1. PirateKingJoe

    Plants Without Co2?

    im thinking of starting a 30 gallon planted tank. Are there any easy plants that don’t need co2? I know all plants need it, but are there any that will thrive without a co2 canister or supplements? Basically I’m looking for plants that will get their co2 from their fish and shrimp tankmates...
  2. Mickiemas

    How Much Co² Will A Diy Setup Produce Using Sugar And Yeast

    Do I have to worry about home made CO2 set producing killing my fish?
  3. mlash

    Daily Tank Topoff Or Not??

    I am in the habit of topping my tank water off daily. I have a rimless tank and I don't have a lid so I'm sure I loose more than if I had a lid. I am running CO2 and fertilizers because it is a planted tank and I do a 50% water change every week to reset my levels. My question is, should I or...
  4. Valleriani

    New To Co2, What Should I Get For My Tank Size?

    Hello! I have a 200L/52G tank. I want to start to get into CO2, but there is so much out there. I was looking at kits but a lot of them seem to have disposable CO2 cartridges or DIY which I don't want to get really involved. I'm okay buying the parts separately/etc but I'm fixing to use a CO2...
  5. Vishaquatics

    Algae Management and Algae Myths in the Planted Aquarium

    Algae: one of the most complicated topics in the keeping a beautiful planted aquarium. Algae is often the reason why many people give up on creating their dream tank as it can devastate the aesthetic and completely smother out their plants. After a decade of experience, there are a few algae...
  6. Viralology

    Ph Balance?

    So I’ve been in the hobby for about 3 years now and I understand you are not soposed to chase PH, but this specific tank is really annoying me. I am away a a lot so I do have a apex Neptune monitoring everything for me and it usually reads anywhere between 6.5-5.9 which is just wierd to me...
  7. Cheesewoman

    Want To Sell Roma 240 Tropical - Fish Included! Suffolk Uk

    Hi All... I'm going to be moving house soon and although I LOVE LOVE LOVE my fish tank I'm thinking it just has to go... it's going to be too costly to move it and honestly I don't know where it would go. So, not the end of the world if I don't sell it, but preferably there's someone out there...
  8. Weeb Snail

    Iwagumi Co2

    What kind of co2 system is good for an iwagumi styled tank? I plan on getting a 30 gallon, or a 20 gallon long, the latter being most likely. What i want is to grow HC, AKA dwarf baby tears, using a dry start method. I have nothing as of right now. Im budgeting and planning everything...
  9. A

    Experience With Api Co2 Booster?

    I am starting a new tank and would not like to pay/mess with a CO2 kit or a DIY yeast method. Would API CO2 booster be enough carbon for my plants, or do I not need supplemented CO2? I am planning: 2 or 3 amazon sword dwarf hair grass java moss any other/better suggestions for plants with API...
  10. Bikebookbread

    Uns Co2 Nature Bottle — Any Experiences Or Reviews?

    Not sure if the Nature System (UNS) CO2 Nature Bottle is a new thing or not, but I hadn’t seen it before. Found it on . Here’s the Ultum Nature System website. Seems like it is a professional version of a homemade yeast-type CO2 system. I’m intrigued, frankly, mainly by the price. I don’t...
  11. A

    Algae Issues

    Im new to planted tanks and I’m growing a lot of green hair and green “dust” algae. From what I’ve been able to find out this means I have low CO2 levels. I would prefer to keep the tank low tech. That being said, I don’t have space for a tank and regulator where the aquarium is placed so a...
  12. Ziggy Stardust

    Ada Equipment (beetle Counter)

    I have an ADA setup I was given an ADA beetle counter and I was wondering if it will work properly with a Pollen Glass TYPE-2 I know the beetle counter is meant for a larger diffuser/tank but it was given to me as a gift and I don't want to be rude and return it nor do I want to just toss it...
  13. Zorse

    Clarifying Co2 For Planted Aquariums

    I have planted aquariums and would like to add CO2 for better growth. Upon Googling the ways to accomplish this I discovered so many ways and all were super confusing to me as a newbie! What are your preferred methods for adding CO2 to a 20gallon tank? Does an air stone help with any CO2? Can...
  14. Cheesewoman

    Water In Co2 Tubing?

