1. J

    Question Need something to spice up the tank

    Hello, so I have been messing with my 29 gallon stocking a bit lately and I think I have it almost where I want it. I have 3 honey Gouramis, 4 male guppies, and 10 neon tetras. Also a nerite snail and some Amano shrimp. I’m just wondering what would be something cool that would stay In the top...
  2. T

    180L 1m long stocking ideas

    Hi, Currently I have 1 angelfish and 1 baby discus at my aquarium. I want to add 1 more discus and a few angelfish. Can you please tell me how well is that stocking, and how many angelfish I can put in the aquarium? Thanks all
  3. J

    29 Gallon Tank Gourami or Apistogramma?

    Hello all, so I have a 29 gallon tank that has 10 neon tetras, and 7 guppies and some Amano shrimp. Until yesterday I had 2 juvie angels in there growing out a bit but I finally moved them Into their forever home. So now I want to put either a gourami or an Apistogramma of some kind in there. I...
  4. T

    180L 1m aquarium, looking for calm fish

    From my experience, my baby discus and mature angelfish are very calm, while my 5 platys are too active for me to enjoy my aquarium. They also peck allot and it's irritating for me to watch. So I was wondering what kind of calm fish can you guys recommend me.
  5. CrisisQuaid

    Scarlet Badis tank stocking

    Hey guys, I recently got a young scarlet Badis in my 5 gallon tank. I’ve been thinking of what else to put in. I was thinking about 2 sparkling gouramis, and maybe a few blue velvet shrimp. The tank will be heavily planted and well fed to minimize aggression. I’ve heard Badis will eat baby...
  6. jesse96

    Stocking Help—Best Tankmates for Zebra Danios?

    Hi all, Does anyone have any stocking recommendations for a 20 gallon long with 6 zebra danios? I’ve had the zebra danios in the tank for a few weeks (I cycled the tank, then added three in, then added the other three after a week). This is my first time with danios, so I waited a bit to make...
  7. default-fish

    Question Fish That Do Well In Pairs?

    I'm looking for some recommendations of fish that do best in pairs. I like the idea of having a nice planted nano tank with just two fish :) Please recommend anything that can be kept in a tank at about 5 gallons -20 gallons in size! I want to know my options more than specifics so i can choose...
  8. F

    Saltwater 55g Tall Stocking Help

    I may or may not make my new 55 (gallons) tall (hexagon) saltwater. I was planning on a goldfish tank because I have 800 of those and I'm ready for more.:emoji_laughing: But if I do saltwater I want something that's fun, I love flame angelfish and tangs (obviously no tangs lol). I have had...
  9. D

    Question Angel And Eba?

    Hi! I currently have an angelfish in a heavily planted 50 gallon. I was at my LFS and saw an Acara staring back at me. It's been a few years since I kept these (exclusively), and I was curious as to whether I could keep one (or maybe two, at the most) with my angelfish. Both the angelfish and...
  10. kcanmllvr

    60 Gallon Tank Adding To Stock After Tank Upsize

    I'm finding so much conflicting information online about what would be compatible in my tank. I'm just trying to do my best. I just upsized to a marineland 60 gallon (though aqadvisor says its actually 66.9 gallons) Currently I have 1 gold ram 3 emerald cory cats (I'm definitely adding more of...
  11. ahouseofscales

    20 Gallon Tank 20 High Centerpiece And Schooling Fish

    Hi! I am looking for some stocking ideas for a 20 high planted tank. It is just started and on the tail end of cycling, so it's not very mature, but I won't be stocking it for a while. Right now I'm just looking for ideas since I've never had a 20 before and I'm not sure what I want. I do know I...
  12. taylormarie213

    Stocking Tank Mates With Betta Help

    Hello! Quick question (kinda) here: I have a new 10 gal aquarium and I have my Betta in another tank but would love to put him in this one which is much bigger than the one he has now. Anyways, I was thinking of getting some tetras as some tank mates. My boyfriend's sister has a 10 gal or...
  13. H

    How Much Can I Fit Into A 10 Gallon?

    Hello Community, Right now I have 2 neon tuxedo guppies, 1 red wag platy, 1 ghost shrimp, 1 black molly, and 2 tiger barbs in a 10-gallon tank. Can I add 2-3 more tiger barbs to the tank to reduce their aggression towards the shrimp and other fish? Thank you so much. ~ If there are any other...
  14. babyshark24

    Fancy Goldfish Noob

    Hello! I've been thinking about getting some fancy goldfish! I've kept a tropical community for a few months, and among other ideas (shrimp community, african cichlids, bettas) I've been looking into some fancy goldfish. I'll go for around 75 gallons ish, with 4 or 5 fancies... But which...
  15. A

    65 Gallon Tank Can I Add More ? Or It’s Overstock

    I have 5 Denison barb , 3 pearl gourami , 8 dwarf neon rainbow , 2 bristlenose pleco, 4 penguin tetra , 8 zebra danios , and 1 angelfish as center piece fish . Can I add more fish ? I am planning to add 4 more penguin tetra , 8 cardinal tetra or 8 rummy nose tetra .
  16. lacancap

    Stocking Suggestions

    Hey all! I recently lost a Dwarf Gourami ( :/ ) to Iridovirus and am looking for a replacement to my tank (standard 10 gallon, planted, black substrate). The tank currently has 3 guppies (M), 2 endlers (M), 2 Platy (M), and a mystery snail. The tank was at ~120% stocking on aqadvisor but went a...
  17. F

    75 Gallon Aggressive Tank Mates

    I really want another fish in my 75 gallon tank. Right now I have a - Green Terror (growing a hump to show dominance) - Blood Parrot female - Male convict They all get along great, convict is a little shy but has been coming out a lot more. There are plenty of hiding spots. Jack Dempsey passed...
  18. Joshua Gonzalez

    I Need A 38 Gallon Stocked!

    Hello, so you may have seen my thread asking to stock my 29 gallon...well let’s just say don’t store your tank on a shelf in the garage, it only takes one determined 5 year old to reach for his helmet for the thing to fall down...Anyways, it’s now time to stock my new 38 gallon bow front tank...
  19. D

    15g Stocking Ideas

    Hi again, I'm thinking of stocking ideas for a new 15G. The tank is currently cycling but it will be moderately planted when I am done. So far the frontrunner is: 3 honey gouramis (1 male, 2 female - I'd be willing to have only 1 male, but I don't want him to feel lonely) 8+ glowlight tetras...
  20. M

    10 Gallon Tank Stocking Ideas With Platys

    I have a ten gallon tank with three platys; one marigold platy, one rainbow wag, and one panda. I was thinking of adding some otocinclus, but the platys are actually taking care of the algae. My rainbow wag is a little aggressive. She doesn’t bite, but she will sometimes head butt one of the...

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