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  1. Aquaman9101

    Khuli Loach On Its Back, Please Help!

    My tank is 260l and has been running for 7 months with a built in filter and a 40 watt (I think) heater running at 27°C, with 8 guppies, a swordtail, a copper tetra (I know I need 6, I don't have anyone to give it away to), two bristlenoses, and two Khulis (again I know I need more, and am...
  2. Aquaman9101

    Favouritism In The Tanks

    I love my absolute madlad Scar, my standard kribensis. So much personality!
  3. Aquaman9101

    When Are They Gonna Give Birth?

    Ok, got some better shots. Hopefully these will help
  4. Aquaman9101

    When Are They Gonna Give Birth?

    So I got these swordtails from a lfs and didn't realise they were pregnant. Any ideas on how far along they are from the pictures below?
  5. Aquaman9101

    Help White Stripe Molly?

    Ok, it seems to have gone away on its own. If not, the cure seems to be raising the tank temperature to 30°C for 2-3 days.
  6. Aquaman9101

    How Did You Get Started With Bettas?

    Lol, I hope so. I just don't have the space for a Betta right now
  7. Aquaman9101

    How Did You Get Started With Bettas?

    I had a blue Betta named Chinchou I got from my Dad. Only kept 2 bettas after that, but still love them to death
  8. Aquaman9101

    Swordtail Chasing My Molly?

    You can tell by looking for a gonopodium, a stick like fin used by the male to inseminate the female, who has a standard, fanned out fin in the place of a gonopodium.
  9. Aquaman9101

    Help White Stripe Molly?

    I got This molly from a pet store, thinking it to be fine. It had white stripes from its snout to its eyes, but now this seems to have grown to its dorsal fin. It only appears to have grown from the top. I can't be sure that it's actually moved, though, so I'm not certain. I've quarantined the...
  10. Aquaman9101

    Naming My Impulse Buy Betta.

    Oh, whoops. Thanks for the heads up!
  11. Aquaman9101

    What Is Your Favorite Variety Of Swordtail?

    If you mix them with platies you can get Mickey Mouse swordtails, which I think are pretty cool. Never seen them in person, though
  12. Aquaman9101

    Naming My Impulse Buy Betta.

  13. Aquaman9101

    Question Is This Normal Behaviour?!

    My loach once rest in the filter, so I'd say he's fine
  14. Aquaman9101

    20 Gallon Tank Can Black Mollies And Multies Live Here Together - Harmoniously And In Good Health?

    The harlequin cichlid seems to be a alias for the red terror, a central Amerixcan cichlid. Africans (other than Kribensis) do not like American cichlids due to their submission styles.
  15. Aquaman9101

    Question Petsmart Run

    Yo, don't wanna drag the convo away from the topic, but what are those! Gorgeous!
  16. Aquaman9101

    Koi Swordtail Variants?

    So I was reading on this website when I found a post saying "The creation of Sanke / Showa [koi swordtail] is pretty much straight forward. You can always create them by cross breeding “red and white” swordtail to a strain of swordtail carrying black pigment. Thus, resulting many varieties of...
  17. Aquaman9101

    Catfish For 36 Gallon

    What about a Colombian Wood Cat? Certainly not a Cory looking cay
  18. Aquaman9101

    Question Parrot And Convict Breeding Advice

    I dunno, maybe the convict can bring in safer genes in the offspring at the cost of some colour.
  19. Aquaman9101

    Blood Parrotfish Breeding?

    If you do ever want to breed them, maybe try to find good quality females and breed them with high quality male CA cichlids. Hopefully you can sort out the array of genetic deformities they suffer.

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