    I set up my first ever co2 kit today, from co2Art (it's the dual stage one). When I turned everything on and set the bubble counter I didn't see any bubbles come out of the diffuser, and it looked like there was some liquid being moved around in the tubing. Is it possible that liquid got in...
  15. D

    Tetra Co2 Depot

    Just started using Tetra Co2 Depot for a couple of weeks in my 20 gallons aquarium and it works wonders. Wondering whats your experience with this product. I will replace this aquarium soon will stock all plants in a 3ft *18'' * 15'' setup. Will the Co2 Depot be sufficient for this aquarium...
  16. Lee Burton

    Diy Kit Valve

    Hey folks.... Going to set up a small DIY kit. I hear the valves are inconsistent though and wondered if this valve on ebay would be ok for a small system?
  17. Aada

    Please Help! Cannot Rid Myself Of This Algae

    So a few months ago I received a second hand tank (with stock) from a friend that didn't have time to maintain it. It was already in rough shape when I acquired it but with weekly cleanings and 40% WC it's still worse for wear. I think I've ID'd the algae as a hair/thread/fuzz type algae...
  18. anniebanana267

    Diy Co2 System Questions (beginner)

    hi everyone, I’m a beginner at freshwater and especially planted tanks, and I have no idea what I’m doing :’) Okay, so that’s not entirely true. But I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to co2. I know plants need co2. I know fish breathe out co2, just not really enough.That’s as far as it...
  19. TheGameAce

    Diy Co2 System?

    So I've been looking up a ton of information on Co2 systems for my tanks, since I'd like to help speed up the plant growth and help along some of my pickier plants (Dwarf Hairgrass, Dwarf Baby Tears, Bolbitis, etc). The thing is, I've already spent quite a chunk of money lately on plants...
  20. Zorse

    Bought Freshwater Plants, Now What??

    I have 4 different kinds of plants in my freshwater tank. They all were labeled as fully submersible plants. They do not appear to be doing too well, the leaves are turning yellow and some are dying. I have them placed in gravel. I have never tried to grow plants before in an aquarium before so...
  21. D

    'my Failure At Creating A Decent Planted Tank’ Or ‘how I Learned That Lemon Tetra Are Unkillable'

    Let me start by saying that this is an account of the litany of mistakes I’ve made and problems I’ve had in trying to get a nice planted tank with schooling fish. I’d love to have any and all feedback, comments and criticisms of what I’ve done and what I’m doing. I really would like this to...
  22. Aricafeesh

    Why Won’t My Bacopa Take Off?

    I bought a bundle of bacopa for a background plant in my 55 gallon. Everyone said they were one of the easiest plants to grow and would take off in no time. Instead, half of the sprigs have died already, and the remaining ones won’t really root down or grow. The leaves keep turning brown and...
  23. A

    Using Argon + Co2?

    Hey, I'm going to be setting up CO2 in my 20 Long soon and was wondering if using a mix of Argon and CO2 would be detrimental in any way. My Dad can get me a mixture of CO2 and Argon practically for free which he uses for welding. I know Argon is inert but was wondering if anyone has prior...
  24. J

    Too Much Light For No Co2?

    Hi y'all! Thanks in advance for the good advice that I know you'll share. I set up a 46 gal tank and used the LEDs that came with it. My plants hated everything got to looking quite pitiful. In fact, I killed Java moss...It was bad. My water parameters are decent and I'm well cycled (0 Ammonia...
  25. vijay3242

    Co2 Outgassing And Questions!!

