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  1. Puzzler Fish

    37 Gallon Stocking Ideas

    Hey guys! I have a new 37 gallon and I’m thinking about the fish I want to put in. It’s a long tank, like 80 cm long x 35 cm depth x 60 cm tall, and it will be planted. I thought: 2 pairs of Honey Gouramis (or dwarf?) 1 single (or a pair?) German ram 1 (or more?) Rainbow Shark some khuli loaches...
  2. KaitlynR

    Help Changing My Stock In My 37 Gallon!

    Hi there! Here's the stats on my tall 37 gallon tank: Filters Penguin BioWheel 200, TopFin Silentstream 40 gallons Dimensions 30 in L x 12 in W x 22 in H Stocking Currently 8 Zebra Danios, 1 angelfish, 3 otocats Plants I just recently tore everything out of the tank as it was covered in BBA...
  3. D

    37 Gallon Stocking Ideas

    I'm starting to run out of Ideas for a new tank. I have a general idea of what kind of aquascape I want to do, but I'm not sure what fish I could use. I prefer to have a larger centerpiece fish in the tank with some smaller fish around it if possible. This tank will be my first tank out of my...
  4. F

    37 Gallon W/ Ebjd

    I ordered an electric blue jack dempsey earlier this week that arrived yesterday at a little under an inch in length. He’s alone in a 37 gallon tank with an aqua-tech 30-60 filter. Originally I was planning on him being by himself until I could maybe afford a larger tank, although I’m not quite...
  5. KaitlynR

    Tank Mate Ideas For A Female Betta, Kuhli Loaches, And Ghost Shrimp?

    Hi everyone! Currently have my 37 gallon stocked with a female betta (who is community friendly- was in a 10 gallon community with the kuhlis and CPDs and dario dario), 6 kuhli loaches, and 8 ghost shrimp. Any ideas for other tank mates? I'd like a school of something but I know some tetras...
  6. aced it

    What Size Filter Do I Need For A 37g?

    I'm doing my first real aquarium build this summer, and I'm very confused about filtration. The tank is 37 gallons and I want to use a sponge filter in it, but I have no idea of what size air pump/powerhead I'd need or how to set one up. I don't even have a specific question, I'm just generally...
  7. KaitlynR

    How Should I Go About Aquascaping My 37 Gallon Tall Tank?

    This tank is so, so tall. The dimensions are 30 in L x 12 in W x 22 in H. I'm so used to setting up smaller tanks (10 gallons and 5 gallons to be specific). I'm struggling with design ideas for this new tank because of how tall it is. How do I make it look more balanced? The only thing I can...
  8. KaitlynR

    Just Got A 37 Gallon Tank. What Do I Put In It?

    I've never owned a tank this big. I am literally in awe. Because of this I am completely clueless. I only know my nanofish. chili rasboras, least killifish, pea puffers... these are the species I know. But I want to do something totally different with this tank!! I think... The idea of 20+...
  9. L

    Okay Stocking?

    I am doing a 37 gallon planted freshwater tank. I have planned: -1 Pearl Gourami -7 Harliquin Rasboras -9 Rummynose Tetras -7 Jhulii Corys -1 Albino Bristlenose Pleco Filters: AC 70 (300 gph) and three sponge filters. I want to know if this is overstocked, just right, or if I can add more...
  10. Specks

    Ideas For 37 Gallon With Betta?

    Hello all! I've got a 37 gallon planted aquarium that has been set up for months now. It is completely cycled, and is home to seven black kuhli loaches as well as one male betta. The betta used to be in a five gallon until the heater broke, so I moved him to my only vacant heated tank. Since...
  11. T

    37 Gallon Tall Stocking Options

    Hello everyone, I have a 37 gallon tall sitting around that I'd like to get started again. I've heard of people putting angels in these? Seems too small for them to me but I'm no expert. Is there any neat fish other than your classic tetra/danio combos everyone does? Open to all ideas!
  12. kmargold

    Top Dwelling Fish For 37 Gallon?

    I am looking for something to occupy the upper part of my 37 Gallon and take advantage of its extra height. My current stock is as follows: 2 Kribensis (Bottom) 1 Bristlenose Pleco (Bottom) 6 Buenos Aires Tetras (Middle) 1 Angelfish (Mostly Middle) All fish are completely docile toward one...
  13. kageMori

    Is my tank a good size for angelfish?

    ive recently gotten a 37gallon tank from a friend of mine, ive gotten all cleaned up and everything but I haven't done anything with it yet. I know I want to create a community tank of some kind and am trying to decide what fish to get once I do have it set up and ready. Ive always wanted...
  14. S

    37 Gal Stocking

    Last night my 15 gallon tank sprung a leak and we replaced it with a new 37 gallon tank. This is the largest one I have ever had so I am excited but now wondering what to add in there. I have always wanted a Tiger Oscar Cichlid, but after reading about them, they wont fit with my current lineup...
  15. K

    Final Additions to 37 gallon tall!!!

    Current stock: 7 Zebra Danios 3 Peppered Corys 3 Panda Corys 1 Molly The zebras mostly school towards the top, the molly is everywhere, and of course the cories are bottom dwellers. That being said, I need some help on final additions. I don't want to overstock the tank so I just want...
  16. platy21

    Filter for a 37 Gallon Tank

    Good Morning, I am preparing to start up a 37 gallon tank and was looking at a variety of filter options. I have never used bio-wheel filtration, and was curious about it. Does anyone have any experience with the Marineland Penguin 200, or the Marineland Emperor 280 or 400? Which would you...

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