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Discussion in 'Fish Food' started by guppylover321, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. guppylover321

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    I'm on a vacation and I'm going away for 8 days. I left a 10 day food brick in the tank. Last time I went on a holiday I put a 3 dayfoodbrick in because I was going away for 3 days. When I came back the fish (goldfish) weren't doing so well. Now I have 2 mollies, a guppy,a gold algae eater, and 3 snails. Will they die?
  2. shellieca

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    Most would've advised not to use one of those as they tend to mess up the water parameters. Most fish don't monitor themselves when it comes to eating so if it lasted more than a couple of days I'd be surprised. Hopefully they'll all be OK but as soon as you get the chance do a big water change.
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    Never ever ever ever ever (infinity ever) use those bricks when you have snails... they contain copper which can lead to the snails death plus the pleco you have may hog most of it... I say either buy an automatic fish feeder (one set for time release) or just not feed them at all... I know I have week a week without feeding my fish before (was newer to the hobby) and everyone was fine, hungry as hack but fine.
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    Welcome to the forum - should have said that before but I can't tell how many posts people have on tapatalk.

    I hope things work out for you, but I hope you don't use one next time. It literally takes months for fish to starve to death - it really takes a long time. You're fish will be fine without food for the vacation. There are things in the tank to eat, and you may find a lot less algae in the tank when you return. For an extended trip, I suggest throwing a bunch of ghost shrimp in the tank before you leave.
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    Thanks guys! I'll make sure that I don't use them next time.
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    dont do the food bricks or anything like that it will ruin the water quality and kill your fish i hire a neighbor to feed my fish and give them a bag for each day so they dont over feed