75 gallon build

  1. alicia_lynn

    Planted Community 75

    I moved at the beginning of October, and I decided that the easiest way to move my fish would be to buy a new tank (definitely wasn't making excuses to buy a big tank...) and set it up at the new place before moving my fish. I was lucky in being able to take time to move the fish as my parents...
  2. emersongalicia

    Flowerhorn Coming Soon

    Starting my 75 gallon from scratch. The tank is cycling and I’m leaning towards getting a flowerhorn and keep the tank bare. I do have a couple questions: What are the recommended water perameters? If getting the flowerhorn at a small size should I get a temporary tank (10 gallon-20 gallon) first?
  3. emersongalicia

    75 gallon Aqueon

    Here is a look at my 75 gallon Aqueon. Stand: Topfin Filter: Fluval 110 w/ pre-filter adapter Heater: Fluval 306 Lighting: Fluval Ecobright Other: Aqueon 1250 wavemaker
  4. G

    Upgrading From 36 To 75. Should I Post Progress Updates?

    Hi everyone, I'm wondering if you would be interested in me posting progress updates on my 36 to 75 upgrade. I'm going to create a 75 gal. blacked out aquascape and am hoping for a result similar to this. Here's the 36 I will be tearing down: And here's the 75 (will be moved to where the 36...

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