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  1. misobean

    Help Help Me About Daphnia!

    Hello everyone! I recently got my daphnia culture really big and my fish seem to love it. How often should I be feeding daphnia to my fish? I've got sparking gourami, ember tetra, guppies, and an apisto cacatouides Also, what causes daphnia's mass death? I tried starting another big culture...
  2. camste

    Using House Pests As Fish Food?

    I bought a house, and after I moved in I found that it's riddled with these little buggers. I've been told by the pest control company that there's not really much to do about it other than setting traps and keeping the house squeaky clean...
  3. M

    Feeding Betta Newborn Guppies?...

    Is feeding my betta fish newborn guppy fry an unacceptable treat? I have seen videos where they gulp them down in one bite and it seems to be a quick death for the fry. I have two guppies (male and female) at the moment, and of course my betta won't be the sole relying factor of population...
  4. Rtessy

    Want To Sell Microworms

    According to instructions, I'm supposed to throw out 1/3 of the substrate every 2-3 weeks, so I decided to offer you guys some instead. $0.50 per oz. 14oz available, $3 minimum order. Shipping shouldn't be much, I'll let you know depending on location. Boxes may be a bit rough looking.
  5. IHaveADogToo

    Video: Pea Puffers Eating Live Snails

    Hey there Fishlore Fam! Good morning, and Happy Monday! Got a case of the Mondays? Needing an extra pick-me-up this morning? Maybe watching my puffers eat a bunch of live ramshorn snails will help. Enjoy.
  6. HeyBaitwyn

    Starving Runt Dwarf Puffer

    Hello! I have 5 dwarf puffers in a 20 gallon tall planted tank. 4 of the puffers are doing great, active and healthy looking. Then there is the runt. He (I think its a he, although could still be too young) has always been the slowest to eat and the slowest growing, but lately he is starting...
  7. Leo Thomsen

    Freezing Mosquito Larvae

    I've got a container with water outside and now I'm just waiting for mosquito larvae to form, but I can't feed my fish fast enough to use them all before they grow into mosquitoes and I also want some for the winter months. Could I freeze my own mosquito larvae as food for my fish? If yes, how...
  8. JoeCamaro

    Grindal Worms Starter Culture

    I have been contemplating the idea of starting a Grindal Worm culture to feed my fish as a treat, like once a week. I have checked eBay and found some listings, but before I purchase any there, I wanted to check if anybody here is selling them. I rather do business with a fellow Fishlorean. Thanks
  9. Verne

    Best Algae

    hey, would anyone know what the best algae for shrimps is? I'm thinking of trying to grow some and I'm not sure whether spirulina or chlorella is better/easier to grow.
  10. Fischbones

    Good Places To Buy Worm Cultures Online?

    I am interested in buying a live culture of aquatic bloodworms, tubifex worms, black worms, etc. online. Does anybody have any reliable online sources I could purchase them from? Or if anybody knows of a store in the Chicago area I could buy some live cultures from that would work as well.
  11. D

    Can I Feed Goldfish Fry (culls) To A Betta?

    My ranchus spawned and looking at the fry I see some obvious culls (very crooked spines, etc.). I have heard that bettas might eat fry and I want to know if I could feed my two boys one of the fry as a live food? Obviously, I am not going to give them all of the culls, but could they each eat...
  12. tigerfish420

    Planaria Cleaning

    So I got some duckweed from someone in my fish club and it came with some surprises. Some scuds and little worms, id like to keep the scuds to try to breed em for live food so I was gonna set up a tank. The worms that came in the bag I think I've got it down to planaria but not sure. Skinny...
  13. ashenwelt

    Fish Keeper 101: Feeding Aquatic Livestock

    So you are now a fish keeper and want to take the next step in your aquaria hobby! Congratulations for making the step to research feeding your aquatic livestock. Feeding the fish correctly is one of the keys to any successful keeping fish, it doesn’t matter if your aquatic livestock are in a...
  14. clinrw

    Training Annuals Killies To Accept Non-live Food

    Hey everyone, I'm very new to annual killies (I'm raising my first batch), and I am hoping that someone with experience might have some tips or tricks to help me convince my N. guentheri "Zanzibar" fry (who are ~3 weeks old) to accept non-live food. I've been feeding a combination of microworms...
  15. Kalyn

    Betta Live Food Supplement

    I'd like to cultivate some live food for my bettas. I know about mosquito larva, but I'm trying not to invite Zika, heh, though the larva are probably readily available here in FL. I also don't want my roommates to kill me for worsening the mosquito swarms outside.... I'm also worried about...
  16. Lucky Guppy

    Free guppy food? catching and feeding

    I went to check on my pond test project and stumbled across a gold mine of free guppy food in the form of mosquito larvae, does anyone know how nutritious they are and if there are any pros and cons to feeding them to guppy?
  17. L

    Feeding Leaf Fish!

    I went to the store to pick up gecko food and came home with a Spotted African Leaf Fish (Leopard Bushfish / Ctenopoma acutirostre It was a last minute purchase so I'm still learning about the species. She (or what I believe to be a female) is already acclimated and in her new home and seems to...
  18. Bithimala

    Feed live food

    My betta, Rekka, got a taste for live shrimp the other day. He has finally stopped being mad at me for removing the remaining shrimp from the tank, but he is still scouring the tank looking for something he can hunt and eat. I've read that live foods can be a concern because they may contain...
  19. chloep123

    Do I need to cut up earthworms for betta?

    Hiya! So my new tank will be cycled soon (i hope...) and I was wondering if I can feed earthworms as a treat to a betta? The worms will come from my compost heap, so no fertilisers or anything. Can a betta eat earthworms, and if so can they be fed live without being chopped up? Thanks, Chloe
  20. maggie thecat

    Feeding mosquito larva

    Anybody do this? I have multiple opportunist hunters in my tanks - ADFs, bumblebee gobys, CPDs, and so I already feed things like baby brine shrimp, microworms and frozen bloodworms along with flakes, sinking pellets and frozen vegetables. But mosquito season is coming. Harvesting would be as...

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