featherfin squeaker

  1. S

    Betta/Catfish compatibility

    Heyo!! I feel like I cant ask enough questions sometimes. My best friend was given a featherfin squeaker a while ago and hes getting way too big for his ten gallon tank (hes about 4 to 5 inches right now). Hes currently in there with 2 neon tetras and a guppy (there used to be many more but...
  2. Gecky

    Catfish Spots

    After adopting this featherfin catfish from a friend who wasnt taking great care of him, i've noticed a lot of fin re-growth. He might've had fin rot from what a few people have said. After looking very closely I've noticed a very faint, strait line of white dots. Im assuming its not ich...
  3. Harvster10

    Feather Fin With White Scrapes

    this morning I noticed that my featherfin had sort of white scrapes along its body I have recently had my water tested and my lfs said that it was good. Will this just heal or do I need to treat it? Ps she dosent like photos so I could only get her through her cave, sorry about the glare
  4. M

    Featherfin Squeaker- Please Help!

    Last night I noticed that my featherfin squeaker's eyes bulged out and became cloudy. I searched the web for what was going on and didnt find anything. I changed the filter, and he is still the same! He hasn't lost appetite and can swim fine, and he looks perfect except for both of his eyes. My...
  5. Y

    Upside Down Catfish identification help (Featherfin?)

    About 8 months ago we bought a common upside down catfish from the local pet store. The tag on the tank said it would grow to be maybe 4-5". Now, 8 months later, he is about 4". I've been doing a bit of research and from what I've found, it seems as though we were sold a Featherfin by mistake. I...

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