1. Brayden515

    Non-Pest Type Snails

    Hey guys and girls, So I’ve got some snails and now I’m just fascinated by them and I want more. I want some that are different and won’t become a pest. I have 2 mystery, 5 nerite, and a Golden Rabbit. What are some other snails you might know of that most people don’t? P.s. I’ve seen the Black...
  2. Geena

    Will Aquarium Salt Hurt My Inca Snail And Nerites

    My betta has fin rot and I am starting salt water baths and I was wondering if I put salt in the tank if it will hurt the snails.
  3. Candace

    New Tank Mates.

    I’m really happy today. I’ve successfully introduced two snails in my divided 10 gallon tank. Mazikeen (Black Mystery snail), and Linda (Gold Inca snail). Mazikeen is with my black copper Betta Lucifer. And Linda is with my turquoise Betta Amenadiel. Lucifer and Maze are awesome together (caught...
  4. Demeter

    Rabbit Snail Information & Experience

    This will be a thread to help me keep track of my new project, rabbit snail breeding! It will be a rambling mess with thinking-out-loud for the most part. Wondering when someone will make a species specific care guide and breeding information for rabbit snails. They are quickly becoming more...
  5. A

    Best Place To Buy Food For Snails

    I have 2 Mystery snails and I’m needing to add more to their diet I’ve been feeding them Zucchini and other vegetables high in calcium. What are some of the best places to buy food to feed snails. What’s the best thing to feed snails?
  6. A

    I’m Thinking Of Breeding Snails.

    I’ve been wanting to start breeding snails such as Mystery, ramshorn, possibly spixi (obviously in another tank). What would my tank size requirements need to be?
  7. A

    Best Place To Buy Snails And Betta Online!

    IM looking for the best place to get freshwater snails online. Suggestions. I bought off an online seller before and my snail was parasitic and ill. Please recommend reliable sources only. What are the best places to get snails and betta online for a cheaper price or a reasonable with low or...
  8. A

    Nerites Are Dead!

    I have a tank with mystery snails and A couple Nerites. I woke up and my Betta and mystery snails seem okay but both Nerites are dead. Any ideas of what’s going on?
  9. A

    Rabbit Snails.

    I would love to get a rabbit snail but I’m worried about my make Betta as a tank mate. I’ve also thought about a Japanese trapdoor snail. But I’m really in love with Rabbit snails. Should I take the time to invest? Is it too risky?
  10. babyshark24

    Reptile Calcium For Baby Snail?

    Hi! I'm wondering about reptile calcium to my 30gal community to help my four mystery snails. I have one baby has an incredible shiny olive shell, especially compared to its parents! The parents have all grown a few centimeters of healthy shell but they eat like crazy, while baby snail is...
  11. Finatic005

    Question Trumpet Snail Trap?

    Does anyone know how to make a Malaysian Trumpet Snail trap?
  12. Petey Pete

    Snail Babies

    I have a ten gallon tank with four small fish (mollies) and two snails approx the same size (not sure of the breed). The snails both have brownish circular shells with dotted and striped patterns. This morning I notice I have about 20 tiny snails all over my tank. I actually have been wanting...
  13. B

    Needing Advice On Fluke Infested Snails

    i have been dealing with flukes for months. I’ve done a slime coat scrape to confirm and have talked to 2 vets. I have finally realized the medication I have tried (everything. Peroxide dips, prazipro, gen cure) is not affecting the flukes because they are up in my snail’s shells. That must’ve...
  14. GillCintonsMom

    To Snail Or Not To Snail?

    Hi guys We have a 29 gallon tank (non planted right now) with two goldfish (commet and ryukin). We plan to move up tank sizes once they grow bigger. We have large pebbles for the substrate and we do weekly water changes (20-30%) and test the water with our liquid test kit. Lately we've had a...
  15. AustinS

    How Can I Feed My Pleco Without Feeding My Snails?

    My bristlenose pleco is still rather small (2") so it takes its time eating the wafers I give him, periodically grazing. Unfortunately, this gives my pest snails enough time to blanket the thing and chow down. I already have natural means of removal for the snails (assassin snails), but their...
  16. A

    New Nerite Snails Not Moving?

    So I bought 3 nerite snails today, 1 for my 20 gal and 2 for my 90. Thing is, when I walked into my house and put the bag down to take off my shoes, my cat ran over and clawed it. Water was leaking and I just quickly took the snails and put them in the tanks right away. Now, about 9 hours later...
  17. Madison Lawson

    Question How Many Snails?

    How many mystery snails can I put in a 3 gallon? A 5 gallon? and a 10 gallon with a betta and 4 African Dwarf Frogs?
  18. LMO

    Limestone Rocks

    I'm trying to finish off the edges of my new pond and hide the liner using large rocks. I have used what I think are limestone rocks round the edges (not in the water) but not sure if they safe to use under water. I used a few of these rocks in my old mini pond for wildlife seemingly without any...
  19. MileyMorkie

    Question Diving Headfirst With Nerd Power

    Ok yeah I should have came here in the first place but I didn't really look at all of the forum. The basic run down is I wanted Ranchu goldfish but later found out at a PetLand that they are advanced fish and of course I have just started high school. Got my betta named Iycho, I named him after...
  20. JoeCamaro

    Want To Trade Pink For Blue Ramshorn Snails

    Hello Fishlore! I am looking to trade some of my Pink Ramshorn Snails for Blue or Blue Leopard Ramshorn Snails. Below are photos of my snails. If interested send me a message. Thank you! Joe

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