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    So, I am dealing with a serious issue. My husband has been exercising his Y chromosome and is being stupidly stubborn. He was diagnosed with pneumonia 3 weeks ago but refused to take it easy and take time off work. So now he is in the hospital with a chest tube to drain off the fluid from his lungs. Hopefully he will not require surgery to remove the fluid from his lungs. Aside from his health and recovery (so I can kill him later) I am concerned with my tank.

    I am overstocked in my 55 gallon and have been very religious with 50% water changes twice a week, but have obviously fallen short this week.

    The parameters are all good... Ammonia 0, Nitrites 0, and nitrates 10-15 (I am heavily planted). My problem is with just overall filth in the water. I have a canister filter and obviously the biological filter is doing its job, but today I noticed a bit of fin rot with one of my praecox rainbows.

    I did leave the hospital early tonight in order to clean the filter, vacuum the substrate, and do a 40% water change, but I’m sure that will only be a stop gap. This morning I euthanized a black neon tetra that I had been giving salt dips for some kind of fungus/bacteria because I knew he couldn’t make it through this hard time and didn’t want him to contaminate the main tank.

    Aside from just water changes, is there something that can be done (ie...additive) that can be used in the short term to help? Hopefully, I can save the tank and get through without too many losses.
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    you could try removing more water like 75%, this will remove more wastes, dissolved solids, and organic compounds. it might help to clean your filter more frequently. i've read many people only clean their canisters every 3-4 months. water quality is not just about ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates.

    also you could try a diy Maxi Jet water polisher. i have the 1200 model in my 29 Gallon overstocked goldfish tank. i run it 2-3 times per week. i also use it as a vacuum, water changer, water pump, etc.
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    If you can, turn your filter off for an hour after you add the peroxide. Thus will prevent it from killing the bacteria in your filter.

    You can also cut back on feeding for a few weeks.
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    Thanks. Just wondering now how often I should dose.
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    Every other day.
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    Thank you! I didn’t dose last night, so this keeps me right on schedule!