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  1. Dennis57

    Crystal clear water.

    Same here with my HOB Filters, when my water level drops more then an inch ( before I do a water change once a week) my water becomes cloudy.
  2. Dennis57

    30 Gallon Tank What Can I Do With The Aquarium After Use?

    Where are you from? You can try eBay, Craigslist, Facebook, and even ask around to see if anyone knows someone where you are from that may want to buy it from you to add to there collection
  3. Dennis57

    Best Algae Eaters

    I have 2 Siamese algae eaters, and 4 Nerite snails in a 55 and a 75, they work great
  4. Dennis57

    Info Before You Buy Flourish And Ferts In General

    All different bottles
  5. Dennis57

    Newbie - How Often Should I Be Changing The Water?

    Hi welcome to Fishlore, How long was tank up and running for? Usually 50% once a week, do you have live plants as well in the tank
  6. Dennis57


    Hi welcome to Fishlore, yes more info is needed, Size of tank, how long has the tank been set up, water temp, water parameters,
  7. Dennis57

    Carpenters? Will This Hold A 20 Gallon?

    I would plywood the top and also the back. You can paint the back of the plywood black or even a blue looks nice when you look into the tank
  8. Dennis57

    Is This Too Many Plants

    No not at all
  9. Dennis57

    Info Before You Buy Flourish And Ferts In General

    I have been using liquid fert's for over 10 years. i use Thrive, iron, potassium, nitrogen, excel, phosphorus and advance. I also use root tabs. My plants seem to do very well. I do not use co2, Lights on about 7 hrs a day
  10. Dennis57

    Newbie Here Saying Hello!

    Beautiful tank. Welcome to Fishlore, you will get a lot of help here from everyone
  11. Dennis57

    Help My Plants Are Not Doing So Well What Am I Doing Wrong?

    Where on Long Island? Can I buy some from you and have it shipped to me on LI??
  12. Dennis57

    New Member

    Welcome to Fishlore, would love to hear about what you have and see some pictures
  13. Dennis57

    Hi Everyone!

    Welcome to Fishlore, It is true about fish keeping, you will always keep learning about it.
  14. Dennis57

    New To The Forum

    Hi, and welcome to Fishlore
  15. Dennis57

    Can I Use My Phone In The Tank

    I dropped my I phone in my built in pool at the deep end, (when I first opened it up this year) it was down there a good 20 minutes @ 9' deep before I was able to get it oput. It was fine. I do have a Otter box cover on it though.
  16. Dennis57

    Opps I Did It Again!

    Beautiful, love the color, nice find.
  17. Dennis57

    55 Gallon Work Tank Re-seal

    Very nice, cant wait to see it finished
  18. Dennis57

    Blue Green Algae, Need Help

    TY, I did go out and buy blue-green slime, a lot of people I talked to said it works. I will give it a try
  19. Dennis57

    Question How Big (long) Does Jungle Val And Italia Val Get ?

    I trim mine with a scissor at the lengths I want

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