1 gallon stocking

  1. turtlef1sh

    turtlef1sh Valued Member Member

    I Have a 1 gallon cube freshwater tank cycling right now. What could I put in this tank without it being cruel, mean etc.? I know shrimp and/or snails but what else?
  2. F

    Fishlover64 New Member Member

    I don't think anything there is anything else other than shrimp. I would do sea monkeys, personally. I would try to stick with 2.5 for shrimp.

    Is your tank filtered? Without proper filtration the tank will never truly cycle.

    Anyways, I think with pretty sand or gravel and a real plant the tank could look quite neat! Here is an example!

    I think making a small little "world" like you would with any other size tank is doable and even fun, as long as you stick with realistic expectations on what can live in that "world"! :;banaman Have fun creating your new little "world" and good luck! Come back with photos, please!