1. Blueberrybetta

    Amazon sword care tips

    I was wondering if anyone has some care tips for amazon swords? I don't use CO2 nor plan too but I do have them in substrate and I have given them root tabs before . Can someone go in detail what they buy for their swords or what they do? Mine are starting to very slowly turn yellow and...
  2. blooSupreme

    Help Betta Fish Lump

    Hello, I just noticed this morning that my betta fish, Bloo, has a lump on his right side. It’s a small bump but I didn’t see it yesterday. He’s acting normal and eating but it definitely doesn’t look normal, anyone seen this before? He's in a five gallon tank and I just did a water change...
  3. H

    Help Bad fish food?!

    Hello aquarium hobbyists, In the middle of last August, I added 3 ghost shrimp along with 2 tiger barbs, 1 black molly, 2 neon tuxedo guppies, and 1 red wag platy to my 10-gallon aquarium. There was nothing else in there. One by one, the ghost shrimp disappeared and died, all within about a...
  4. Riuqlav

    Help with Overflow that slows down and doesn't work

    I'm trying to do this overflow system: So I found some flexible pipe for a good price and a diagonal T PVC pipe. (Ignore the grey tube, is my current filtration) I filled the tube till the top, and suck the air out of the first curve, making the siphon until the T. I positioned the T where...
  5. Jooten

    Male amputee angelfish Sick need help

    So this is sushi my daughter's very first fish he was in a 29 gallon with two other angelfish few Guppies few tetras and corydoras he is a little bigger than a 50 cent piece currently long story short the trio of angelfish turned out to be two males one female they showed zero hostilities until...
  6. Dylan13

    Betta tail shredded need help

    My betta fish one day suddenly just had a streak out of his tail then over the next 2 days lost more of his tail and there are little red bits, he is still eating though. Please he my ID the problem and treat. He is kept in a talk at 79f and it is a divided tank with little slits for water flow.
  7. ky200

    Important Pregnant swordtail?

    i think my lyretail swordtail may be pregnant, can anyone tell me for sure? ask if she is how long till she will deliver?
  8. HunterChampion

    Important Veterans Needed! Unforseen Vector of Disease

    Hello Fishlore, In the 6 months since I last posted I've gotten deeper into the hobby and a job as the Aquatics Specialist at a retail pet store. Now don't get me wrong, playing with fish all day is my dream job. That's not the problem. As the curator of the department, I'm constantly doing...
  9. Ebreus

    Help Emergency, need help with medication for guppies. Please help!

    Okay I've been through too many ways to word this so I'm just going to be blunt. One of my guppies is very sick. I believe they're going to die, possibly before the medication I have now could help them. Here's the emergency template that didn't get responses: Guppy, suspected finrot. Second...
  10. Ebreus

    Help Guppies suddenly hiding, I'm worried about them

    I have three fancy guppies living in a 50 gallon tank. I had more and intend to get more but that's not the issue right now. They've been a trio in the 50 gallon for around three days now with nothing but snails for company. Today when I woke up one of them had disappeared. I checked all around...
  11. S

    Help! Are these really nerite snails? What kind of snails did I buy?

    Hi there, I ordered 2 nerite snails for my planted, freshwater, 20 gallon high at my lfs. When I finally got them, I noticed they didnt look like the typical nerite snails that you find on google images but they come in such a large variety, I didnt question it at first. However, I noticed I...
  12. CookieDog1357

    Bloody Mary Shrimp Disappeared

    Hello! So my Bloody Mary that I bought recently has completely disappeared for 2 days now. I don’t see a carcass or its molt so I checked inside the filter, cholla wood, and behind the leaves of the plants today with no results of a hiding shrimp. My tank has a betta (who is completely fine...
  13. A

    Is my tank ready for tankmates?

    I've been working on cycling my tank for a month or so. I tested my waters today (I've been slacking at haven't tested my waters in a couple weeks but I only have snails in the tank. They are doing fine.) My nitrite and ammonia levels are at 0ppm. But my ph (tested high ph as well it's about...
  14. Blueberrybetta

    Help Betta stopped swimming, laying down

    My betta just overnight stopped swimming and stays laying down. I've been doing water changes every other day and I've been giving him Aquarium salt baths. He doesnt have a swollen belly and doesnt look constipated. He isnt pineconing . He was fine a week ago and now he won't or cant get...
  15. Ebreus

    Question Swimming in place, normal?

    I've got a school of Fancy Guppies for the first time in a long time. I've been watching my new fish and I've noticed that they swim in place sometimes. There's seven of them in a 50 gallon tank. My filter is suppose to move 450 gallons an hour and I've noticed that they put a bit of effort into...
  16. Ebreus

    Important Guppies dying

    Yesterday I got a school of nine fancy guppies. When I woke up today I was down to eight and watched one die as I was taking water samples to test. The day before I added them my readings were pH: 7.6, Ammonia: 0, Nitrite: 0, Nitrate: 40 Today the readings are: pH: 6.8, Ammonia: 0, Nitrite: 0...
  17. Ebreus

    Question Assassin Snail voracity?

    My Bladder Snail population is growing a bit faster than expected. At the moment I have uncontrolled algae so they have more food to work with than desired. Since they're fairly voracious algae eaters I don't want to totally annihilate them but I'd like to slow their growth. I'm considering an...
  18. Ebreus

    Question Snails ignoring cuttlebone

    So I have transparent bladder snails. In my thread: Baby snails... transparent shells? Question - | Snails 436857 I asked what to do about that. Answer primarily came back as crushed coral in the filter &/or add a cuttlebone for them. I decided to try a cuttlebone. Added it about four days ago...
  19. Annahhayy


    I have recently discovered tiny bladder snails in my tank. I saw two larger ones a while back and never thought much of it, and haven’t seen them in a while so I assumed they died or something but now I have a billion tiny little bladder snails in my tank and I NEED to get rid of them! How can I...
  20. Blueberrybetta

    Help Help! My betta is dying!

    Out of nowhere my betta is just laying on its side and that's it . He was fine swimming around like usual and overnight he just wont get up. When he does swim , he floats and sinks straight down. I dont feed him alot for him to be constipated imo and he isnt pineconing either. He was so...

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