10 Gallon Dwarf Gourami

  1. E

    Eeth17 New Member Member

    I am thinking about setting up a ten gallon with two dwarf gourami but I would also like to add a Cory or some neon tetras is that possible or should I just put the two dwarf gouramis?

    Can someone teach me about dwarf gourami because I want to start a tank with them in it!

    Nvm guys I'm not doing this tank
  2. thebromitch

    thebromitch New Member Member

    I like them and they’re very colorful, I have two in my 55. They’re not every interesting or entertaining to watch though. I know people have had aggression issues with them, but mine haven’t been a problem at all!
  3. Anders247

    Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    Good choice, a 10 is too small for them anyway.

    you said you're not going to do this tank, does that mean you still want this fish, but will just have a bigger tank?