0morrokh's tanks and fish


0morrokh's tanks and fishies --Pics Added!!


2 Otos - Mist & Marble
3 Corydoras pygmaeus - Mudsplash, Longstripe, & Darktail
2 Corydoras habrosus - Comet & Starlight
1 Bamboo Shrimp - Jewel
a bunch of pond snails
4 java fern, some java moss, 2 HUGE Aponogeton

To be added: More plants, 5-6 more pygmaeus, 2-3 more habrosus, 2-3 more Otos, some Dwarf Shrimp (probably Cherries), maybe another Bamboo Shrimp

This is by far my most annoying tank. It's got a green water algae problem that won't go away...days without lights, daily water changes...whatever I do, it comes back. Whatever, the Otos are happy. ;D Oh and it's also infested with snails and about every kind of bug you can imagine. And it's not from overfeeding or lack of gravel vacuuming. I think what I need to do is take the fish out, drain the tank, and refill it with 100% clean water. But, the water quality is perfect and I'm too lazy....

This tank was started a while ago but between a sick Betta and a lack of money I've sort of put stocking on hold. I am going to get a bunch more Corydoras pygmaeus and some more C. habrosus too...I'm hoping they'll breed.
It will also be heavily planted eventually, and I am planning to get some dwarf shrimp too.

1. oto Marble
2. C. habrosus Starlight
3. bamboo shrimp Jewel
4. Dorado-sadly he passed a way a while ago but I love that pic
5. C. pygmaues doing the "cory dance"


1 male Betta (yellow, lavendar/turquoise, and red DR crowntail) - Fuego
1 female Betta (royal blue veiltail) - Cascada (Cas)
4 java fern, lots of java fern plantlets, java moss

My only current completely set up tank. I also use it as a nursery for baby java ferns (as in, I dump the plantlets in there so they don't get lost amid the algae in my 20gal) It's right beside my bed on a sturdy desk...it's nice having my buddies right beside me. Fuego and Cas are both crazy Bettas...they will often jump out of the water when they get impatient at feeding time, and spend all the rest of their time flaring at each other through the divider (that is when Fuego isn't busy building a bubblenest). ;D These two are definitely my stress therapy.....

Pics are a bit crappy cause they were taken on my phone, haven't gotten any good pics of them on my digital cam...

10 GAL Q

New rescued female Betta (not named yet).

20 GAL LONG-Just set up!!!

1 Trio Platys (still coming up with names)

This is my livebearer tank--tenative plan is 1 trio Platys, 1 trio Xiphophorus variatus, and 2 trios of Endlers. I might divide the tank and put a Betta or two in there as well (in their own sections, not with the livebearers).
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great! we'll look forward to pics too.


Pics will come as soon as I get a digital cam....


Sounds good, hope it all works out.


Pics will come as soon as I get a digital cam....

Just so you know, you can get a disposible camara and get the pics burned on a cd when you get them develped. Then you can load them onto your computer and post them

Your tanks sound great. The tank with the cories, ottos, and shrimp sounds like lots of fun. I'm sure you'll enjoy it when you get your water problem cleared up.


I'll update sometime with my pics... (have had a digital cam for a while)


I like to watch my 3 pygmy cories and panda cory do their dance. Its very entertaining.


I have not kept fish for such a long time but I know a good bit about fish
The Magic School Bus book when they go to the ocean is great, It brings tears to my eyes of how its so great


I have minI male guppy x2,1 male betta,1 female guppy,1 platy and 1 albino cory cat


I have minI male guppy x2,1 male betta,1 female guppy,1 platy and 1 albino cory cat

HI bettawaters welcome to FishLore
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