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  1. taylormarie213

    What Fish Food Do You Recommend?

    I am planning to have some tropical fish along with some Amano shrimp. I also have a Betta in another tank. what are your recommendation for fish food in terms of brand? I heard that seachem Tropical Flakes with probiotics is good but I want to hear your advice. Also, what do you feed your...
  2. kamui

    Betta Food?

    hi guys! i feed my betta these small worm shaped pellets, and i was wondering if anyone knew what they were called? all that i remember is that i got them in a trial size and he LOVES them. i'm running out of them, so what are some food that you guys would recommend too? thank you!!
  3. elwe1996

    Question How To Feed Lone Surviving Otocinclus

    So I recently upgraded my tank from a 10 gal to a 20 long, and lacked the foresight to keep my Oto's fed. One sadly passed on last night but I want to do my best to keep the other alive, and start a proper shoal. Some advice I've gotten from @DoubleDutch is to grow algae on some rocks. I...
  4. Demeter

    Officially A Cat Person

    This is Gypsy, cute right? She was supposed to be at most 13in at the shoulder, she's closer to 18in so that's a big beagle. She's over a year old now and I am rarely pleased with her. Can't track a rabbit worth her salt, can't let fresh cat poo sit in the litter box for more than a few...
  5. Anna Christine

    Question Is My Betta Malnourished?

    I saw a post someone made about a sick betta fish and someone mentioned that the fish in question looked malnourished. And I thought their fish looked about the same size as my fish. So then I got really paranoid, so I thought I'd just post a few pictures and ask if he looks about the right size...
  6. A

    Fishless Fish Food Cycle - Low Ammonia, High Nitrites, Mid Nitrates

    Hello, My tank has been set up for over 3 weeks now. I am doing a fishless cycle and using flakes. I have not been putting any flakes for a week now because of high nitrite levels. Should i do a water change for fishless cycle? I did use water conditioner. My levels on Sept 14 : Ammonia : 1.0...
  7. H

    Sinking Pellets

    I got some Cory catfish around 4 days ago and so far I have been feeding them the fish flakes from cobalt aquatics that I use on the other fish. Problem is they are super messy and are hard to get to bottom so I really want to get some sinking pellets. I’m planning on getting a pair of...
  8. P

    African Butterfly Fish Food?

    Hi all! I just got 3 African butterfly fish for my 45g and i dont know what to feed them. I tried brine shrimp but they didn't eat those. I also tried floating flakes but i had no luck with that ether. Please help Thank you.
  9. Fischbones

    Good Places To Buy Worm Cultures Online?

    I am interested in buying a live culture of aquatic bloodworms, tubifex worms, black worms, etc. online. Does anybody have any reliable online sources I could purchase them from? Or if anybody knows of a store in the Chicago area I could buy some live cultures from that would work as well.
  10. Gdpierce79

    Feeding, Meds, And Filters

    hi! I have some questions... Background: I will soon get kuhli loaches, zebra danios, Endlers/guppies, honey gouramis, and maybe harlequin rasboras Part 1: everyone says to feed fish a variety. How do I do this? I will get two or three types of pellets/ flakes/ etc, and occasionally feed other...
  11. Slizardo

    Granules Fish Food Koi And Goldfish

    My friend recently got my fish food as a Christmas gift, (I told them to get me stuff for my pets whether that be betta, koi, goldfish, turtle, or ferret). She got me TetraMin 3 in 1 flakes, treats, and granules fish food. The treats are shrimp and I feed to my turtle and the flakes I feed to...
  12. corywand

    Varying Fish Diets

    I currently have 12 blue danios and 1 panda cory. (I know that the cory can’t be there on his own. I’m rehoming him on Sunday.) They eat flake food, sinking pellets (although the danios always seem to get to those before the cory) and occasional peas or cucumbers. Are there any glaring gaps in...
  13. Wobbegong

    Black Worm Culture Items Needed?

    So recently I have been thinking about making a blackwork culture. I have heard that black worms are good food for fish. Can someone help me acquire a list of things I need and things to do. I am planning on using a one gallon "betta" tank for the worms.
  14. Jakers20

    Garlic In Fish Food

    How do I infuse garlic into a flaked fish food and how do I make it?
  15. ashenwelt

    Fish Keeper 101: Feeding Aquatic Livestock

    So you are now a fish keeper and want to take the next step in your aquaria hobby! Congratulations for making the step to research feeding your aquatic livestock. Feeding the fish correctly is one of the keys to any successful keeping fish, it doesn’t matter if your aquatic livestock are in a...
  16. S

    Oscar Fish Food

    hey guys. I've heard some amazing things about home made gel food. Was thinking of making some for the oscars I'm going to get. I was thinking of adding: Tilapia Shrimp Beef heart Worms Shelled peas Pellet food Gelatin Please let me know if you have one that works or if you think this is...
  17. Dandelion-Dream

    Some Cycling Questions

    Question - Will My Fish Be Stunted? As mentioned in the linked thread above, I will move my fish to a 55 gallon tank and out of their 10 gallon in a few months. Since they're used to their 10 gal, how should I do my cycling? Fishless/Using fish food would be preferable. I would probably get...
  18. Monica Reves

    Homemade Fish Food (omnivore)

    1 lb Tilapia 1 lbs smelt or anchovies 1/2 lbs peas (Shelled or baby food make sure it is just peas and water in ingredients) 1/2 lbs spinach 2tbs astaxanthin 2tbs Spirulina 2tbs garlic 2tbs paprika or 1/2 cup of carrots 2 egg yolks (Will also be using brine shrimp in the mix when i start getting...
  19. A

    Adding Fish Food For A Fishless Cycling

    I have a 50 gallon tank and I set up the tank with heater, filter, gravel, substrate, air pump. I am starting the fishless cycling process today. The pure ammonia is not available in any of the stores in my area. So I bought fish food which is in pellets form. How many pellets do I need to put...
  20. NJblueRam

    New Fluval Bug Bites

    Has anybody tried out the new Fluval Bug Bites food line? Getting some this week. Just curious if anybody has tried it.

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