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  1. WolfaraRoseValued MemberMember

    Okay I think I have everything figured out, but I would love more opinions. The Stock should be fine, esp from what I have researched, and I will be on top of finding females and plenty of hiding spaces, and etc.

    My Questions are at the bottom of this post.

    4x Dwarf Puffers (1m 3f)


    Filter- 10-30i Tetra Whisper Filter
    Heater- Marineland Visi-Therm 15 Gallon Heater
    Air pump + Accessories- Tetra Whisper Air Pump 10+ Airline Tubing+Check Valve+ 1 Marineland LED Moonlight Blue Bubble Wand
    Substrate- White Gravel
    Hood- Aqueon 20" Versatop + 20" Fluorescent Strip Light + 18" Life-Glo 2 Fluorescent Light Bulb
    Ferts-Seachem Flourish, API CO2 Booster
    Cleaning Equipment- 5" Mini Lee's Ultra-vac + Small Glass Only Mag-Float Algae Scraper + Aquatic Gardener + 5 Gallon Bucket
    Supplements- Seachem Garlic Guard
    Water Conditioner- Seachem Prime
    Thermometers- In Tank Thermometer +Sticky Outside Glass Thermometer
    Food- Frozen Bloodworm, Live Snails on Occasion, Freeze Dried Daphnia
    Net- 2" Penn Plax Infra Red Quick Net


    • 6 Salvinia
    • 1 Red Blue Water Lily

    • 1 Dwarf Ambulia
    • 2 Compact Aponogeton
    • 3 Dwarf Vallisneria
    • 1 Tiger Lotus
    • 3 Bamboo

    • 1 Crypt Wendtii
    • 1 Aponogeton Crispus
    • 2 java fern on Rocks
    • 2 Becketts Crypt
    • 1 Bamboo
    • 1 Dwarf Vallisneria

    • 4 Dwarf Baby Tears on Rocks
    • 2 Crypt Willisii

    Medium Root Stump

    2 pack and 3 pack Cichlid Stones

    1 Bridge

    1 Random ruin

    Suggestions welcome!

    Here are my questions

    1. Do I need to cut back the plant list, and if so how many should it be for each plant? These are all part of the Dwarf Puffers natural surroundings, and the ones I liked outta the list...save for the bamboo.
    2. Any more general equipment that I missed?
    3. What should my WC % be per week, taking into consideration the plants?
    4. Should I add any more different ferts, and if not, are the ones listed acceptable?
    5. The decorations, too many or would it be okay?
    6. Should I add a Proper PH Buffer 6.5, or will my Ph of 7 be adequate?
    7. ​Is my lighting sufficient?
    8. ​Is there anything else I have missed?
    9. How should I arrange Everything as well?

    My Opinions.
    I think the stock list is acceptable, and I think I would only have to perform 10% WC's once every two weeks. I like the ornaments I have picked out, so please don't tell me to try something else, because it is my tank, and I like the ornaments. I would love it if someone could point out some names for the future dwarf puffers as well, but remember to keep them linked. I prefer Gaelic origin names, but if you have some Harry Potter Names, just make sure there is one for each of the puffers. I'm OCD so it is a bit of a big thing. :D Thanks in advance as well, and give me your honest opinion! Thanks All!!!
  2. Claire BearWell Known MemberMember

    Sounds to me you have this planned down to the minute! :)
    I think those little beggars are adorable! Have fun and of course pictures! :)
  3. emmynkWell Known MemberMember

    sounds awesome!! I'm impressed. If you are feeding bloodworms, though, I would do larger water changes. These guys are really messy eaters. Like really. Plus with my puffer, if it stops moving, he won't eat it. I have to feed mine mostly snails. ;-;
    I was worried about the 4 puffers, because they get so territorial, but you sound like you have this planned out! Plenty of plants and hiding places. Lots of pictures please!!:D
  4. WolfaraRoseValued MemberMember

    Awesome sauce! I will bump up the WC's to 10% every week instead of every 2 weeks then.

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