1. B

    Babies! Help! Urgent

    hello, Today i went and set up my ghost shrimp tank. All mine had sadly died as the rocks were to big and crushed them. It was to late by the time i found them. I have nothing on the bottom now. So went and bought around 40 ghost shrimp today. Got home, acclimated them, put them in their tank...
  2. AxolotlAquarist

    Breeding Guppies

    I've been in the hobby of keeping freshwater fish for a while. I've decided I want to try breeding guppies. I've had a few accidental babies in the past, but otherwise limited experience breeding these guys. I've done a lot of research online and know the general things - how to tell when a...
  3. GrEEnHornEtt

    Can A Male Keep Them Pregnant? Fry Alert!!

    So one of my mollies just had a single fry. I come home an hour ago, and the little guy is just swimming around. Wasn't there the day before as far as I can tell. I have two dalmatian mollies (both female) and 4 balloon mollies (3 females 1 male). Can one male continue to impregnate my females...
  4. Tsin21


    While doing my usual ogling at the tank I noticed a very quick flick of an orangey spot at the corner of my eye. When I looked closely it was a shrimplet and there more in the plants hiding! I'm so excited to have these babies and I didn't even noticed any berried females before. Right now they...
  5. G

    Guppy Breeding

    So I posted a little bit ago, and every one decided my 2 female guppies were pregnant! But I have problems putting them in the breeding box. Ok so they look square and fat and dark spot clearly visible. Then I put them in the breeding box. Literally over the course of the day, they look thin...
  6. G

    Is My Guppy Going To Have Babies?

    Hi there! It's been a long time since I've had fish, and well I got guppies! And cardinal tetras and mollies and balloon mollies and well I have these 2 guppies, and they're quite more 'plump' than the rest. They've also both have a nice dark gravid spot. I've placed them in the breeding box...
  7. B

    Hard Choices And Ick!

    So, i have my tank of 3 Endlers, 4 Red cherries. One of the endlers had 3 babies that i got in the hanging nursery cage in the tank, they seem to be doing fine! But now she has some white dots forming which i assume must be Ick. How can i treat her and the tank with the babies still within the...
  8. M

    Cory catfish fry care?

    So my albino cory cat finally laid eggs again, and this time I got them out before she ate them. They were stuck to a pebble so luckily there was no scraping involved. Put them in a shallow plastic tupperware container with a bubbler and this morning they hatched! I've got three little wigglers...
  9. M

    Three sets of triplets born in tank! Help.

    We are very beginner fish owners and just bought our first tank pretty recently so are very new to this. We have a freshwater tank with 2 snails, 3 neon tetras, 3 mollys and 4 platys. We've had it for about 2 months and in the last two weeks, three sets of babies have been born! Each type has 3...
  10. 75 Gallon

    Mollys having babys??

    Hey all. I've got what I thought was a 75 gallon and as it turns out its a 90 gallon. Anyways, I have 4 dalmation mollies and a couple orange mollies. I don't know if they mated or if when I bought them they were pregnant, but I have 4 or 5 tiny little guys swimming around the top of my tank...
  11. Baby RCS

    Baby RCS

    Snail trap failure
  12. Baby RCS

    Baby RCS

    Snail trap failure
  13. J Lynn Padgett

    Infant Mystery Snails Dead?

    About 2 weeks ago my first clutch hatched. I used the incubator method. Gold Mystery snails. There are about 300. I hatched them at first into a half gallon tank and they were very active. They got around sesame seed size and I moved them to a 2 gallon with very low water level around 2 inches...
  14. Baby RCS 04/24/16

    Baby RCS 04/24/16

    Baby RCS 04/24/16
  15. Baby RCS

    Baby RCS

    Green beans!
  16. Baby RCS

    Baby RCS

    First time having babies!
  17. Baby RCS

    Baby RCS

    First time having babies!
  18. J

    My Panda Cories had babies!

    Today my fiancé and I found four teeny tiny panda cories in our tank! They're so cute and so small! At max they're half an inch long. We weren't trying to breed them, but apparently the miracle of life can't be stopped. However, our tank is only a 20gl and this brings our number of cories to 11...
  19. W

    My amano shrimp is petting it's swimmerets?

    There are a few white dashes on my amano shrimp's belly! There are a few white dashes on my amano shrimp's belly! I don't know what's wrong, and it doesn't look bumpy as if it were pregnant? is it just an early stage? HELP ?
  20. I

    Too many babies

    okay im new here and i don't know if this is where i need to put this problem but im gonna try it anyway so here is what happen i started out with 4 dalmatian molly fish and one got pregnant she had around 30-40 babies. I was told by multiple people that if i didn't move or put the babies in a...

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