1. L

    Mysterious Eggs

    Hi everyone! I was just doing a routine cleaning of my year old freshwater tank. I found 3 little eggs attached to a rock and a piece of algae. (See photos) I took pictures of them through a jewelers lense ( like a tiny magnifying glass for diamonds) I also have a type of tiny clear egg stuck...
  2. Cowardlyslimeball

    Help Bristlnose Pleco Eggs In Community Tank

    I was cleaning my 20 gallon tank this morning and accidentally disturbed a nest of eggs. I had three plecos in the tank, one male, a female, (i just moved her to a different tank) and another young female, (about an inch long) I had accidentally bumped some eggs out of the nest. I collected the...
  3. Blurry pic of first eggs.

    Blurry pic of first eggs.

    Platinum with some pearl scale and a Golden. No breeding tubes visible by the time I noticed the eggs. The platinum was dime-sized in February! Clear eggs outnumber the white ones. No plans to breed these, but we'll see.
  4. A

    Eggs Or Fungus?

    OK I have 3 what I'm pretty sure are amano shrimp in my platy tank and everyone gets along very well. However the larger shrimp (who I've suspected is female) is carrying something under her tail and has for a while. I used to have crayfish and they would breed frequently so I just assume...
  5. tum0r

    Nerite Breeding Project?

    I have 3 nerites in my freshwater aquarium and they've been laying eggs like crazy ever since I got them. I was hoping that some of those eggs are potentially fertilized, and I had an idea to test that theory. My idea is simply to take an object or two from that freshwater tank (that are covered...
  6. C

    Mystery Eggs

    At my job theres a 2-day quarantine tank in the back and all the sudden these eggs appeared. I was gone a couple days and I'm not sure who laid them. These are the fish that were in the tank while I was gone: • Oranda goldfish • Blue Acara • Shubunkin Goldfish • Blood Red Parrot Cichlid • Silver...
  7. It's Not Just a Fish

    Help Are My Fancy Goldfish Fry Supposed To Be Doing This?

    I have set up a ten-gallon tank filled about 9" deep at 73* Fahrenheit for a surprise spawn my goldies pulled on me. The fry hatched alright about to days ago and now some of them are moving around occasionally. I'm worried because a great many of them just seem to be sitting on the bottom (it's...
  8. Kiks

    Help Male & Female Kribensis Fighting

    Hello all, A week ago I bought a pair of kribensis - a male and a female. I am sure of their genders and they are a confirmed pair that has laid eggs before. They're in my community tank (30 gallons) with 10 rosy tetras and a couple of amano shrimp. Everything was going well until today it...
  9. Sheena-Phx

    Question How Long Does It Take For A Ramshorn Snail To Be Sexually Mature?

    I have some Ramshorns that I want to start selling, but want to make sure that I don't get rid of too many. Does anyone know how long it takes a Ramshorn to become sexually mature and start laying eggs? This piece of information would help me greatly. I know they grow at different rates in cold...
  10. nikkimay456

    Question Fungus Growing On Actively Hatching Eggs

    FUNGUS GROWING ON ACTIVELY HATCHING PLECO EGGS: Advice please? Hey guys, My bristlenose albinos got mature enough to produce their first eggs! It's been four days since the eggs were laid, and I'm seeing a few little tails wiggling out. The problem is, my male pleco didn't stay with the eggs...
  11. D

    Question Pregnant Black Ruby Barbs, Will Carps Eat The Eggs?

    Hi! As the title says, a couple of my black ruby barbs have been getting plump and they have dark red spots behind their fins, and the males in the aquarium have become dark red, so I'm pretty sure the females are pregnant. What do I do now? I know that I have to keep the females and males...
  12. LizzyCupcake

    Important Oscar With Severe Bloat.. Egg Bound Or Something Else??

    I have had two Oscars for 2 years now. I recently moved them to a 110 gallon. They are a breeding pair and have one spawn (which I still have fry from). Since I moved them, I had noticed that the girl was a little bit fatter in her adominal area. I just assumed that she was egg bound because it...
  13. Pepper cory dora eggs.

    Pepper cory dora eggs.

  14. A

    Female With Eggs Or Tumor?

    I have two dwarf Gouramis, I was told that both were male. One of them began to have a swollen abdomen, and now it’s just enormous. Is this actually a female who is swollen with eggs, or does this look like some sort of tumor/growth?
  15. O

    Are These What Developing Ghost Shrimp Eggs Look Like?

    Hello! I've got a qt tank about 3 weeks in with ghost shrimp and a nerite. I've noticed this growing green blob in the back of the largest ghost shrimp the last 2. I'm wondering if this is what developing eggs look like?
  16. Sassonic

    Putting My Fishroom Together From Scratch! 4k Video!

    Greetings friends. Here was the whole process from before I even filled up water in the tanks, includes even staining the fish stands, and setting up the power supply, all the way up until I cycled the tanks in my fishroom. Two African Cichlid tanks, a 90 gallon and a 135g.
  17. communityguppy6

    Question Who's Eggs Are These?

    Had a tank with a couple nirite snails, a couple celestial peral danios and a bunch of shrimp no from cherry reds to crystals to blue dream. Who's eggs are these? How do I know if they are viable?
  18. KasumiKi

    Dwarf Crayfish Eggs Gone?

    I received my female blue dwarf crayfish on November 15th and I was so surprised to see a bunch of eggs under her tail!! I was really excited and happy even though I hardly saw her at all. She pretty much disappeared into the cave I had prepared for her and only came forward enough to grab bits...
  19. Sassonic

    29 Gallon Tank Setup: 4k Video Quality

    I just took some videos of my 29 gallon tank project. It's the new home for my juvenile African Cichlids. I show the stand assembly, tank preparations, and also show some tricks for quick cycling. Video with commentary below.
  20. RSababady

    Help Are These Eggs? What Do I Do Next?

    Just noticed what looks like eggs on a leaf in my communal tank. One of the angelfish is staying close by and pushing all other fish that come near to the leaf. What should I do? I have never bread fish (other than live breeders in dedicated tanks)? Robert

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