1. babyshark24

    Reptile Calcium For Baby Snail?

    Hi! I'm wondering about reptile calcium to my 30gal community to help my four mystery snails. I have one baby has an incredible shiny olive shell, especially compared to its parents! The parents have all grown a few centimeters of healthy shell but they eat like crazy, while baby snail is...
  2. Caffee

    Question Hardening Up Soft Water?

    hello! So i have a quick question about hardness. I know people use things like cuttlebone and calcium rich decor for their tanks to help with hardness, but i was wondering if i could add this calcium supplement i already have to the water to help with the hardness? Its a reptile dusting...
  3. Sausageboi

    Calcium For Snails?

    I have recently got a snail that has multiple shell deficiencies any ideas on how to add Calcium btw I have used cuttle bone before and I will be adding it but I think it might be a bit to slow, i was also think I could add in calcium tablets for humans if they are safe any ideas? Thanks Snail...
  4. TheeLadyG

    What is a Cuttlebone, Anyway?

    Commonly misspelled on the forum as "cuddle bone" or "cuddlebone. For many aquarium keepers, it is vital to add calcium for snails or up the PH in their tank. An easy way to do this is by adding a chunk of cuttlebone. But what IS a cuttlebone? Read on! 1: Where does a cuttlebone come from...
  5. Pringlethesnail

    Mystery Snail Care/sickness Guide

    Mystery snail care/sickness guide Because very little information is known about mystery snails I want to make a full guide of everything I have learned in my years of keeping and breeding mystery snails. I will be posting this on several sites and I mean no harm to any existing care sheets...
  6. vince4395

    Hard Water Issues??

    Hello everybody and thank you for taking the time to answer my many questions lately. I am having an issue with my aquarium glass or should I say what my hard water is doing to my glass. To start off I have well water that is extrememly rich in dissolved minerals. I have always used this water...
  7. LMO

    Calcium Source For Mystery Snails?

    We have 1 paradise fish and 6 young mystery snails (pomacea diffusa) in a 45 litre aquarium. As part of their diet, I give them blanched spinach. Will this provide them with enough calcium and if so how much of their diet should it make up? If its not enough I was thinking about wedging a piece...
  8. Varalidaine

    Trying To Get Everything Right: Water Hardness, Calcium, and Filter Media?

    Hello all! I have a lightly planted Fluval Spec V with a modified filter (I poked three holes in the tubing to decrease flow for my Betta) whose inhabitants are one Betta and one Horned Nerite Snail. This is my first tank and I want to makes sure I'm doing things properly for my set up. My tank...
  9. kcanmllvr

    Feeding Calcium

    So I have a mystery snail and a zebra nerite snail in my 32 gallon community tank. I have read what can be fed to them to help with calcium but how would I make sure they eat it? Should I put them into a small tank with some kale or something and give it to them that way? I don't want my other...
  10. Nitemelodies

    Parameters and Raising kH and Calc

    HI guys! So I just did my Water Testing on my 20 gal long My parameters are: Powerheads: 2x Nano 240s pH 8.2 Reactor: GFO and Carbon Ammo 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate <1mg/l Phos. <1mg/l Alk 6kH Calc. 280mg/l Salinity 1.026 Temp 78-80 (raises at noon to...
  11. Bithimala

    Snail Calcium Goals

    Anyone happen to have experience or an idea what good calcium numbers are for snail health (mystery and nerite)? My test kit is coming in tomorrow, and I'd like to have an idea of what I should be aiming for.
  12. Bithimala

    Using AC

    I picked up some activated carbon at the store and a media bag. A few questions, can anyone tell me how much to use in a 10g tank? Is there any concern that the carbon will pull calcium out of the water?
  13. C

    Nerite snail refuses to stay in water, eat

    Hey everyone. I got two nerite snails a couple of weeks ago for my 10 gallon tank. Other than a rubberlip pleco (I know, 10 gallons is on the too small side; we're still trying to figure out what to do about that), they're the only creatures in the tank. The tank also has 3 pieces of...
  14. Jelly

    Shell growth and strange behavior - PICS

    Several weeks ago I got 3 new Mystery snails from 3 different sources. All big box stores, I didn't really have a choice as the LFS around here only seem to keep African or marine species. Many of their former tankmates have of course since perished in the stores. But I am trying to do...
  15. Close up of Bob the snail

    Close up of Bob the snail

    Bob enjoying the company of the Cherry Shrimp Clan while dining out
  16. Bob the Snail

    Bob the Snail

    Bob in my 2.5 enjoying some calcium

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