1. MileyMorkie

    Please Help Me Identify These

    These are trees, shrubs, and bushes that thrive in zone 1 through 4b. First one is super common in my city, pretty sure you've seen it as a standard. It's either a shrub or bush. Mid green, round with I think a point, when leaf is wilting, edges turn yellow then brown and centre becomes...
  2. gray_matter16

    Identify Large Plant

    just looking to see if anyone can identify the plant behind my betta, thanks
  3. U

    Help Help Identifying Plz?

    My ranchu goldfish has a white bump/spot on his bottom lip (bottom left in pic) and he has had it for about 4 months and it doesn't look like it is hurting him but i wanted to ask for peoples opinions because i'm afraid it might be cotton mouth. He is otherwise acting fine and eating fine.
  4. Charles120

    Question Is This A Xenia Coral?

    So i was told when i purchases this that this is a Xenia, its my first coral and the LFS guy thought this would be a good choice as they are really easy. The coral seems like its doing really well however it doesn't pulse, and i read that most Xenia do. Can someone identify what kind of Xenia...
  5. M

    Help (identify This?) Disease Has "eaten" My Fish From The Outside!

    I need help identifying this disease that my dwarf gourami has had for about 2 months. I was told by a forum member that the disease was Lymphocystis, and that I should keep him until the disease affects him badly. Well when this forum member helped me out, the disease originally appeared as...
  6. L

    Identification Help

    Hi Everyone, I know this is a long shot BUT I recently put some new plants in my tank so I know exactly why and how this little guy showed up but I was wondering if you could help me identify his specific species is? I moved him to a 5 gallon that isn't fully cycled yet so he might not make it...
  7. WAQT

    Help Need Help Identifying Species And Sex

    I was sold these as OB females. Can anyone confirm if that is correct?
  8. ThatMikeHill

    Help Yellow Spheres — What Is This?

    Please help me figure out what these little yellow sphere balls are. I have no fish in this tank, only mystery snails and nerites. I looked and see that mystery snails lay egg pods, these are definitely not pods. I’m confused as to what it could be. Tank: 5 Gal Temp: 80F Cycled tank
  9. ThatMikeHill

    Question What Is This?

    Does anyone know what this layer of slime or hair or… I don’t know It is on my Mopani Wood. Please help me identify what it is and if it’s natural or harmful to my Clown Loach. Thanks.
  10. Falena

    I Rescued A Little Betta, What Is He?

    Hi all! I won't go into too much detail about this little one's rescue because I find the subject very frustrating and I feel the topic would deserve a thread of its own. But long story short, a friend's family member (whom it was my first time meeting) a novice betta owner, thought it would be...
  11. Sandiwich

    Question Nerite Snail Eggs?

    Aquarium Information: - Have HOF - Heater - Water Temp: 25°C ~ 27°C - Freshwater - Airstone - 6 Guppies (3 males/ 3 females) & 2 Nerite Horned Snails I felt really bad, but I’ve been scraping one corner with a few of these flat white sesame seed/ oval looking things off. I then stopped I went...
  12. L

    Snail Outbreak, What Are They

    Hi, I'm not sure I've posted in the right section so first of all, apologies. I have a large bucket at the moment full of fry and noticed today I have some snails. Must have been hiding in the Hornwort. I really just want to know what they are, are they good for tanks or pests? I wouldn't mind...
  13. Mary765

    Pond Worms Id

    Hello! I collected some pond silt and water for a small ecosystem I'm making and have been able to identify most of the creatures in it, but I can't figure out what these work like things are. They stay half in, half out of the silt and either stay perfectly straight or wave around in an 's'...
  14. Vijay Raj R

    Please Identify The Fish.

    I got few fishes today. Along with rasboras I got 1 sword tail like fish, it was beautiful. But don't know the name, shop keeper told me the wrong the name. Please some one identify it and tell me the name.
  15. misobean

    Id These Snails!

    Hello, everyone! I found these snails at a river in Rizal, Philippines. There was a whole group of them on the rocks/ shallow part so I collected a few. Do you guys know what they are? I'd like to take care of them properly Thanks in advance!
  16. Turtledrew15

    Can You Identify This?

    Friend asked me what this was and I can't find it anywhere. Anyone have any ideas?
  17. Vijay Raj R

    Please Identify The Fish.

    Hi All, I got a schooling fish which has got a black line which runs through its body and when they are very active, their upper part becomes dark black. Rest of the time pale white in colour. I thought they are Black Line rasborras. Because, they got the black strip and moves very fast in a...
  18. nickellpickle

    Id This Snail, Please? :)

    This guy (or girl ) showed up today! I don't really mind, just wondering what kind of snail it may be? Also, if it is a pond snail, how large do those get? And what exactly is a pest snail? Thank you in advance for any help !
  19. Elana

    What Kind Of Fish Is This?

    i got this fish from Walmart it was in the tank labeled Danio and Platty but I know it's neither of those any idea what it is? It's hard to tell from the photos but she/he has blue spots with yellow tipped fins about the size of a Platty.
  20. Aquaholic3

    Please Help Me Identify This Small Fish

    Hi everybody, I found this little fish and was wondering if anybody knows what it is? It's quite a cool little guy and I wouldn't mind getting some more. TIA.

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