1. NAPosey

    Help What's Going On With My German Blue Ram?

    Can anyone tell me what's going on with my German Blue Ram? His belly seems to be swollen and turning white, and he spends almost all of his time hiding right now. There is 1 other male in the tank that seems to be doing fine, and a female that is also hiding somewhere in the tank. Image2 (1)...
  2. Pierre O

    Want To Sell German Blue Ram (pair $40 With Free 1-3 Day Priority Mail Shipping)

    Hello, I have German Blue Rams 4-5 Month of Age for Sale. Males and Females available with free Prio. Mail Shipping. ($40 per Pair with Free 1-3 Day Priority Mail Shipping , $60 for 4 x Rams with Free 1-3 Day Priority Mail Shipping)
  3. Kmullz

    Ram Pair Aggression

    I have a breeding pair of German blue Rams alone in a 12.5 gallon tank. They currently have many 5 day free swimming fry and were excellent parents, taking turns and never eating young. Today the female decided to be very aggressive to the male. I out him in a breeder box to hang out for a while...
  4. Puzzler Fish

    37 Gallon Stocking Ideas

    Hey guys! I have a new 37 gallon and I’m thinking about the fish I want to put in. It’s a long tank, like 80 cm long x 35 cm depth x 60 cm tall, and it will be planted. I thought: 2 pairs of Honey Gouramis (or dwarf?) 1 single (or a pair?) German ram 1 (or more?) Rainbow Shark some khuli loaches...
  5. Wickette

    Another What Should I Add Question

    My 40 Breeder stock is moving to the 75g (eventually). I know what I can add safely, Im looking for opinions on (JUST ONE) of the 'iffy' choices bellow. 1) apistogramma cac. (maybe 2 fem) but will even that kil/over stress my painfully shy Bolivian rams? 2)Kribensis, these are been suggested...
  6. Male Guppy bred in community tank

    Male Guppy bred in community tank

    Short clip of one young male who shows very nice patterns and colours in his early stage. Let’s hear your thoughts?
  7. Female German Blue Ram

    Female German Blue Ram

    Female German Blue Ram In ccommunity tank
  8. Monk

    Help! Treating Ich, Fish Now Has Fungus

    I have a 200L community tank I am currently treating for ich with a half dosage of salt due to new fry being born yesterday in the tank. I have raised the temp to 84 but one of my females have grew a fungus fluff of sorts on her head. I am totally confused as to what step I should take next. I...
  9. B

    Help Sick Female Ram

    Hello everyone! My female Ram (not sure which variety but not blue) is unwell and I would really appreciate your help and knowledge to keep her alive. Thanks for reading! For reference the male seems (fingers crossed) fine and healthy, colours and behaviour normal. Tank What is the water...
  10. Monk

    Has My Ram Got Pop-eye?

    I bought a young male electric blue ram a few weeks ago with a german blue female. Today I noticed he was hiding a lot, I’ve noticed ich has begun and his left eye is bulging which has me very worried. I’ve attached a photo. Some advice on this would be greatly appreciated.
  11. neofyt05

    Help German Blue Ram, Swollen Left Gill, Hungry But Not Eating

    Hello all, I'm having an issue with my 1.5yo German Blue Ram. As per my aquarium details: The tank is a 15g one, moderately planted, set up sometime in 2017. Temperature is 26.5C (80F), pH is 7.3 Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 15 (15 from tap, drops to about 5 after a few days thanks to lots of...
  12. AquaticJ

    Mikrogeophagus Ramirezi - Blue Ram Cichlid Guide

    Created by @AquaticJ Edited by @scarface Overview First, I appreciate everyone taking the time to read this. I've written this guide because I’ve found that there is a lack of correct information in one place concerning Ram cichlids—specifically, Mikrogeophagus ramirezi. Therefore, I will try...
  13. Michael Albert

    Question Floating Plants For My New Rams

    Good morning FishLore! I just recently got a 2 GBRs and I read in a few places that having some floating plants was good for these guys. I have a lowlight aquarium with a finnex stingray led strip, wondering if you guys have any suggestions for some good floating plants. Thanks!
  14. Michael Albert

    Question Sexing Blue Rams

    Hey after weeks of waiting my LFS finally got some blue rams in! I bought 2 yesterday and they have been thriving. I heard they were picky so they got brine shrimp and blood worms and ate as much as they could, I was so scared because i've heard these fish can have a hard time acclimating. I...
  15. Mettie7

    Bolivian Ram Food With Other Tankmates?

    I'm planning on stocking a 20g with a single Bolivian Ram as well as some Cherry Barbs and Panda Cories. I've kept the latter two in the past, but never a ram, let alone a dwarf cichlid. What food would you guys recommend for the ram in a community setting like this? I've heard they can be...
  16. OscarHoya

    Build My Fish Tank With Me!

    I'm having fun here so hopefully others will too. I've read a plethora of information on people doing right and wrong with mixing fish, but this one is unique to me. I have a new 55 gallon tank (48"). I'm setting up the stand and cycling the water now. I plan to do this for a good month if...
  17. dvboas

    Female Gbr Staying At The Bottom

    Hi! I have a female German Blue Ram and a male. They have been in the same tank for almost 1 year. The last 2 days she tends to stay at the bottom of the tank and does not swim, except when I put food on the tank and she rushes to get it, and then returns to the bottom. She avoids the male and...
  18. J

    Ram With White Growth On Fin

    So I noticed my ram has developed this white growth on the top of his top fin. It has grown but it is a slow growth. I have him now in a quarantine tank. The quarantine tank pH 6.8, ammonia and nitrites 0 and nitrates at 10ppm. I have a filter with no carbon running. Temp is 80 degrees. I...
  19. SeaSpace

    Female German Blue Ram Lethargic... Any Suggestions?

    Hi, I recently got 2 blue rams about 8 weeks ago. They have both been perfectly happy, both eating their food etc etc... But a couple of days ago, JUST my female has been extremely lethargic. Most of the day she hides in the darkness, resting on the ground, not floating like she normally does...
  20. Huggz13

    Rams, Apistos, Kribs

    I need help please. I have a 40 gallon breeder tank with 1 Boesemani Rainbow 1 Turquoise Rainbow 1 Bolivian Ram 1 pair of Honey Gouramis Everyone is happy and healthy and has their own niche and never messes with anyone else. Lots of nooks and crannies and broken sight lines. I’d like to...

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