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  1. angelfish220 Well Known Member Member

    Okay this is the thread for my 10 gallon tank. It is still cycling atm, but I thought I would post all the setup pics for now.

    Hardware: Basic walmart 10 gallon kit (Tank, incandescent hood, 2 10 watt CFLs, and Hob filter) 100 watt heater

    Hardscape: basic aquarium gravel, pond rocks, and diy red oak driftwood.

    Also, I don't know how others do it, but i like to put my thermometer in the tank of the hob filter, that way you don't have to see it, but you can if you want to.

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  2. angelfish220 Well Known Member Member

    Here's a fts right after I finished planting it.

    Flora: Amazon Sword, banana plant, java fern, water wisteria, aponogeton bulbs, onion bulbs, dwarf lily bulb, and a little unknown swordish thing. I'll post a closeup of this if anyone knows what it is, please enlighten me!:;dk

    also I included a pic of the valley, slowly waking from winter! Its so pretttttyyyy!

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  3. pirahnah3 Fishlore VIP Member

    thats a nice start to the tank, what are you going to be adding to it?

    Where a bouts in central pa? I have spent a decent amount of time both for work and recreation in carlisle, harrisburg, chambersburg, and up near reading.
  4. angelfish220 Well Known Member Member

    A little rural town, over the mountain from State College (and infamous Penn State Campus). My valley runs parallel to Happy Valley.

    I was gonna do least killifish and a honey gourami, but then I found Daisy rice fish, oryzias woworae and I'm probably gonna end up buying some eggs off a breeder on aquabid and start a colony of those. That is why I put the pre-filter sponge on the hob (the big white square on the right side of the fts) I'll hatch the eggs in a 5 gallon bucket for ease of cleaning and maintenance, and then switch the fry over to this tank once they are big enough to withstand a bit more current.
  5. angelfish220 Well Known Member Member

    Here's an update... Please bear with me while I attempt to figure out the best way to photograph a tank. I can't get rid of the glare, and everything is slightly fuzzy, how do you get a camera to focus through the glass and water of the tank?

    Anyway, here is a fts, and a close up on the plants. Since the last photo, the Amazon sword grew 2 leaves and is working on a third, the banana plant's new leaf is still growing, and there is a new little shoot coming out of the bananas for a new leaf. It also grew a thick white root from the back of the bananas grounding it to the substrate. Both of the java ferns have little fiddle heads for new leaves. The little unknown sword has 3 new leaves as well. The tops of the wisteria looks nice but the bottoms seem to be dying. Is this normal?

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  6. Cichlidnut Fishlore VIP Member

    That looks really nice! I like all the river rocks :D Plants look happy too!
  7. angelfish220 Well Known Member Member

    thanks :D
  8. angel_scout Well Known Member Member

    Nice tank. The plants look really good.
  9. angelfish220 Well Known Member Member

    The tank is offically DONE CYCLING :;bananarow just in time for ZeeZ's RCS that I'm getting soon... I have quite a few pics... The amazon sword is sending up tons of new leaves, it looks so much fuller than before. The 2 onion bulbs started shooting up. Each of the java ferns has a new leaf and substantial new root growth. The wisteria was getting really tall, so I trimmed and replanted 2 pieces last water change, hopefully I'll end up with forest of it. The little unknown sword looks great, with new leaves as well. The coolest is the banana plant though.... It seems to be walking to a better place in the tank. Right now it is straddling a river rock, with roots anchoring it on both sides! Has anybody ever had a banana plant replant itself somewhere new? Well that's all for now. Oh and a DIY sponge filter is sitting randomly in the middle of the tank... It is getting ready for the fish eggs I'll be buying in the next month or so....

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  10. angelfish220 Well Known Member Member

    Okay so I haven't updated in a while! Since the last pic I've gotten watersprite, java moss, and some duckweed from Harpua, so it looks quite a bit fuller. Also the banana plant has sent up a shoot which is now looping around the surface of the tank.

    I've started to notice some inverts in the tank now. First is some common pond snails. I know most consider them a menace but as long as they are at manageable numbers, I don't mind them (they help keep the glass clean). Limpets have also been spotted. I've never had these before, I crush them as I see them, but I'm not too worried about them. Lastly and most recently I have spotted some white worms on the glass that I take to be planaria... however there are no fish in the tank atm and I am only feeding the tank some ammonia, so overfeeding could not have caused them... how do I get rid of them? I will admit that I haven't been performing many deep gravel vacs, but I thought that I shouldn't so that some nutrients can build up for the plants. I know its not the end of the world, but inverts without shells don't look nearly as cute.

    I can't find my camera atm but once I do, pics will be posted.