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  1. N

    Help I think my molly has ich. FIRST Quarantine. TIPS!?

    Hi so I have a white balloon molly and I’m pretty sure she is a girl she has got to some white spots and turned a little gray and twitching in the tank she still swims a lot and eats. But I have the super ich cure from petco and I didn’t want to infect my other fish. As I have ten gal w multiple...
  2. taylormarie213

    Popeye Help

    So yesterday afternoon, I cleaned my betta's tank and added clean conditioned water. I've done this before with no problems. Last night, my betta seemed fine. Today, I noticed his right eye is a little protruted and I think he might have popeye! He's alone so he hasn't gotten into any fights...
  3. Wickette

    Poll , How Do You Do Refill Tank After A Water Change

    There are several techniques used to dechlorinate(or treat)* and refill water in your tank. Some people dont take chances and make sure the water is dechlorinated, the dechlorinator has had time to spread everywhere. Large chains dump tap water in the tank, then dechlorinator. What is your...
  4. TheSpasticCorydora

    Tank Cleaning

    I enjoy cleaning my fish tanks. Not only because it is good for the fish and tank in general but Idk. I just like cleaning the water and tanks. Anyone else feel the same? Is it weird? I just like making the ground and water nice and clean and it makes my loaches come out too. It's not a " chore"...
  5. quirklly

    Help Goldfish Hanging Out At Bottom Of Tank

    Tank What is the water volume of the tank? 55 gallons How long has the tank been running? 5 days Does it have a filter? yes Does it have a heater? no What is the water temperature? 65-70 degrees What is the entire stocking of this tank? (Please list all fish and inverts.) goldfish (looks...
  6. Jeezusjuiicee

    Important Water Changes With Seachem Stability

    Hey guys so I'm on day 15 of cycling my tank with fish! But I only started using prime and stability about 8 days ago. Anyway my last water change was 7 days ago. Tested waters today I got ammonia- .25 nitrite- .25-.5 and nitrate is at 0. So I talked to a seachem support guy on the seachem...
  7. FreshWaterPirate

    Power Failure Preparation

    HELLO WORLD! I am curious as to what safely precautions people out there are using in terms of power failures. I am looking into getting a UPS to run my aquarium system but I have various ideas on what would truly be necessary. In a ideal world I would buy a UPS that could power all of my...
  8. Joyceheatherington

    Question Aqueon 20 Gallon Tank, Is It Really?

    So we got a 20 gallon aqueon fish tank kit. So my Dad the other day did a 100% water change. The only thing is he emptied the water into three - 5 gallon buckets. Which makes it only 15 gallons. Did aqueon lie to us, and other buyers? If not what is 20 gallons referring too? Ps. I'm not...
  9. Joyceheatherington

    Question Water Change?

    I'm doing "fish-in" cycling now. Ammonia is at .25 (Api freshwater master kit). After doing a 100% water change this morning and adding Quickstart. Ammonia was at 0 after adding Quickstart. But now at .25. Got 3 hardy fish. Cosmic Blue Tetra glofish. With that level of Ammonia how much water...
  10. A

    Question Should I Water Change Again To Fix Cloudy Water?

    Skip to THE GIST for the important information without all the fluff. Within the past two weeks, the water in my tank has been getting incredibly cloudy. I have had my 20 gallon tank set up for a year and half now and follow a consistent maintenance schedule: 30 percent water changes weekly...
  11. Z

    Frequent Water Changes Bad For Shrimp?

    Hi alls, I have a heavily planted 5 gallon tank stocked with ~20 bloody mary shrimp. I've been hearing mixed info on water changes. Initially, I was changing about one gallon of water every other day (half gallon in the am and half gallon in the pm), then a month ago I went on a seven day trip...
  12. J

    Question Nitrite Level Too High!

    Hi, I am a beginner fishkeeper and my tank is 40L tank, with 0ppm ammonia, 5.0 Nitrate and 6.8 pH. I recently got new fish which I understand causes once was in nitrites but I have been using biological enhancers and doing 15-20% water changes daily/every second day and tested my water again...
  13. K

    Help High Ammonia Established Tank, Won’t Stabilize!

    Hey guys! Some background first, I have an established 40 gallon breeder with 8 tiger barbs and 5 zebra danios that’s been cycled for 2 years with no issues. I’m running 2 aqueon quiet flow 30s, 150 heater at 79F, fake plants/decorations. We moved a very short distance about 2 months ago and...
  14. Nierums

    Fish In Water Change Question

    Hey all, I'm sorry if this is redundant Current situation - was unaware of complete nitrogen cycle, waited 2 weeks to add fish after water cleared up from bacteria bloom - then learned about nitrogen cycle. 20 gallon tank been up 4 weeks now, had fish 2 fish in for 2 weeks. I have been...
  15. D

    Water Changes Necessary If No Nitrates?

    If my nitrates remain at zero is there a need to do a water change?
  16. Turtledrew15

    Help Otocinclus Died After Water Change

    I bought some otos from a petsmart, quarantined for 6 weeks and made sure all 5 were healthy and eating well with nice fat tummies. I placed them in my bigger display tank to take care of brown algae, which they completely ate all of, and they have been doing great. Today I did a water change...
  17. J

    Thermostatic Valve Question

    Hi Folks! I am looking for a thermostatic valve that will obviously go lower then 35C for my aquarium!!? The only ones I could find online were minimum 35 C ! Anybody got any recommendations!? Thank you
  18. Pete_art

    Fancy Goldfish Filtration?

    I am planning on purchasing two 3.5 inch ranchu goldfish and housing them in a 40 gallon breeder tank. Would an aquaclear 70 and a large sponge filter powered by a 40 gallon air pump be a good amount of filtration to only needing to conduct one water change a week? What filtration do you...
  19. Pete_art

    Do Water Changes Affect Water Bill?

    Hi guys, I have recently fallen in love with fancy goldfish. I would love to own two Ranchu goldfish in a 40 gallon breeder tank. With proper filtration I was planning on doing 50-90% (leaning closer to 90) water changes once a week depending on water parameters from API testing kit keeping...
  20. Señor Pescado

    Help Aquarium Cycled And Then: Nitrate Explosion!!!

    Please help: For the last six weeks, I have been dosing Dr. Tims ammonia up to 1ppm per day. For the last two weeks, after 24 hours of dosing, Ammonia = 0ppm, Nitrite = 0.25 to 1.0ppm, and Nitrate was locked at 5ppm. It was as if the BB that converts Nitrite to Nitrate started and then stalled...

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