1. R

    20 Gallon Tank Fish Combinations

    Hello! I recently got a 20 gallon high freshwater heated tank. (24 x 12 x 16) I am in the process of cycling it, so this would be for later, but I was wondering is a combination of 1 dwarf gourami, 6 white finned Rosy tetras, 4 Cory catfish and 1 snail be too much? If so, what would you...
  2. KaitlynR

    Help Changing My Stock In My 37 Gallon!

    Hi there! Here's the stats on my tall 37 gallon tank: Filters Penguin BioWheel 200, TopFin Silentstream 40 gallons Dimensions 30 in L x 12 in W x 22 in H Stocking Currently 8 Zebra Danios, 1 angelfish, 3 otocats Plants I just recently tore everything out of the tank as it was covered in BBA...
  3. U

    Stocking A 36 Gallon Tank

    So I have a 36 gallon bowfront tank and currently it's empty, I have no idea what to stock it with, I wanted to keep 2 Ryukin Goldfish, but I'm starting to rethink that. I've kept Angelfish before, and only had 2 with some smaller fish too. I really don't know what I wanna put in the tank and...
  4. A

    55 Gallon Cichlids Stocking

    I currently have a blood parrot and 5 African cichlids in a 55 gallon tank. How many more African cichlids could I add considering overstocking reduces aggression and I have plenty of filtration. The African cichlids that I have grow to a maximum of 5 inches. Thanks
  5. Imthatpeep100

    Help L187b For 20g Long

    I would like input on housing a Chaetostoma formosae (Striped Bulldog, Rubbernose, L187b) in a 20g long. So far from research, seems that males typically max around 4in (10.2cm) while females 3in (7.6cm). Will they be able to comfortably live their entire lifespan in this tank? It will be...
  6. Jack Heathcote

    Rio Orinoco Biotope

    Hi all, As happens eventually, a number of my fish have sadly reached the end of their life cycle and have swam on to the river in the sky. Although sad, I see this as an opportunity. Although I don't want to immediately start over, I want to gradually convert my tank (112l/30gal rectangle)...
  7. CowlRaven

    Norwegian Fishkeeping

    I’ll be moving to Norway very soon and although I can’t bring my existing tanks with me, I still want to pick up fishkeeping there eventually. Does anyone have any experience in this sort of thing in Scandinavia or Europe in general? I also wanted to know, of course, what would be the most...
  8. Nereid

    Stocking Thoughts?

    I have a 100 gallon planted tank and the inhabitants are, 7 zebra danios 5 long fin gold zebra danios 3 glo danios 5 albino cories 1 albino bristle nose pleco 2 young angel fish 3 nerite snails 3 assasin snails 2 cherry shrimp About 10 ghost shrimp And one juvenile pineapple female swordtail...
  9. Collin Chorba

    20 Gallon Long Stocking?

    Hi all, I have a 20 gallon long aquarium with two small sponge filters, I have been in the hobby for a bit and want something interesting that I won’t get bored with, I would like it to be heavily planted but am open to anything, thanks for all replies!
  10. FloydtheBetta

    Question Planning The Stock For My Second Tank

    Hey everyone, I'm planning on starting up a second betta tank this summer-- I want to do something big enough for me to add other fish, but still as small as possible because large tanks are unfortunately not feasible for me for a few more years. So I've been doing a lot of research and I think...
  11. Madison Lawson

    Question African Dwarf Frogs

    I currently have a cycled 10 gal tank that I would like to stock with African Dwarf Frogs. It has been a while since I last kept them, and I would like to be more knowledgeable this go around. I have an unpainted terracotta pot for hiding, a terrace-type thing for resting, gravel, fake and real...
  12. A

    Are Apistos Possible?

    Hi guys and gals! I was deciding on a centerpiece fish (or the possibility of one) for my 20-gallon high tank. It is fully cycled and and well planted with more to come, I am running an aquaclear 50. Ammonia, nitrites and nitrates stay at 0 and I perform weekly 25% water changes...
  13. plecostomususes

    65g Stocking

    Hey Guys! Just was hoping for some stocking tips on a 65g. i don't have the tank yet but i will in the next few months. it will be a sand bottom w/ smooth rocks along the back, driftwood surrounded w/ plants in the middle. Fish i was thinking about getting: 6-yoyo loaches 6-platy's 10-ember...
  14. J

    Goldfish Tank V.s. Tropical Tank

    Hey guys, I'm planning on buying a long 100 gallon (Possibly larger) Tank and I couldn't decide on whether or not it should be goldfish or all tropical! I love the look of fancy goldfish and their cute fat bodies. With a simple design and black gravel, their golden colors would really pop. On...
  15. Akarri

    Help Planning To Upgrade

    I currently have 6 skirt tetras in a 10 gallon, which I have recently learned is not enough space for them. I've wanted to upgrade anyway, and I figured I might as well go all out. What I would really like to do is add an angel fish or two, but I'm not sure how many gallons I would need for...
  16. J

    Question Good Bottom Feeder For Tiger Barb Tank

    Hello, I have a 37 gallon tank with 6 tiger barbs, a rubber lip Pleco, and a mystery snail. I want to add a bottom feeder of some kind and I am looking for some reccomendations. I like the idea of a school of Kuhli Loaches maybe or some julii Cory’s. But I’m open to other suggestions. I like...
  17. Lantonor

    5 Gallon Tank Stocking Suggestions For A Marineland Portrait 5g Tank?

    I'm considering buying this and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for what kind of livestock would thrive in this tank? It's more tall than wide, so it doesn't follow the standard 5g dimensions. The dimensions for this tank is about 11.8"x11.8"x16". Is my only option here a betta...
  18. Kiks

    Question Kuhlis & Corys?

    Hello all, I am currently stocking my 30 gallon tank. It's a 30 gallon long (base dimensions are 31.5 x 13.7) So far I have some cherry shrimp, amano shrimp, nerite snails and a group of 10 rosy tetras. I plan on adding other fish as well, possibly some rasboras and/or marble hatchets. My...
  19. FloydtheBetta

    Question Stocking 6.8 Gallon

    Hey! My lucky betta Floyd upgraded from a cup, to a 3.7 gallon, to a 6.8 gallon in less than a month . Just wondering what I could potentially add to the tank with him.
  20. A

    How Much To Stock A 36 Gallon?

    I've had a 36 gallon aquarium for about five years now and I've really loved taking care of it. One of my oldest fish, an angelfish, recently died and I'm trying to decide whether I should get more fish or not. I currently have one remaining large angel, three platys, two corys, and two...

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