    Hello, I have a 72G tank, I recently decided to add a DIY co2 system and get some nice plants. Right now my surface agitation comes from an airstone bubbler and a small internal filter. I am a little bit confused as to what outgassing is and if I need to turn off my airstone so I don't lose any...
  26. KinderScout

    How Much Co2 And When

    We have a well established (6 months) 120l Juwel Lido tank with fitted in-tank canister filter - 4 Corydoras Trlineatus, 7 Copper Harlequin Rasbos, 6 Rosy Tetra, 1 Dwarf Gourami, 7 - 12 Amano shrimp and a few cherry shrimp. Water parameters - 0 Ammonia, 0 Nitrite, 20 - 30 Nitrate (our tap water...
  27. Ziggy Stardust

    Nano Co2 System For A Newbie

    I am looking to add a nano co2 system to my aquarium so i can boost my low tech plants and I was wondering what system you guys would recommend. My aquarium is a 10 gallon long and will soon have fish.
  28. Ziggy Stardust

    Freshwater Aquarium Must Have's

    I am new to having an aquarium and I am trying to get as much info as possible before I set it up. I am wanting to grow moss and grass and add some nice rock and some fish. I am in the process of getting the "MUST HAVES" for my 10 gallon aquarium and so far I have a 3 stage filtration system LED...
  29. Aricafeesh

    Everything For Co2 Setup

    I have been researching CO2 setups for a long while now and am overwhelmed by everyones different methods and all of the different equipment I supposedly need to the point that I am confused about what I even really do need. Could anyone just give me an actual list of everything I need to buy...
  30. MAV2017

    2.5 Weeks In! 15 Gallon Scape, And 3.7gal Renovation

    Hi all! Okay in 2.5 weeks into my first freshwater aquascape, I'm pretty happy how it's going so far. I used Amazonia Light, and have s Twinstar Nano ll, Co2, a UV sterilizer. I appreciate any feedback! I'm going to put moss all over the branches this week.
  31. NotQuiteSure

    Balancing Ph And Nitrates?

    I have my 29 Gallon pretty much ready to go. Once I got my tank cycled and my co2 going, it took me a bit of work to get my ph just right. My water is 8.6 out of the tap and about 6.3 after resting. I wanted my ph around 7 before adding fish. Between my co2, driftwood, tap ph, and some chicken...
  32. Susoke

    Best Small Co2 Setup?

    What are the best co2 setups you suggest for small tanks under 10g? I have a medium planted, low tech 5.5g with LED lights that I want to upgrade. I currently dose liquid co2 booster, but its not quite doing it for me. Do you suggest a specific kit, assortment of parts to buy, or a diy method?
  33. Vijay Raj R

    Bubbles Coming Out From The Substrate.

    Hi, I got a small 6 Gallon planted tank with control soil. Its 2 months old and 2 weeks before only I got a top light of 7500k. Suddenly now am seeing some kind of algae covering all over the substrate(PFA). From last 2 days bubbles are frequently bursting out from that covering area from the...
  34. G

    Alternatives For Champagne Yeast?

    Hi. I have been using pressurized CO2 initially, but I've had enough of them. I had to change the container yesterday, and note that I had it on very low pressure so that her little would come out, but I discovered this morning that it was already all used up! And since these are expensive, I...
  35. 1

    Want To Sell Co2 Art Ultimate Co2 Aquarium System - Sold

    I am selling my CO2 Art Ultimate CO2 Aquarium System. I purchased this kit brand new a little over a year ago and never installed it. I've since sold my aquarium and no longer need it. Everything is brand new, never been installed. You will get: 1 - Dual Stage regulator with solenoid and gauges...
  36. vince4395

    Anyone Use Finnex Planted + 24/7??

    Which setting produces the best amount of plant growth and also which plants and which additives (ferts,co2 etc.) Do you use? I can't seem to balance my tank with this lighting as my plants do really good initially but then all growth stops.
  37. F

    Should I Use Co2?

    A while ago I ordered a Finnex Fugeray Planted+ off of amazon. It came in, but it was severely damaged and missing parts. So I returned it back to amazon and got my money back. Anyway though, I decided that I would go the my LFS to get another plant light since I looked and the prices were the...
  38. sylviepld

    Do I Need A Co2 System?

