sure about taking care of larvae. However you may want to look into a betta? I'm not really sure due to the water level being full not a lot of frogs or crabs would work. Any thoughts you have had?

  5. LWormy Member Member

    I can't have fish of any kind because of the lingering camallanus in the tank. I mean I could lower the water level for a crab or something, but I don't want to have to tear up the entire tank and st it up again, since I just got a really nice carpet of hairgrass. I also want something that's low maintenance. Are there any crabs/frogs/ect that doesn't require a lot of care?
  6. dandelion Member Member

    Snails might be an option too...but I haven't had snails so I am just about as much help as google with them. I'm not sure. I just read about a paddletail newt. Apparently they require minimal care and just have a few requirements. They can also stand water that is not so great. I suggest reading about them :) I wish I would of known before I got my fish haha. I would suggest having some sort of landing spot floating in the tank just so he is able to get out of the water, but that would be possible without destroying the tank :D

  7. LWormy Member Member

    Wow! It looks awesome! Do you know if they would eat cherry shrimps?

  8. dandelion Member Member

    I don't believe they will. I watched some youtube videos on them and a lot of people kept them with ghost shrimp and they didn't touch them. I would say it would be fine but I'm sure if it was hungry enough it would eat it. They also said small fish would get eaten, but for some reason ghost shrimp were fine. So I would say probably not on cherry shrimp.