1. Amy Haas

    Where To Buy Healthy Endlers?

    Where can I find Endlers whose immune system is healthy? I just had a heart wrenching experience from "Wasting Away" Endlers.
  2. A

    Free [denver] Endler's Livebearer

    My 10 gallon from 2 years broke and my 30+ endlers are in temporary hold. Anyone want to take them over? I am kinda busy to start over from scratch on a new tank. And I don't want the fish to suffer. Around Denver area.
  3. Tidal Wave Crab

    All About Endler's Livebearers Care, Class And More!

    My Three Endlers Endler's Livebearers Endlers are extremely active fish and are tons of fun to watch. They were first discovered by Franklyn F. Bond but went unnoticed for 40 years until they were rediscovered by professor John Endler, hence the name "Endler's Livebearers". Now they are...
  4. endlercollector

    Talking Endlers With A Friend Who Worked With John Endler

    We had dinner today with our friend the evolutionary biologist who gave me a collection of comma bars years ago, and he laughed when I told him how much the more unusual Endler color morphs are going for these days. He did his postdoc research back in 1978 in Venezuela with John Endler and...
  5. JoeCamaro

    Aggresive Tiger Endler. What To Do?

    Hello ladies and gentlemen. I recently got a male Tiger Endler and female Guppy for breeding. The female is close to giving birth so I removed the male from the 5.5 gallon and put him in my 46G display tank. Out all of the fishes he was chasing the neon tetras non-stop. He didn't mess with the...
  6. Anto26

    Help Endlers And Shrimp 3 Gallon?

    I bought a 3-gallon tank and I was wondering if it is ok to stock it with Endlers and Shrimp? If so, how many of each? Thanks in advance, Anthony
  7. Anto26

    Important Endlers And Shrimp In 3 Gallon

    I bought a 3-gallon tank and I was wondering if it is ok to stock it with Endlers and Shrimp? If so, how many of each? Thanks in advance, Anthony
  8. M

    Five Gallon Stocking Ideas

    Hello! I know I have posted a similar topic in the past (when I was a lot more ignorant in the fish world) and I have read so many posts about stocking my five gallon, but I have a few questions and thought a post couldn't hurt. My Tank: a five gallon marina tank with a HOB filter thats fit...
  9. AngelGuppies23

    Got A 5 Gallon Tank

    Got a 5g Tank today finally. I'm planning on having 6 male Endlers the tank will have heater, silk plants and hide outs and a filter and lights. Will this suffice?
  10. BaileeJane

    Treating Bacterial Infection

    I have a female betta who is showing the early signs of a bacterial infection. She isnt very well bred so it's not a big surprise that she has a weaker immune system I was thinking about treating her with kanaplex. Do you think this is a good choice? I found a 3 in 1 pack for Metroplex kanaplex...
  11. E

    What Heater?

    Would a 25w heater be okay for a 5 gallon tank?It is going to have a zebra nerite snail and 3 male endlers in.I am getting a heater that you can adjust the temperature(not preset). Also what would be the best temperature for a tank with endlers and a zebra nerite snail? Thanks Emily.
  12. endlercollector

    A Few Videos From Today Of My Various Color Morphs

    So I've been moving fish around again, and it's a process since the Endlers have a way of squeezing down between the glass pebbles and hiding out. After two days of this nonsense, I finally put a very large net in and left it there with a couple of smaller nets, and over the course of a few...
  13. endlercollector

    Video Of Peony The Pea Puffer Dining On Daphnia

    After a year of plotting, I finally got a pea puffer! I moved my Heterandria Formosa into the 13-gallon, changed out half the water in their old Evolve 8 for RO water, and moved Peony in. She has been watching the tank of peacock Endlers next door rather hungrily. I don't think I could feed...
  14. endlercollector

    Video: Fry In Less Than 10 Gallons--the Endlers Prove Me Wrong Again

    So I've been saying that I've never had fry survive in under 10 gallons. Well, as they say, never say never! Here is what was supposed to be a quarantine tank for 2 pairs of peacock Endlers, but I just got overwhelmed and didn't get them into a larger tank, and after 6 months, some fry are...
  15. endlercollector

    Video Of My Staeck Endlers

    I went through a lot of trouble to get these guys, and I've got my fingers crossed that I don't kill any more. That's right, they're the most delicate Endlers I've ever encountered. I don't know what happened to them while they were in Germany, but I lost a bunch to ick, which I've never seen...
  16. endlercollector

    Has Anyone Tried Keeping Honey Gouramis With Endlers?

    I know, I know, I would never recommend keeping them together since honeys like soft, acidic water and Endlers like hard, alkaline water, plus they can be really annoying to other fish. But I've come into contact with someone who has been breeding honeys in hard, downright rock stiff CA water...
  17. endlercollector

    $5/20 P Class Comma Bars/wild Guppy Hybrids, So Cal Only

    They're mostly Comma Bars with some N class mixed in as the person I got them from unknowingly provided me with some wild guppy girls, so that makes them P class as I cannot guarantee what you will get. I urgently need the space, so I'm practically giving them away at $5 for 20 (mix of males...
  18. endlercollector

    Chili, Blue Star, Red Spot, And Snakeskin Orchid Endlers In Riverside, Ca

    Available for pick up in Riverside, CA. Delivery $15 up to 80 miles away. Chili Hybrid Endler boys $20 for 10. Blue Star Endler boys $20 for 4. Red Spot Endler boys $20 for 4 Snakeskin Orchid Endler boys $20 for 4 Perfect nano tank fish thrive in hard, alkaline water and can be kept in...
  19. endlercollector

    Video: Comma Bars Male Tank

    So after discovering that my comma bar tank had no less than 5 wild type male reticulata that matured recently, I went back to my source and discovered that he'd run out of females and had gotten some from a cousin who apparently does not have the same standards. He'll be sending me some girls...
  20. endlercollector

    Video Of My Blue Star Endler Tank

    The Blue Star Endlers (aka Blue Voisin Endlers) look so radically different from the Endlers that my first few tanks of comma bars that were descended from fish originally taken from the Lago de los Patos in Cumana. Phillip Voisin collected blue stars and silverados in Campoma, some 35 miles to...

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