1. Zorse

    Can't Get Rid Of Cloudy Water

    55216088179__4A59218E-EA51-429B-9F05-6E1AA46E87D5 by Zorse posted Jul 1, 2018 at 1:02 PM A bit frustrated and confused as to why my tank water won't clear up. I changed the water and it still was a bit cloudy(video doesn't show how cloudy it really is), I have a Marineland Biowheel 200 and...
  2. PurpleRose

    Hi I Need Some Advice On Filters

    hello, I currently have a 20 g fish tank I am finalizing the cycle of my tank, my issue is my current filter might not be strong enough it's a Marina a s20 in the back type, as water has been cloudy more then 2 days, I can't use a different filter on the back since they are too bulky and my...

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