1. A

    65 Gallon Tank Can I Add More ? Or It’s Overstock

    I have 5 Denison barb , 3 pearl gourami , 8 dwarf neon rainbow , 2 bristlenose pleco, 4 penguin tetra , 8 zebra danios , and 1 angelfish as center piece fish . Can I add more fish ? I am planning to add 4 more penguin tetra , 8 cardinal tetra or 8 rummy nose tetra .
  2. lacancap

    Stocking Suggestions

    Hey all! I recently lost a Dwarf Gourami ( :/ ) to Iridovirus and am looking for a replacement to my tank (standard 10 gallon, planted, black substrate). The tank currently has 3 guppies (M), 2 endlers (M), 2 Platy (M), and a mystery snail. The tank was at ~120% stocking on aqadvisor but went a...
  3. F

    75 Gallon Aggressive Tank Mates

    I really want another fish in my 75 gallon tank. Right now I have a - Green Terror (growing a hump to show dominance) - Blood Parrot female - Male convict They all get along great, convict is a little shy but has been coming out a lot more. There are plenty of hiding spots. Jack Dempsey passed...
  4. Joshua Gonzalez

    I Need A 38 Gallon Stocked!

    Hello, so you may have seen my thread asking to stock my 29 gallon...well let’s just say don’t store your tank on a shelf in the garage, it only takes one determined 5 year old to reach for his helmet for the thing to fall down...Anyways, it’s now time to stock my new 38 gallon bow front tank...
  5. D

    15g Stocking Ideas

    Hi again, I'm thinking of stocking ideas for a new 15G. The tank is currently cycling but it will be moderately planted when I am done. So far the frontrunner is: 3 honey gouramis (1 male, 2 female - I'd be willing to have only 1 male, but I don't want him to feel lonely) 8+ glowlight tetras...
  6. M

    10 Gallon Tank Stocking Ideas With Platys

    I have a ten gallon tank with three platys; one marigold platy, one rainbow wag, and one panda. I was thinking of adding some otocinclus, but the platys are actually taking care of the algae. My rainbow wag is a little aggressive. She doesn’t bite, but she will sometimes head butt one of the...
  7. Flyaway Soul

    29 Gal Remake Stocking

    So I'm in the process of moving. I didn't want to put my fish through the stress of moving so far in containers, so I've sold or rehomed all but a few loaches from a larger setup I had (I think I found an lfs that wants to buy them, will know by today). My new apartment is smaller, so the...
  8. HoneybeeJenni

    10 Gallon Tank Nonfish Fish Friends

    Hi Fishlore! My 10g is now 1 week into its cycling process. Plants are doing well and I'm excited to get some movement in there soon! I've been spending the time while waiting for the tank to cycle researching my stocking options, and I've gone through quite a lot and narrowed it down to a...
  9. Finatic005

    Stocking Ideas With Plants For New Aquarium?

    Hello Fishlore! I am currently cycling a planted tank and I had a pest snail disaster. I just bought fenbenzadole (I am getting shrimp later) and I just had to remove all plants because they were covered in snails, and dying off because I accidentally used a high concentration for a bleach dip...
  10. J

    Is My Tank Understocked Or Overstocked?

    Hi, I have a 55 gallon tank with: 15 neon tetras 3 peppered cory catfish 1 albino bristle-nose pleco 5 female bettas 1 otocinclus 1 amono shrimp (the rest disappeared!) and 4 ghost shrimp. Is my tank understocked or overstocked? I cant tell.
  11. Weeb Snail

    Question Stocking A Pond

    I asked a while back but didnt get many responses, so i will try to ask here and see if i can get my problem solved. I'm building a pond, which will most likely be for tropical fish. I want maybe some fish to swim near the surface, but I also really want a catfish and/or pleco. I was...
  12. Puzzler Fish

    37 Gallon Stocking Ideas

    Hey guys! I have a new 37 gallon and I’m thinking about the fish I want to put in. It’s a long tank, like 80 cm long x 35 cm depth x 60 cm tall, and it will be planted. I thought: 2 pairs of Honey Gouramis (or dwarf?) 1 single (or a pair?) German ram 1 (or more?) Rainbow Shark some khuli loaches...
  13. PirateKingJoe

    75 Gallon Tank Angels And Rainbows?

    i have a 75 gallon tank with two hang on back filters. Would angelfish be good tankmates with these fish? 1 boesemani rainbowfish 2 Madagascar rainbowfish 1 albino weather loach 3 black skirt tetras 3 lemon tetras And multiple species of cory cats My mother loves angelfish and since I’m off...
  14. J

    New Set Up. Tell Me If I Am Wrong!

    Hi Guys, I have recently set up a 125 Fluval Roma that is currently cycling. It has a Eheim 350 classic filter installed and I have a U3 if it is needed. For substrate, I have used Caribsea eco-complete. I have researched and researched on my stock, and I have come to the following list: 3x...
  15. D

    Common Pleco Tank Size

    Hello! I have a question about homing options for my three fish. In my 55 gallon, I have a common Pleco, Parrot Cichlid, and a common goldfish. The pleco and the cichlid are about two years old and the goldfish is around 6 months. I originally bought the goldfish as live food for my cichlid...
  16. J

    10g Stocking Advice

    Hello, I have a 10g tank and am looking to put the finishing touches on it, stocking wise. I just got a new LED light setup which is very bright, so that is a factor to consider. The fish I have are: 5 neon tetras 1 ghost shrimp 2 horned nerite snails (these guys are tiny) I would love to...
  17. Erupto35

    Need Ideas For 20g High

    Hi there, I've come into ownership of a 20g high. It's not a size I would normally buy myself so I don't have any good stocking ideas. Added challenge: because it'll be in my bedroom, I'd like something that can go as a pair (for feng shui). 2 critters that live happily together in a 20ghigh...
  18. Imthatpeep100

    Question Is This A Solid Plan?

    Greetings, (Skip this if you don't want context) I had a pair of pea puffers in the past and you could probably check out my past blogs asking for their treatment. Anyway, one puffer was from a friend moving away who didn't want the fish while the other was from a LFS that I was informed being...
  19. aditya27

    Help Stocking A Uniquely Shaped 22 Gal

    Hello, I have just finished fishless cycling my first tank - a 22 gallon Aquamax rimless tank. The dimensions are 36*12*12 (inches). I have planted Java fern, Anubias Nana 'Petite', Micro Sword and Scarlet Temple all of which seem to be doing well (attached pic is from the day I first planted)...
  20. F

    Help Adding A Angelfish, Good Or Bad?

    Hello, Fish forum. I've wanted to get an angelfish for a long time and have considered putting it in many of my tanks but they do not work with the fish I wanted the most and decided to drop the idea for every fishes health and safety. It has recently come to my attention that I could possibly...

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