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  1. tum0r

    Fluval Spec V Aquascape Tips + Advice?

    Hey there guys! I recently purchased my first 5g aquarium. I own a 25g and I help manage my mother's 150g, but I've never worked with an aquarium so small. I'm finding it particularly difficult to create depth, especially in a 'long' aquarium, that has a very short width. I need tips for making...
  2. ShimmeryLuna

    5 Gallon Tank Shimmeryluna's 5.2gal Betta Tank Journey

    (Alternatively titled: ShimmeryLuna messes up everything spectacularly but still manages to keep a fish alive.) Hello! Since I'm almost a year on from when I got my Betta tank, I figured I'd look back and see how far I've come! (Also, I only just realised today this board existed. Oops!)...
  3. R

    5g Aquarium Background Questions

    So on Amazon.ca (I'm in Canada), there is a marina precut background, blue and black (I want the black) one says it is 12×24" I'm guessing this is not long enough for my 5G? (16×8") will I have to get the precut background for 18×36" and then cut to what I want? Just a bit confused, thanks!
  4. J

    Two Dead Guppies :(

    Hi all, Unfortunately last week I found a dead guppy in my tank and today I've found another - I'm very concerned for my remaining 3 guppies. Some background on my tank - it's 5gallons and has been up and running for about 6 months. I added my first two guppies almost straight away (I was not...
  5. Madison Lawson

    Question How Many Snails?

    How many mystery snails can I put in a 3 gallon? A 5 gallon? and a 10 gallon with a betta and 4 African Dwarf Frogs?
  6. Lantonor

    5 Gallon Tank Stocking Suggestions For A Marineland Portrait 5g Tank?

    I'm considering buying this and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for what kind of livestock would thrive in this tank? It's more tall than wide, so it doesn't follow the standard 5g dimensions. The dimensions for this tank is about 11.8"x11.8"x16". Is my only option here a betta...
  7. Pat93

    Pat93’s Tanks

    I have 7 tanks in total, my fiancé has a few as well which I will also post pics of here. We do lots of experiments and several of my tanks are “in progress” but I will post completed tanks here for now. Maybe later I will add the others as a sort of progression journey. I wanted someplace to...
  8. J

    Planted 5 Gallon

    Okay, so I am planning to upgrade my betta’s tank to a planted 5 gallon, and I was wondering what live plants/decor would be good for a 5 gallon(and the gravel is blue, if that makes a difference in what would look nice). The driftwood at my local pet store all looks to jagged for bettas, so no...
  9. D

    Keeping Small Tanks

    Keeping Small Tanks Fish-keeping is a rewarding hobby. From the time your favorite fish spawns, watching your aquatic friends double in size, or simply interacting with otherwise isolated aquatic life. Despite the amazing experience, many people simply do not keep fish, due to the rumor...
  10. MushroomMang

    Looking To Start betta Aquarium In My Office

    I just got a new position at work where instead of working in the warehouse I'm working in the office. Thinking of starting a small aquarium on my desk and was thinking maybe a betta aquarium. Was looking around on some websites for advice and came across this aquarium. Anyone have any...
  11. BettaGirl93

    Tips So My Plants Won't Die!

    So I recently went out and bought 3 bunches of green horn, 3 bunches of cherry Horne, and 3 bunches of hornwort for a project that didnt go as plan but because I spent the money on it I planted in my tank. Now my 5.5 gallon is very planted. All I have in there is one betta, 2 shrimp, and 1 snail...
  12. F

    Help Choosing Light For 5g With Low Light Plants That Won't Be Too Harsh

    I'm setting up a 5 gallon temporary home for my nerites and low light plants while I redo my low light and low tech 20. Eventually this small tank will be used for a QT for fish and or plants. I have mostly anubias, java, moss ball, amazon sword. The tank is 8x16 inch (12 high) with a rim and...
  13. Fishstery

    Tank Swap...new Nano Tank And Killifish Tank!

    So I recently acquired a Male fundulopanchax gardneri killifish. I bought a new 3.4 gallon curved glass nano tank for him intending it being his permanent tank, but after growing very fond of him and seeing that he was bored and restless I decided I had a good option. I have a 5 gallon shrimp...
  14. Leahpea

    Setting Up Betta Tank!

    My newest addition Otis! He’s in a little five gal in my room. I’d like to get him some plants, I don’t have a substrate just some assorted small rocks.. what are some good plants I can grow without substrate? Also I wanted to order plants but it’s winter! I live in Maine it is down to like 1...
  15. Fishstery

    Help Me Stock My Killifish Tank!

    I am SO EXCITED for my new killifish tank. I currently have one fundulopanchax gardneri Male in a newly set up 3.4 gallon. After seeing how bored he is alone, I ordered 2 female gardneris from a breeder on aquabid. I decided that 3.4 is too small for a trio (breeders will typically house a trio...
  16. clover93

    Cloudy Film On Waters Surface?

    Just when I thought things were getting better.... A film has developed on the waters surface of my (filtered and heated) 5 gallon tank - home to one betta fish. (He *looks* like he’s doing okay but I’m hesitant to say that). A week or so ago, I had this cloudy transparent slimy film develop on...
  17. HelloKittyPowa

    Question Better Strategy Than Buying So Many Gallons Of Spring Water?

    So I buy only gallons of spring water like Ice Mountain for my 5 gallon tank for my one betta fish and I was just curious is there a much simple strategy than purchasing so many gallons? I do not want to use tap water, distilled, for many reasons and have always used spring water I buy from...
  18. Gersh

    Question Mexican Dwarf Crayfish Help

    Hey everyone, My 5 gallon just freed up and I was thinking I wanted to try a CPO/Dwarf Mexican Crayfish. I've never kept one before, so I have some questions: Is 5 gallons enough? Some are saying CPO need a minimum of 10g. I see that for two but maybe they need more. Could I possible keep...
  19. JoeCamaro

    3 Tier Stand For 5.5 Gallon Tanks (non Diy)?

    Hello Ladies and gentlemen. I would like to set up a stand to hold three 5.5 gallon tanks vertically. Any ideas? Does anybody has any stand or shelf like that? Thanks
  20. HelloKittyPowa

    Question Update On Betta Kory - Are These Numbers Good?

    So in the last week my Crowntail Betta Kory's 5 gallon tank had very high ammonia and overall the numbers were not so good. Thanks to a lot of advice from the forum the results are looking better than ever and I will share, this would be considered my 3rd test and I am curious are these numbers...

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