1. C

    Snail ID. I am so confused

    These guys appeared from no where. I had Mysterys in this tank about 2-3 months ago. I have not added any new fish or plants. Just water when cleaning or doing water changes. I am so confused as to what these guys are and if Mysterys how they are just now appearing. They are everywhere, Exciting...
  2. J

    I've got baby mollies what do I do now?

    Hello been reading on these forums for 6 months now but my first post. I just purchased 3 dalmatian mollies on Sunday, 1 male 2 females. When I purchased them they didn't look pregnant to me, however that was likely due to inexperience. Today I woke up to ~12 babies in the tank and wondering...
  3. Swordtail babies

    Swordtail babies

    Swordtail babies Born end of May


    Hard to see pleco fry/w egg sacs
  5. T

    My ation Molly had her babies today?!

    My molly had her babies today and (,dumb me) I poured the babies out with my other fish, but! They are hiding really well and I just don't k ow how there going to eat?! I have plants at the top for them And all over the bottom along with caves. What do I do?! I need all the help I can get please?!
  6. Hope44

    My Crawfish is pregnant

    My crawfish has been pregnant and I didn't even notice and never even thought to check even though she does share a tank with a crawfish that she mates with. She was acting strange and was inactive yesterday and I thought that maybe she was sick or really hungry, so I fed her and then went about...
  7. G

    Ghost Shrimp Babies

    2 weeks back my mother bought 12 Ghost Shrimp for my tank, 30 gallons. Anyway 2 of these shrimp were with the green eggs. For the first 3 or 4 days I saw the females with their eggs. After I installed a larger hiding place the females went and hid inside and I didn't see them after, at least the...
  8. B

    Single fish gave birth- no mate!

    Hi and thanks for reading this. I have a Lyre Tail Molly I bought a few months ago. 24 hours after I brought it home it gave birth to about 30 babies. I brought all the babies back to the shop but kept the mother. I didn't realize I had missed two that were hiding in the plants and they...
  9. N

    Unforseen Babies...

    I've had a solitary guppy in my tank for a good 4 months now. And today I came home to find my guppy dead and a small fry swimming around the tank. Any ideas on how this possibly could have happened?
  10. N

    Sick tank has fry

    Hello! I need some help. I have a 10 gallon and the fish all seem to be dying. I have 2 platties and 2 mollies left. I had treated for ich since they have white spots on them and I am in the process of doing a 25% water change. Am I doing the right thing? Also, I noticed today that I have 4 fry...
  11. April R

    20 Gallon Tank GUPPY BABIES!!! My first spawn log

    So when we got home from church today, I noticed 3 guppy fry swimming around the tank! I immediately plopped momma guppy back into the breeder box I took her out of yesterday. I didn't see her give birth, but somehow we have about 15-20 baby guppy fry in the breeder box. Holy moly. Also, I am...
  12. FoulFishes

    Feeder Crayfish Babies As Fish Food?

    The LFS has Feeder Crayfish, I believe they are Marbled Crayfish. I have an empty tank with no heater and over filtration, so I've been thinking about interesting critters to put in the to keep the media seeded. I'd like to experiment with more invertebrates anyway because I find them...
  13. April R

    I has baby snails

    Oh Noooooooo, what the world??? So I got some new snails on Tuesday for my tank. I thought I had gotten nerites, so I am not sure where the babies came from. Maybe I didn't get what I thought I got? Any ideas what they may be?
  14. D

    New guppie fry?

    This Friday 10/11/13 i had about twenty guppies fry . They were born in a TOM baby nursery. I culled about a few of them. Some could not swim and some doubled up. One fry attached to another like Siamese twins. It was a sight to see!. I then moved them to a floating breeder box without the v...
  15. J

    Guppy Birth and Fry Care

    Hi, My female Guppy has starting dropping fry today on her 30th day of pregnancy. She was already in a breeder box as she was showing signs that she was ready. She dropped her 1st around 8 hours ago (2pm) and it's a strong little thing, swimming around straight away. The 2nd was eaten as it...
  16. J

    First time with Guppies

    I just bought 8 guppies from Petsmart yesterday... I got 3 males and 5 females. I'm pretty sure some of the females are pregnant but not sure how long until they will have their fry. I do know that I will end up having a ton of fry soon but I would like to save the first batch. Any idea on how...
  17. J

    Pregnant Swordtail?

    My swordtail has been pregnant for almost a month 1/2.... I got her and the father at a fish auction as a pair. She has been pregnant since then and still hasn't had her babies. I've had the tank set up for about 3 months now. I have an Angelfish, an Albino Rainbow Shark, 2 female swordtails...
  18. IMG_0430


    Fish Babies
  19. Molly Babies

    Molly Babies

    Molly Babies
  20. Molly Babies

    Molly Babies

    Molly Babies

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