10 gallon- high ph- stocking

  1. SmilingJocker Member Member

    I cleared out my 10 gallon yesterday and now I'm trying to come up with a good stocking for the tank.
    My tap water ph is around 8 so any species that do well in ph ~ 8 that can do well in a 10 gallon?
  2. Graphix Well Known Member Member

    what kinds of fish do you like?

    Do you like fish for colour, for behaviour, do you want breeding?

    Could do a planted tank with a single betta and some snails/shrimp for some nice vibrant colour. I don't know about betta and high ph but they are quite hardy in general, it's mostly important to acclimate them to your water properly.


    Shell dwelling cichlids! Neolamprologus Multifasciatus- perfect for a 10 Gallon, come from high pH water and will breed for you without effort. Not the most colourful at first glance, but their interesting behaviour more than makes up for it, not to mention their vibrant blue eyes which you don't notice until watching them closely. You'll just need a ton of shells.
  3. SmilingJocker Member Member

    I did consider a Betta.
    I'll look into that fish.. Sounds fascinating!
    I'm not looking for anything in particular as there aren't a lot of things that can do well in a 10 gallon in high ph.

    I just read up on the fish. Lol
    Now it's the only fish I can picture being in the tank.
    Around how much do they go for usually?
  4. Graphix Well Known Member Member

    well they are somewhat uncommon in fish stores, so I reckon the trouble would be finding them in the first place. I got a trio (1m 2f) for about $45 CAD. Not the cheapest, but they will breed and I should be able to trade them back in for store credit.
  5. SmilingJocker Member Member

    Ok. Thanks! I'll see if I can find some..: )
  6. Graphix Well Known Member Member

    While you're waiting get your hands on a bunch of shells, the more the better but I'd say 3-4 per fish, keeping in mind they will probably breed. Also sand as the substrate is essential, they love to dig it up and it's really entertaining to watch them scoop it up and drop it off around the tank.
  7. SmilingJocker Member Member

    I will. I saw some at pet smart that I might get. Hermit crab shells can work right?
  8. Graphix Well Known Member Member

    I'd say they should be at least 2.5" in diameter, I'm not familliar with hermit crab shells' size but if they're roughly between the size of a tennis ball and a golf ball that's around what you're looking for.

    I'm glad you're considering shell dwellers, in fact I suggest you check out the website www.shelldwellers.com it's a forum like this one but exclusive to shell dwelling cichlids, it has a few active and very knowledgeable and experienced shellie keepers who'd be glad to help out, it's where I got most of my knowledge in setting up my 29 gal shell dweller tank.
  9. SmilingJocker Member Member

    I will check that out thanks!
    I'm not sure how big the shells are as I saw the listing online.
    I'll go by there in the next couple of weeks..
    It'll take me a month to set up the tank so I have till then to figure stuff out. :)