play sand

  1. Vaughn

    Brown Marks In Sand After Using Root Tabs

    Wasn’t sure if I should post this in algae, plants, or aquascaping haha but I took everything out of the tank a few days ago and gave the sand a stir and got most of the nasty stuff hiding in there out. I rescaped the tank and let it run for a bit and then put my fish and snails back in. I have...
  2. Skaribrat

    How Long Should I Wait For Sand To Settle?

    HI everyone, So, I changed my sand already lol...I couldn't see my axolotl on the blue play sand that well, so I switched to white. I can't remember how long it took the blue to settle because it was at the start of my cycle and I didn't really pay attention, since he wasn't in the tank...
  3. X

    Planted Aquarium Substrate Sand

    Hi. I have owned two aquariums in the past of my own, one a 26 gallon bow front and one a 38 gallon bow front. I'm going to be upgrading to either a 55 gallon or a 60 gallon tank soon and want to use sand as a substrate instead of gravel. I've never used sand and have a few questions. 1. First...

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