1. F

    Aggressive Neocaridina?

    Help! I got four neocaridina (2 yellows, 1 cherry, 1 rili) about 2 months ago and added another cherry and a black 2 weeks ago. Shrimps had all been molting fine, eating well, and exploring the tank. Last week, the largest shrimp, a yellow female, started displaying aggression. She would grab...
  2. CookieDog1357

    Bloody Mary Shrimp Disappeared

    Hello! So my Bloody Mary that I bought recently has completely disappeared for 2 days now. I don’t see a carcass or its molt so I checked inside the filter, cholla wood, and behind the leaves of the plants today with no results of a hiding shrimp. My tank has a betta (who is completely fine...
  3. L

    Caridina Shrimp Help

    Hi Everyone-- About one month ago, I decided to start a caridina tank. I'm at a loss and before I buy more shrimp, I need to know if it's my water quality or not. One month ago, I converted my neocaridina tank into a caridina tank. I did this by relocating my neo shrimp to a different tank and...
  4. N

    Attack of the killer shrimp

    Sorry for the false alarm, no one was attacked. But I do have a question concerning these shrimp: Some 2 years ago I bought 5 green Babaulti Shrimp from my LFS, and one that was of brownish color. I never had any other shrimp species in my aquarium, nor did I buy any after that. Some 6 months...
  5. sleepycloud

    Is this a baby shrimp? Will it survive cycling?

    I got this lil guy as a hitchhiker when I put some new plants in my tank. I've had him for a few days now and each day he increases in size quite visibly. I thought he was some sort of weird water "bug", but now that he's gotten bigger he looks like a shrimp, with his tail curled underneath him...
  6. X

    Do you need root tabs for these plants?

    Hi there I have a few plants that are planted into seachem flourite without any root tabs at the moment. If root tabs are needed, would Osmocote plus root tabs be good? Also I have Red Cherry Shrimps in my tank and was wondering if the Osmocote plus would affect the shrimps in anyway since...
  7. Sien

    Ghost Shrimp dying?

    Hi guys. I am not anywhere close to an expert on shrimp and have always had ghost shrimp. Recently I bought 10 ghost shrimp to add to my colony of 6 in my 10 gallon. One died during a water change, managed to jump out and did not find him in time. One from the new batch died, which was not surprising...
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    Black crystal shrimp
  11. Sien

    How to switch substrate

    Hi everyone. I have a nicely establish tank with black skirts and about 10 ghost shrimp. Will be rehoming the black skirts in less than a week and putting one of my bettas in the tank. I want to switch the substrate to sand but am not sure how to go about this. I would have to remove all the...
  12. afleming94

    Shrimp Experts Wanted

    Hello all! So I am relatively new to shrimp-keeping (I’ve had ghosts in the past to help with cleanup, but they’ve never lasted very long). I’ve always gotten great advice and kind feedback on this forum so I thought I’d see what you all thought! Right now I have an established planted 3 gallon...
  13. Y

    Feeding shrimp (without also feeding snails?)

    This might be impossible, but I'm curious if there's a magical balance to be struck. I have 15 red cherry shrimp and 2 ramshorn snails. (Yes, I know that the snails will breed, and yes, they have already laid a clutch of eggs after just 4 days in my tank.) Is there a particular food, or...
  14. L

    Blue Babies Everywhere

    Hi Everyone-- I recently had about 5 blue mamas give birth at the same time so I have baby shrimp everywhere (yay!) I've let them grow out now and are probably a month old. It looks like I've got some mixed colors though and wondering if I should cull these tanks to have a blue rili tank and a...
  15. Caffee

    Question Algae bloom - Update

    Tank: 5.5 gallon Type: planted Species inside: 3 amano shrimp So since i first got my tank up and running and my shrimp set up, ive had a problem with algae. Along with doing 10-20% weekly water changes, i spend a decent amount of time just cleaning algae off the glass. Also, the water looks...
  16. JustAFishServant

    Which Shrimp for Vermilion the Scarlet Betta?

    I've been pondering on this for awhile now...which Shrimp for ol' Vermilion and his 20 Tall?
  17. L

    Drip "Acclimating" Entire Tank to Lower TDS? (without killing shrimp)

    Hi Everyone, Wondering what your thoughts/opinions are on putting a bucket of water over a tank and using the drip acclimation method to slowly add water to the tank in order to lower the TDS. Would this be an okay method to avoid killing shrimp? I don't have access to RO water to "cut" my TDS...
  18. Ebreus

    Help Advice on inert substrates?

    I'm trying to pick out a substrate for the planted tank I'm working on. I intend for it to be a community tank with Amano Shrimp, Guppies or possibly Endlers, Neon Tetras, Nerite Snails, and possibly a Honey or Dwarf Gourami. My tap pH is 7.6. If I'm not mistaken 7.6 pH is within the accepted...
  19. SamLynn

    Female Betta Sorority with Shrimp

    I have a 65 gallon tank and am considering adding 5 female bettas. Concerned about adding them with the 20+ shrimp I currently have in there (they are red, yellow, orange, and blue and aren't high quality so they are slightly translucent). They have ample places to hide but feel comfortable...
  20. Caffee

    Question 5.5 Shrimp tank stocking

    So ive had my 5.5 gallon cycled and added 3 amano shrimp since august 28th. The shrimp have been healthy as can be and my live plants have been doing amazing. Now im considering adding 3-4 cherries and an olive nerite snail (smaller species about 1/2 inch once an adult). Would this be too much...

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