1. TheSpasticCorydora

    Best Shrimp for Corydora tank.

    I recently built my corycatfish tank (YAY :;bananad2) I was thinking of adding maybe 4 shrimp with them. Ive kept Ghost shrimp with them before but was thinking of a different kind this time. One that would be a bit larger so they won't get swallowed by mini vaccumes. Are there any others...
  2. Sausageboi

    Important Bn Pleco Parasites/worms

    Just recently bought this pleco for a fellow hobbyist from gumtree (Australian Craigslist) and it has there red looking worms that are moving out of its but. Not sure what they are or if it’s his privates, if any medication is needed it must be available in AUSTRALIA. Thanks here a photo
  3. Z

    Question Red Lizard Catfish Info?

    Has anybody here kept this particular species and what was your experience with them? I can't seem to find a lot of info on keeping these guys and wanted to know a bit more before I consider buying any.
  4. Tony_P

    Funny Casper The Catfish

    This is Casper, one the first additions to my new 25 gallon tank Casper_the_Catfish by Tony_P posted Aug 18, 2019 at 10:25 AM This little bugger is a hoot. I swear it has ADHD as it is constantly swimming back and forth. Its little tail is going a mile a minute almost as if it was powered by a...
  5. Fish Gang For Life

    Fenbendazole Dose?

    I’m treating my 20 gal and 30 gal for planaria with fenbendazole and I’ve done a lot of research and heard so many different doses like 1/32 of a teaspoon per 100 gallons to 0.1 per 10 gallons to even .01 per 20 gallons? I’m a bit confused at the dosages. I’m treating 4 Platystacus Cotylephorus...
  6. Weeb Snail

    Question Stocking A Pond

    I asked a while back but didnt get many responses, so i will try to ask here and see if i can get my problem solved. I'm building a pond, which will most likely be for tropical fish. I want maybe some fish to swim near the surface, but I also really want a catfish and/or pleco. I was...
  7. Latrell

    Question Hybrid Cory Or Different Species Or Morph?

    I had bought 2 Corydoras about a week and a half ago 1 looks quite bigger than the other with a shade of orange on the top and tail fins and a slender snout and the second 1 is smaller with a shorter snout and a dark round spot both sides it's looks like a bronze cory too me ,mind you the pet...
  8. TheSpasticCorydora

    Otto Catfish Issue

    Does anyone have an otto cat that is sort of a butt to other fish? At times mine will chase the corydora or my loaches. It gets fed a variety of food from brine shrimp, blood worms, sinking wafers, algea on a fake plant, and sometimes I put a piece of zucchini in the tank. He doesnt really...
  9. Fishproblem

    Question Corydoras Id: Longipinnis Or Paleatus?

    I got these corydoras at petco about two years ago, and wanted to get one or two more to fill out the shoal. I thought they were paleatus but I see some long dorsal fins and now I can’t be sure. Can anyone tell either way if these fellas are corydoras paleatus or corydoras longipinnis?
  10. Afong

    Identify Catfish!

    Hello, Can someone help identify my catfish? bought from local fish store but I cant remember the name
  11. CuriousSanity

    Help Striped Raphael Catfish Weird Behaviour

    Hey Guys, The last 3 days ive noticed mt striped raphael catfish lying on the bottom of the tank normal right? But hes upsidown.. Half d in half out of his house, ive checked him voer he seems fime srill swims around upright one i put anything in the tank for example disturb the sand etc, all...
  12. WildType

    Missing Fish Stuck Inside Ornament? What Would You Do?

    Alright, I had an ammonia spike a few days ago with unknown cause. 2 confirmed deaths. I thought I had 6 healthy baby Lucipinnis left. Now I'm second guessing my head count. Only 5 came out last night and tonight to eat. This ceramic ornament has a little hole on top to sink itself. I've seen...
  13. Gecky

    Sick Catfish

    I recently purchased this young featherfin and have only had him for about a week and a half. He had ick but I treated him and he seemed fine. I put him in my 40 gallon tropical tank that I've had for a few years. I left for a two day trip to come back to this. He looks absolutely horrible. I...
  14. photoman54

    Petricola Cat Fish

    Hi: I have 2 new members of my community tank. The are Syn Petricola. I found them at the GCCA meet. What a cool catfish. I have them with small1-1 1/2angels and Strawberry Danios. I read up on them and believe these are a good fit for the tank. I would like to know if what I am feeding them...
  15. Crikeyzelasko

    Community Aquarium

    Any opinions on this stock? compatibilities? Personal experiences? Everything is running smoothly for close to a year now but when I run through the stocking it sounds like more than it looks like. It doesn’t not seem too crowded IMO. The Tank is a 55 gallon long, is planted with large amazon...
  16. M

    Question How Do I Best Care For A Banjo Catfish

    I have a banjo catfish and I know only a little bit about him like food habits but is there anything I should watch for like sickness wise? How do I know if he is eating well? And help is appreciated.
  17. cla001

    Question Striped Raphael Catfish - Sudden Change Of Behavior (food, Moving Around The Tank)

    Hi everyone and apologies upfront for a very long post - it concerns some subtle behavior changes I noticed, so unfortunately there's no "easy" way to just post a picture or a video... Thanks! Here I am with a question about the same guy, Mr. Raphael, who you all helped me to treat after a...
  18. PennSilverTaco

    My Pleco Died...

    A couple months ago, I posted about an 8-gallon hex aquarium that my neighbor gave me last October when his daughter lost interest (they were also moving). This morning, I went to feed the fish and I found my common pleco on its side at the bottom of the tank, and completely motionless. My pleco...
  19. ghostie

    Murderous Sun Catfish?

    So I just purchased a sun catfish, he’s going into my big tank eventually, but he’s a wee tyke still, so he’s going into my grow out. My only problem is I just remembered I got a green lobster recently who is currently residing in my grow out tank. How likely is the sun cat to eating the...
  20. M

    Glass Catfish Needs Help :(

    I’ve had these glass catfish for years and have never had an issue with them whatsoever. But today I just noticed that one had this pinkish lump on its side. In all my years of fishkeeping I’ve never seen anything like this. Not sure if it’s an illness, a benign growth, etc. Anyone have any...

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