1. N

    25 gal Yoyo Loach tank mates

    Hello! My grandfather has a 5 year old lone Yoyo/Pakistani Loach (~3") in a 25gal tank. I was doing research to spruce up the tank and maybe add a few colorful fish/larger shrimp. Any stocking advice on tank mates for the loach? I'd really like a shrimp (bamboo/sulawesi) or mystery snail to...
  2. Michael Hatcher

    German Ram Tank

    Hi everryone, I want to do a group of 3 - 4 (1 male 2 to 3 females) German rams, and maybe some Cories and hatchet fish in a 20 gallon. For filtration I have a aqua tech 30 - 60 gallon filter with a bag of chemi-pure elite in it. I'm wondering if this is overstocking since my tank is a 20...
  3. R

    Stocking 20 gallon tank

    I have a twenty gallon high that has been running for maybe 5 months I have it stocked with 7 neon tetras 2 corydoras and 3 Apple snails. I was wondering what I could stock it with, I like shrimp and plecos but I want everyone to get along and love each other what would you suggest?
  4. J

    How important is PH? (Urgent) So I'm planning on buying some kuhlis tomorrow, and that is my ph. All other parameters tested fine but I'm a bit concerned about the ph. I'm actually kind of confused since the color isn't even really on the chart, but my best guess would be 8.2-3. I am also planning...
  5. J

    The official help a semi newb finish up his first real tank thread

    Over the past couple months I've been doing loads of research on the hobby and feel like I have a good amount of knowledge on the subject now, but little hands on experience. My experience mostly consists of a 10g with a few guppies and some endlers. Anyways about a month ago I bought and began...
  6. O

    Stocking? Cories, BN Plecos, Neon Tetras, Shrimp, and Betta?

    I have a 55 gallon aquarium with 7 corydoras (4 julii or false julii, 3 peppered). I am planning on adding more corycats soon, but I figured it would be a good idea to check and make sure the rest of my stocking seems sound. Here's the plan: - 10-12 corycats - 2 BN Plecos - 8-10 Ghost Shrimp -...
  7. J

    Centerpiece fish for around 70F in a 40g?

    40g breeder cycling, I thought I had my stock planned out but I'm having second thoughts. My previous plan was a tropical community but now I'm thinking of going subtropical. I really want CPDs and my panda corys need a better home. Thoughts?
  8. J

    Bolivian Rams and Pearl Gourami compatibility?

    Can those 2 live together peacefully? I have a 40g breeder cycling and this would be my ideal stock: Do you think it's enough space? Or should it be one or the other? Recommendations welcome! Side note: It's planted with a mix of sand for the bottom dwellers and gravel for the plants.
  9. J

    Best corys for 75-80 f temp range?

    What kind of cory would thrive in 75-80 temp range? I have a 40g breeder cycling and I know what want but I'm trying to find the best suited species of cory for the temperature range. Here is my planned stock, minus the corys I have 5 panda corys in a 10 gallon right now that I'd like to move...
  10. thefuzzyaussie

    130g Tanganyikan Tank

    Hey guys, So as I change my mind like I change my undies I've had another thought in regards to stocking my 130g. First things first, tank is 183cm long x 48.5 deep x 60.5 tall, 537l (138g). Either going to be running a sump (around 140l) or canister filter/s aiming for at least 2000 lph flow...
  11. R

    Stocking a 38 Gallon Bow Front

    Hi. I am hoping to get some input on a new possible stocking plan. It's a 38 gallon bow front with a Penguin 200 Bio Wheel Filter. Approx. dimensions are 24" tall, 30" long and 14" deep (splitting the difference between the sides and the center bow). I have a 200 Watt heater, sand substrate and...
  12. BlackNotebookTanks

    Stocking a 47.5 Gallon?

    Hello all. I need help with compatibility and stocking a 47.5 gallon tank. Suggestions Welcome! I currently have: 5 White Cloud Mountain Minnows 1 Tiger Nerite snail 1 BN Pleco (Hes still a wee baby aww) 6 Cardinal Tetras and 2 Fancy Tail guppies I'd like to add 6-7 Kuhli Loaches (My dream...
  13. ohjustfish

    Need Help Stocking My 10 Gallon

    Does this sound like a good set up for a 10 gallon? I have a 10 gallon tank with a heater and a tetra whisper 10i filter. It's got gravel, lots of live plants, and decorations for hiding. It's stocked with 2 julii cory catfish (planning on adding 1-2 more if it wouldn't overstock it), 3 oto...
  14. K

    Angels with tetras or mollies?

    Hi all, I've got a question about stocking angelfish. Right now I've got a 54 gallon corner tank with 6 each of silvertip, black phantom, and cardinal tetras, and 5 salt and pepper corys. I've also got a 36 with 4 mollies that I recently purchased. My question is, I was thinking of getting a...
  15. R

    Beginner Seeking Advice on Stocking 38 Gallon Bow Front

    Greetings. I am a newbie seeking advice on stocking a Marineland 38 Gallon Bow Front tank (tall rather than long) with a Pengiun 200 filter and aquarium sand substrate. I have an initial list that might be too heavy. I would really appreciate some feedback on the overall pairings and any...
  16. H

    What Fish Can I Add to My Tank?

    I have had a headache thinking about how I was going to get this to work.I have a 43 gallon tall tank. I can't decide on if I want an angelfish only tank or a communtity tank with angels. If I get the angelfish only tank I thought about getting 4 angelfish (and a few tankmates like corys...
  17. J

    Stocking issues as usual

    Hey again, I decided to take back the Blood Parrot to the LFS because even though he had enough character and personality to fill the tank 10x's over, I really just wanted more fish to look at, and as you know, BP's tend to eat everything smaller than them, and in a 40B, that doesn't leave...
  18. Boopy Mitch

    Introducing tetra neons help.

    Hi. i am wanting to get some tetra neons. my tank is 240 litres and 100cm across the front. my current fish are: - 1 adult rainbow shark - 3 synodontis ilebrevis - 2 clown loaches - 6 red rainbow fish can I get some tetra neons and if so how many can I have. (10, 20 or more). also would you...
  19. J

    Question about gouramis

    I've been trying to figure out what I want to stock my 40 gallon breeder with and I've narrowed it down pretty far, only thing I'm not 100% on is a centerpiece fish. It will be a community tank with a couple kinds of tetras (neons and another, second species is only other thing I'm not sure...
  20. J

    Stocking ideas for a 40 gallon breeder?

    I just got a 40g breeder and am running the cycle now. It's planted. I still am not entirely sure what I want in it though. I'm thinking of building a community around tetras, and I'd love some CPDs. Kuhles would be neat too. I'm also considering some dario darios and badis badis, shrimp too...

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