1. BlueGrizzle

    Whose eggs? Fish/shrimp/snail

    Hi everybody, I have a bunch of eggs sitting on top of a fox tail this morning. I have black phantom tetras, shrimps and tiny snails in my tank. Do you know whose eggs these would be?
  2. NicksFishTanks

    Guppy Dropping Eggs?

    Something very weird happened today in my tank. I had posted a tread earlier about when my guppy was going to have birth, they had said about a week(now a week ago). Since it has been about a week I Putnam her in a breeder box and waited for her to drop fry. She didn’t drop any fry, but what she...
  3. A

    Snail Clutch How Many Eggs Survive

    I’ve had mystery snails in the past but typically one at a time I decided to go all out since I have a love for snails. I have 3 snails one is fairly young the other are full grown or nearly full grown. But one of them has layed a clutch in my tank. If fertilized how many snails should I expect...
  4. A

    Female With Eggs Or Tumor?

    I have two dwarf Gouramis, I was told that both were male. One of them began to have a swollen abdomen, and now it’s just enormous. Is this actually a female who is swollen with eggs, or does this look like some sort of tumor/growth?
  5. Sassonic

    Putting My Fishroom Together From Scratch! 4k Video!

    Greetings friends. Here was the whole process from before I even filled up water in the tanks, includes even staining the fish stands, and setting up the power supply, all the way up until I cycled the tanks in my fishroom. Two African Cichlid tanks, a 90g and a 135g.
  6. Sassonic

    3 African Cichlid Tanks: Major Update

    I've finally had some time during the holidays to make some changes and upgrades and put together a video. The fish are in all different stages, Juveniles, medium-sized, and full-grown. 29g, 90g, 135 gallon all in the same room. 4k quality video. Hope you guys enjoy it!
  7. T

    What Is This?!

    Hey! I just found this in my aquarium and I wonder what it is...
  8. Sarah K

    Sterbai Cory Eggs Laid Today!

    Hey all! So I was watching my female sterbais when I got home today and noticed they were acting kind of weird. I looked around the tank and found 34 eggs plastered all over the glass! This is the third and largest batch of eggs they've laid. I was just looking again and realized there's eggs on...
  9. SLeroux

    I Think I Did A Horrible Thing...

    So this weekend I was walking past my tank and noticed some white dots all over my glass near the bottom of the tank (3/4 sides about 10 eggs total). I have had a nerite snail for about 5 months now, thought that my new 60 has been set up for about two months that it was happy and laid some...
  10. A

    Sinister Or Resourcesful?

    I have a group of 7 fancy goldfish babies at the moment that I am raising into adults, they are just over 9 weeks old now and luckily all 7 have survived from eggs and are growing to look quite exceptional (if I do say so myself). My adult Goldfish spawn on a weekly basis at the moment and I...
  11. lilabug4545

    Breeding Bettas - What's Worked for Me

    ***Some fish are different, and this won't work for everybody. This does not include the conditioning of the parents or fry care. No products are linked through this by me, I might add some later.*** You'll want a ten gallon tank, filled about 1/4-1/2 of the way with clean water. Put in a...
  12. tocandesu

    Are These Bladder Snail Eggs?

  13. Snail eggs

    Snail eggs

    So, this is what happens if the water isn't low enough for your girls' likings.
  14. Snail eggs

    Snail eggs

    So, this is what happens if the water isn't low enough for your girls' likings.
  15. Egg Clutch

    Egg Clutch

    Mystery snail eggs
  16. diamond tetra

    diamond tetra

  17. Harlebleondora

    Bristlenose eggs.

    Hey fish lore! I work at a pet store and today we had a bristle nose spawn in one of our display tanks. The odd thing was he was not in a cave guarding the eggs but sitting at the front of the aquarium with no cover fanning a batch of 20-30 bright orange eggs. I scooped the eggs up in a net...

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