1. Gabrielle J.

    Airline Keeps Coming Off Of Air Pump

    Hey guys! Small problem with the airline. Every morning when I wake up I notice that my filter is off and it's always because the connection between the air pump and airline has disconnected. I don't know if I should glue it, my only concern would be if i needed to change the airline. I've tried...
  2. Cat1212

    Filter Air By Aquaone

    Hey can someone help me? I have a filter air 30 by aqua one I am wondering if it needs to be completely immersed in water?
  3. B

    Air Pump Noise - Harmful to Fish???

    I did spent a few hours over the last 2 weeks trying to find legitimate information of aeration of fish aquariums and the level of noise that is imparted to the fish. If you put your ear to a fish tank that has a bubblemaker, you would realize that this is a very loud noise. I am biased....I...
  4. J

    Is an air pump an essential piece of equipment?

    Short version: Is an air pump an essential piece of equipment for all aquarists? Long version: Growing up I was taught that aquariums need to have air pumps to 1) make those ornaments work (with bubbles coming out of them or to make parts move) and 2) to add air into the water. When I...
  5. U

    Air pump is making fish tank vibrate. Help?

    Hello everyone, I'm fairly new to this forum and was hoping someone can help me solve my issue. I recently purchased a new fish tank for my fish, but when I added the air pump and plugged in my airstone (with suction cups to the aquarium wall) this annoying vibrating sound started. I'm worried...

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