1. G

    Cycling from an established tank.

    I have a 75 gallon tank I just bought with all the equipment. I also have a well cycled/established 40 gallon tank. I moved some of my decorations, filter medium and some substrate over to my new tank. How quickly would you anticipate it being cycled if I add fish food to it every other day? I...
  2. A

    Long fin schooling fish for 40 gallon breeder

    Simple stocking question: I like the look of long fins on fish and i've looked at a couple species but it would be great to have some suggestions for species of schooling fish that have long fins and are relatively peaceful, because my pearl gourami is quite friendly and non-aggresive. My tank...
  3. watercrayfish

    Stocking Suggestion for 20L Planted Tank

    Greetings.. Please give me some list of fishes which I can keep in my 20 gallon long. My setup is a heavily planted tank, eco-compelete substrate, finnex planted+ and marineland penguin 150, I can increase it as required not problem. My ph is 7-8 range with hard water. Just as an heads up. I...
  4. G


    Stocking ideas I currently have a 37 gallon tall tank. 1 small Blood Parrot Cichlid 3 emperor tetras 7 harlequin rasboras 1 quarter sized keyhole cichlid And a couple platies that I rescued from a buddies tank that had a leak. I bought a 75 gallon tank with a heater, lights, filter...
  5. D

    Stocking for 36 gallon bowfront community tank.. need color!

    Hello! What a treasure trove of information this forum is! I have a 36 gallon bowfront, with an aqueon quietflow 55/75 and a temperature kept at around 75-76 degrees. My tank currently has: 6 zebra danios 4 false julii corys 4 amano shrimp 4 cherry shrimp Everyone has been doing fine for 2...
  6. hufflepuffplaty26

    Aggression Issues?

    I'm helping a friend do a stock change because she's been having some aggression issues, so I came over to look at her tank the other day. She had an angelfish, an opaline gourami, a red-tailed shark and an albino shark, all in a 36 gallon bowfront. So, i came up with a different stock for her...
  7. kmargold

    10 Gallon Stocking

    I have a 10 gallon that is getting close to being fully cycled. I can't decide what to stock! Here are some ideas I had, but I am open to what you guys think. Give me some suggestions! 4 or 5 Platys OR 8 Guppies OR A Dwarf Gourami and 6 Neon Tetras
  8. N

    20 Gallon Tank Stocking Questions

    How does this sound for a Planted 20 Gallon long tank? (With an aquaclear 50) 5 Amano Shrimp 12 Celestial Pearl Danios 6 Rummy nose tetras 6 Salt and pepper Corydoras If you think Im overstocked please suggest alternative stocking. Thanks!
  9. Specks

    35 gallon tall Indonesian Biotope set up - help!!

    Hello!! Recently my friend gave me her old 35 gallon aquarium and stand. After a lot of thought I decided I wanted to do an Indonesian biotope (Because Kuhlis). I wanted to do 2 schools, a type of bottom feeder and a pair of centerpiece fish. So my stocking would go something like this: School...
  10. A


    I just recently purchased a 20 gallon long tank and wanted to get some input on stocking it. I have a rough idea about what types of fish I want but am open to suggestions. I was thinking a school of tiger barbs, 1 Bolivian ram, and 1 Krib. Would that be a good combination in that sized tank? My...
  11. prethishkumar94

    Stocking my 10gallon hexagonal tank with Discus??

    Hey guys, I'm new here.. I've got a 10gallon hexagonal tank about 50cm long.. I've got a Java fern and some moss in my tank..The local aquarist suggested me to stock a 3" discus and some rummy tetras... Will it be good?? Or please provide other stocking options... I also use a SUNSUN HW-603B...
  12. Z

    20 gal tall inhabitants

    So I have a 20 tall that I have nearly finished cycling and I'm trying to decide who its future ocuppents will be. After alot of research, I'm thinking either Lambchop rasboras or Glowlight danios. Does anybody have experience with these guys? Any traits that would make them unsuitable? Too...
  13. M

    16 gallon stocking

    Hey guys and gals, Ive had this 16 gallon tank in my room for awhile now and i want to do something with it. I have a brand new filter and about 2 gallon buckets of black sand. I was just thinking of fish to stock in. Thanks Mason
  14. kcanmllvr

    Which Fish?

    So I have a 32 gallon freshwater tank. It is currently 86 Degrees since I have just fought off some ich. Normally my tank is kept about 78 degrees. I have a 2 ghost shrimp, 2 female platies, 1 male black molly, and 1 cory cat (I know I need more I had more but sadly they got taken out very...
  15. danieltaylor

    55 gal display tank with 1 Oscar is it enough? Any oscar owners with ideas?

    I got a 55 gal display tank I guess is what its considered bc its 48x13 at the base and have dirted it cycled it with old filters and using a couple of feeder gold fish and I'm wondering if I put one albino Oscar in it. I've been researching like crazy and I'm coming up with 50% say this is fine...
  16. J

    Synodontis Breeds

    Does anyone here know what the smaller kinds of commercially available Synodontis are? I was thinking about maybe getting a few for my 60g if I can. I don't need to know the compatibility I just want a few names I can research in my own time, preferably under 5".
  17. G

    Stocking Cichlids!

    So I'm in the ending stages of cycling my new 50 gallon tank thanks to CindiL for all the help and advise this past month!! I currently know very little about the different cichlid species so I have quite a bit of learning to do! First and foremost, I don't want them to kill each other and I do...
  18. J

    is the stock i have for my tank "enough?"

    hello! i have a custom made planted acrylic truvu tank that is actually a little over 40 gallons. i have a fluval c3 HOB filter (which i assume is considered strong filtration), and as of right now i have 13 neons, 7 corydoras (4 emerald and 3 peppered), 2 pearl gouramis, and lastly 4 mickey...
  19. AnonymousCatfish

    Stocking My 15 Gallon Aquarium

    Hello! I am new here and was just wanting some help on stocking my 2 foot tank. This tank is already established, had it almost 10 months, but am re-scaping (is that what you call it?) my tank. Recently my tank had a serious white spot issue and since my tank was home to 3 riffle shrimp I was...
  20. J

    Centerpiece for a 10 gallon?

    So I recently set up a new 10 gallon tank. It's gone great so far and I love how it turned out. I have in it 8 CPDs and 4 Scarlet Badis. Everyones eating and aside from some stress from shipping everyone seems healthy. After staring at the tank for awhile it feels a bit empty though. I...

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