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I’m setting up a community tank right now and so far I have ADFs, ghost shrimp, and one amano shrimp in a 10 gallon.

I tried to get small frogs, and after reading about amano shrimp I expected them to be around an inch, but they must have just gotten a new batch because I got the biggest one and she’s smaller than a half an inch even now. The ghost shrimp are huge compared to her.

I’m worried cause she’s the smallest in there, so I’m going to set up a 1 gallon just so she can grow a little more in peace.

I was wondering with amano shrimp having such a small bioload how often to change the water in the tank?

I might even go back and get another one, I’m planning on feeding them shrimp pellets and I heard you could crush them up but that it might create a feeding frenzy. It seems like that would work best since they might fight over pellets.

Any advice for something so small for such small shrimp?

maggie thecat

I run a glass canister water garden. It's probably 2.5 gallons. I use a sponge filter and lots of plants, moss balls, etc. There are cherry shrimp in it. I change / top up the water usually once a week, because of evaporation. I feed the barest smidge of a pinch of food on the same schedule. Biofilm and algae take care of themselves.

It's very doable. A couple of amano shrimp would do fine in a similar setup.
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Thanks! I’m not sure if where I can put them will get enough light for plants long term, but she seems to be growing pretty quickly so it shouldn’t be a problem.

I’ve been hearing a bunch about having a sponge filter for shrimp, I’m going to have to look that up.

Now I want to do go all out with some cherry shrimp at some point! How many do you have in there?

And I just saw that I didn’t reply in my last thread. I could have swarn I made two more comments but they aren’t there. So thanks for your help there too!

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