10 Gallon Long Invert. Tank

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    Hello everyone. Sorry for making another thread, but my previous strayed off of its topic. I have done more research and decided I want to do an Invert. Tank. This i the stock plan I have for it:
    1 Mexican Orange Dwarf Crayfish
    8 Ghost shrimp
    10 Yellow shrimp
    2 Mystery Snails

    Is this too much, too little, or just right? Also, does anyone have experience with fish terraces? The kind that you place in the corner of the tank. I just want to look into everything to get as much surface area as possible. Thanks!
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    josh7 Well Known Member Member

    I would pass on ghost shrimp they can be quite aggressive towards other shrimp I would do a stocking of

    1 Mexican dwarf crayfish
    10 yellow shrimp( should multiply fast)
    2 mystery snails
    6 MTS.
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    fighter55 Valued Member Member

    MTS? I've never heard of those before.
  4. escapay

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    MTS stands for Mayalasian Trumpet Snails. ;)
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    fighter55 Valued Member Member

    Oh. Ok. I think I've seen them in my LFS, but I'm not positive
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    Sorry. I didn't mean to make anything confusing.
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