    I am getting ready to set up a 75 gallon freshwater tank. I have a Marquis T5HO dual lamp setup. I plan on having a moderate amount of fairly easy live plants. I also can't avoid having the tank in a room with a lot of natural light and I am worried about algae growth. I keep reading that if...
  39. juscallmej

    Top Tips For Planted Tanks

    hey guys wanted to share a helpful video showing my top tips for planted tank success. wanted to share on fishlore and also gave fishlore credit in the description. comments and feedback are always appreciated. cheers! this is my 50 gallon planted tech high tech, lots of the tips will help...
  40. Z

    CO2 woes (and an inadvisable idea I'm pursuing anyway)

    I...simply...CAN'T...find a place anywhere near me that refills CO2 canisters. None of the energy companies, none of the breweries. I've checked for paintball shops and fire-extinguisher retailers / refillers, but to no avail. I've tried yeast reactors in the past...they're nasty and...
  41. P

    Need help asap!

    Hi all, Awesome site you've got here! Just thought id ask you guys a couple of questions before i start my journey into aquaplaning. First off- 1. I have a 29 gallon aquarium (30 1/4 x 12 1/2 x 18 3/4). 2. I plan on doing a mountain style aquarium using : Rocks i find near a river ( New...
  42. pinky93

    Co2 or no Co2

    I just added pieces of hornwort and elodea to my 10g (no other live plants). I want them to grow so that I can have quiet a few. Do I need to supplement Co2?
  43. butauri

    CO2 drop checker isn't changing colors?

    About the tank: 55 galloon Ecocomplete/Sand No fish (cycling) 1 tiger lotus bulb (just put in) pH 7.0 72F (not sure on nitrites and ammonia because I need to get new kits) Question: I have my CO2 going and it's pumping out a good amount of bubbles. I have two bubble counters. I have one on my...
  44. FishLoverJess

    co2 question! please help

    hey guys I have a serious problem balancing my co2, the problem is I have a disposable co2 system.....(will upgrade when I get a bigger tank) the current tank is a ten gallon. I dose ferts and have a finnex ray 2 for lighting. all plants are thriving and pearling and look great. after about 1hr...
  45. BriLandy

    CO2 or no CO2

    So I just bought a Finnex Ray2 aquarium LED fixture for my 65 gallon tank. It's 7000k and easily reaches the bottom of my 24" high tank. I'm kind of starting over with plants, and wondering now if I need to start using CO2 to prevent algae growth. Currently, I just dose liquid ferts once weekly...
  46. Y

    DIY CO2 in a smaller tank.

    I just started using a two liter bottle to set up my CO2 system. In it I mixed: 2 cups of sugar 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon yeast ___ I put the teaspoon of yeast in lukewarm water first (about a 1/2 cup) and mixed it vigorously. I then mixed tap water, sugar and baking soda vigorously...
  47. Y

    Diy co2

    If this topic is addressed somewhere else I'd be appreciative if someone could point me in that direction. ____ I just started using a two liter bottle to set up my diy CO2 system. In it I mixed: 2 cups of sugar 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon yeast ___ I put the teaspoon of yeast in...
  48. Sayba

    Crypt rot

    I have a few plants in my tank, with holes in the center of the leaves, some came like that and some have just developed it. They're anabis plants I believe. How can I help them? I'm adding easy grow fertilisers once a week and easy grow co2 daily, I do weekly water changes of about 20 - 25%...
  49. M

    CFL 29g Dirted Tank- Too much light?

    Hey guys, I currently have 3x23W CFL 6500k with the work light (clamp-on metal) reflectors about 3-4 inches above my 29g planted aquarium. I run them about 7 hr/d. I have a pretty good plant load with vals, sags, amazon swords, crypts and java moss. Is this amount of lighting too much? WPG i...
  50. CO2/pH/kH chart

    CO2/pH/kH chart

    CO2 levels based on KH/pH in tank Source

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