1. taylormarie213

    Order/placement Of Different Filtration Techniques/media In Hob Filter?

    I have an Aqueon QuietFlow 10 Pro filter and I am researching DIY Modification to manage the strong flow coming out of my filter and to upgrade it to more than just a carbon insert. I already have a Fluval Prefilter Sponge on the intake of the filter and that helps with flow a little bit and...
  2. Joshuaharestad

    Filter Media

    Looking for info on what sort of filter media to add to my cascade 1000 canister filters. It has three trays. So far it just has the media that came with it. I'd like to improve on that. One tray has carbon, one has a sponge, one has this white sponge like pad. What should I get and where...
  3. MountainMan

    Modifying Canister Filter Media

    Hello everyone, I just purchased a Fluval FX4. I watched this YouTube video: "**** My Filter #25" and it brought up some valid points. First off, it suggests putting primary settlement media in the bottom ring. I have a bunch of Marineland Bioballs, and was thinking about using those in that...
  4. B

    Help What Tank For Future Betta?

    What tank should I get for my (future) betta? I'm looking to Fluval 5 gallon and it looks really cool but kind of expensive that comes with a filter installed. Or should I purchase a 5 gallon and add on sponge filter myself? Sponge filter or mechanical filter? Does sponge filter needs media...
  5. Collin Chorba

    Hob Filter Media?

    Hi all, I am getting a marineland penguin 150 bio wheel for my 20L shell dweller tank, what would be a nice cheap media that I wouldn’t have to replace and offers good mechanical filtration?
  6. N

    Using Biomax Media?

    I bought some fluval media to put into one of my marineland filters. The specific kind of media is called biomax. Its still in the package but I can tell it is a little chalky. I was just wondering if Im supposed to rinse the media in tap water before adding it to my filter? Ive never used a...
  7. icebrain1

    Perlite As An Alternative To Expensive Media

    Hi Fishlore, I’m upgrading to Sunsun 304-B Canister filter. That is not the topic though, the canister doesn't come with any media except for a few fine mesh pads. Sorry if this was posted to the wrong location, couldn’t find the DIY section. Here's the problem, Due to limitations in my...
  8. C

    Question Can I Reuse My Eco-complete Substrate As Biological Media In My Canister Filter?

    I figured out through much research that eco-complete substrate is basically just crushed lava rock. The stuff is sharp and light so it turned out to be a less-than-ideal substrate for my needs. So now I have about 40 lbs of this stuff and I'm wondering if I can use it in my canister filter as...
  9. BettaTyphoon

    Helping Cycle A New Tank

    Hello! This is probably a really dumb question but I have no idea if it will work. I currently have a cycled 20 gallon tank that has an Aqueon Quietflow 30 filter and a pre filter sponge covering the intake. I want to try and jump start a cycle on my 10 gallon tank that is running with only a...
  10. SobeDiver

    Experience With 16-gallon Biocube?

    Hi there I'm upgrading my betta tank from the 5-gallon portrait to (probably) this tank: I'm not clear on how to best set up the included filter system for maximum effectiveness. I see they do sell these cartridges What's the best for the other compartments? I also saw a sponge mentioned -...
  11. capecodder

    Marineland Pengiun

    I'm changing the media in my Marineland penguin, I bought aqualcear biomax and also their sponges. It seems everyone has a different opinion but has anyone done this with their Marineland and what order do you put these 2 items, right now I have the sponge, biomax and then sponge again.
  12. Jenoli42

    Using Cycled Media In A Qt - Why Doesn't It Disrupt Origin Tank's Bb?

    Hi team. This is a logic question really. If your BB grow to the level of food (eg, ammonia) available regardless of how much media or how many filters you have, then how can you take some of the media out to use in another tank without disrupting the BB/cycle of the filter the media came...
  13. S

    Where To Put A Media Bag In Our Tank

    We got planaria in our shrimp tank and had to move the shrimp and the snail into quarantine while we scrubbed the tank and all its water. We have let the clean tank and new water cycle for about a week and bought a media bag to help jumpstart the shrimp tank and its new water. We've had the...
  14. Mary765

    Old Filter Media?

    Hello! So I am setting up a 10g tank I won for an amazing deal in a bid online. The filter came with some old filter media (just a sponge) I plan to add some floss and maybe even some bio balls of sorts, but the sponge would make for the perfect layer of my filtration. So my question is, is...
  15. M

    Opinion On My Diy Filter

    Hello, I'm working on a small filter for my 29 gallons (planted soon) in addition to my sponge filter. I made a small version with coke bottles, sponge, and air stone also added carbon(won't be using when planted) and bio-max in the bottle which seems to be working well. The new one I made it...
  16. Gersh

    Transferring Media To Instant Cycle

    Hey everyone. I currently have a 55 gallon in the works. To jump start things. I'd like to take some of the media from my cycled 20 and put it in there to seed it. I also have an old filter running some extra media to get some bacteria on it to increase the amount I transfer. My questions...
  17. R

    Eheim Filter Media

    Hi A quick question from a newbie. After a spectacular failure with my Riser tubes and Bioballs. I have bought an Eheim Classic 250 Filter. My tank is 80 Litres - 21 Gallon and I was wondering if anyone has an opinion whether using Filter pads only or filter media with a filter pad is a better...
  18. Shea Loner

    Natural pools using expanded shale

    Okay so I came across an article about this company, Total Habitat, and their natural swimming pools. Really really awesome things going on there. I want one So bad. So reading into their methods some you come upon the term expanded shale. It's what they use/recomend as a media and as plant...
  19. Sayba

    Filter setup adivce.

    Ok I am getting an APS 2000 ef for my 200 litre aquarium I know the media is useless, so I am buying my own. Got sponges of different thickness for the bottom, bio home for the middle and for the top I have been told to use seachem purigen, but it is pretty expensive and I seem to have gotten...
  20. K

    Seed tank with establised filter media.

    So I finished cycling my 20 gallon long a few weeks ago and it has been running healthily on an aquaclear 50 filter. I also have a 10 gallon tank with a Marina S10 Slim Power Filter that I want to use for just a betta. I just finished adding the substrate and decorations. Several Questions...

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