1. B

    29 Gallon Stocking Help!!

    Im new here, sorry if the post isnt that informative. I have a 29 gallon aquarium and im still very new to the aquarium keeping.(6 months) i would like to stock this tank with a predatory fish that will eat live fish(platy fry) i have another 10 gallon tank that has some platy that are about to...
  2. N

    Stocking with killis?

    I have a 20 long planted tank with 10 zebra danios, 3 amano shrimp, and a few cherry shrimp. I want to add some emerald dwarf rasboras (how many can I get away with?) and a centerpiece fish or pair. I love killi's but don't have, and don't want a lid on my tank. Are there any that won't jump or...
  3. E

    Stocking List, Opinions?

    Any input is welcome! I have a freshwater tropical 30 gallon tank. It is approx. 30x12x18. I have a AquaTech 30-60 and a heater. I do not have live plants, although I do plan to get lots(!) in the near future. I currently have in my tank: -15 Neon Tetras -1 Marble Molly -4 Emerald Green Cories...
  4. E

    Stocking Suggestions

    Hulloo! I'm looking for suggestions of what fish to get (or what not to get) in my 30 gallon tall tank. I have a Aquatech 30-60 filter and a heater. I currently have 15 neon tetras, 1 marbled molly, 4 emerald green cories and 1 nerite snail. They are all young right now and I do know that the...
  5. Catsumoto

    Advice for Stocking a 55 Gallon?

    Hello, I am entertaining the idea of upgrading my 15 gallon tank into a 55 gallon. It seems that this idea may become reality soon, so I was wondering if some well-experienced fishkeepers could help me figure what I would put in there. I would outfit the tank with ample filtration and it would...
  6. J

    Stocking ideas for an 80 gallon predator tank?

    I have a new 80 gallon, and I always like asking around to see what everyone else would do before I decide on the stock. I'm thinking a predator tank, with things that will eat smaller fish like guppies. I breed fish so I have a responsibility to cull ones that have genetic deformities and what...
  7. F

    Pearl gourami in community tank

    Hi, I have a 36 g bowfront with an aqueon quiet flow 55/75 and I want to add a pearl gourami I currently have: 10 neon tetras 8 black skirt tetras 6 emerald corys 2 nerite snails Would adding a pearl gourami be too much? I think it would really complete the tank. Thanks for the advice!
  8. Gutless

    Newbie Stocking

    Hello, I purchased a ten gallon aquarium a few weeks ago and have it heavily planted with Java Fern, various anubias, two African ferns, two crypt wendtii, some amazon swords, and a random anacharis (no idea where it came from). Still waiting for my dwarf sagittaria to arrive. I also have a...
  9. FishLoverJess

    Stocking Help (29gal)

    Hey guys I have a stocking question for you, I have an established 29gal aquarium, completely cycled and running for 3months. Currently the tank houses 5 Cherry Barbs (1died shortly after introducing the school a few months ago) 6 Rummy Nose Tetras 5 Sterbai Cory cats (added two weeks ago...
  10. seabunny

    Can I Stock This?

    Hello! New to aquariums (this is my first), brand new to the forum. Yes, I know about and understand the nitrogen cycle. Yes, I own and know how to use my API freshwater test kit. ^__^ Now that that is out of the way, on to ze question! I am planning/hoping/wanting to stock my 24 x 12 x 16...
  11. S

    How many platys to stock in 29 gallon?

    Need some basic stocking advice re: platys. Have a 29 gallon heavily planted tank. Currently only stocked with 4 corys (to be increased to 6 shortly), 5 male fancy guppies, 8 espe's rasbora, and 3 amano shrimp. Want a platy or two, but have no interest in breeding them (I'd be fine with the fry...
  12. T

    Is my current setup good?

    Hello, I have been wondering for the past couple of weeks whether this setup is good before actually investing some money into this. Here it is: I am considering a sand substrate for my cories but I am a beginner so some would object... It's just confusing at this point. I have the Malaysian...
  13. L

    37gal outgrow tank with bullying issue

    TANK: 37gal Fresh Water slightly planted tank. Ammonia zero as of last test 8hrs ago Nitrite zero as of 8hrs ago Nitrate 5ppm as of 8hrs ago recently changed 33percent of water last night 10gal sump/refuge for my snails and ghost shrimp. 37gal: 72 degrees F 1 anubas anan, bulbitis tree, sword...
  14. mirp448

    Show me your betta tanks/filters!

    Forgive me if theres been a thread like this already posted, I couldn't find anything. Anyway, some Facebook groups I'm in are very disheartening and driving me crazy because people post pictures of their bettas in bowls and when someone comments polite advice to get a bigger/filtered tank a...
  15. S

    Stocking Advice Needed!

    Hi guys! Have done freshwater for several years but wanted to venture out into the saltwater world. In the planning stages of a 75 gallon reef tank and I need advice for stocking as I am a noob. I was thinking something along the lines of: Blue Tang (2x) Ocellaris Clownfish Royal Gramma Basslet...
  16. T

    angelfish? rainbowfish? other?

    Hello In the past few months we have lost a medium angel fish and a Bolivian ram and would like to replace them with some more fish. We have a 55 gallon tall planted tank up and running since February 2016 -water quality good. Currently we have two koi angelfish (body size about 2 1/2 inches)...
  17. jenmur

    Stocking question for at least a 55 gallon

    Right now I'm thinking about my bigger tank. I can get one that's 4 feet long. I had heard you could keep Gourami together and was wondering the truth to that? I know they are in the same family as bettas. If it were ok would 2 or 3 be better? Also, is it better to get one species of Gourami...
  18. H

    Stocking w. Glofish Danios

    Hi all, I have a 20 gallon fully cycled tank. I have now been adding fish in slowly. So far I have 5 glofish danios. I plan to get one more as I heard to keep them in groups of 6 or more. I was wondering what else would be a good addition to the tank? Mainly what other fish would be good with danios...
  19. jenmur

    40 breeder or 55 gallon?

    Ok, so now I'm trying to decide what to get for a bigger tank eventually. A 40 breeder or a 55 gallon. I want a school of Black neons and another schooling midswimmer (right now leaning toward cherry barbs) I want cory cats cuz they seem awesomely cute. A centerpiece fish of 1 german blue...
  20. H

    Need fish tank stocking suggestions

    Hi guys I need some suggestions on what to stock my 15 gallon tank with, I like unusual types of fish and I have very hard water as I am from portsmouth, england. If you guys could give me some suggestions that would be great thanks.

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