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    Comment by 'bryant' in media 'Big Daddy'

    8" or so
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    Comment by 'bryant' in media 'my_male_dempsey'

    very nice fish!
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    My Crazy Oscar!!

    thanks for all the great comments.
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    Jack dempseys got his adult colours now :)

    if it were trying to spawn it would be shaking at the other fish. also kinda kissing it or gumming it. they both look female to me.
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    Jack Dempsey Photos

    my male and female during spawn. beautiful dark coloring compared to normal. male female
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    Jack Dempsey Fish Behavor

    1 more, and if you can tell to his right you can see the eggs as she's turned sideways in the background doing something to the others.
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    Jack Dempsey Fish Behavor

    as you can see she lined the inside with them. pretty cool.
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    Jack Dempsey Fish Behavor

    yes you were right. ton of eggs lining the log. ill upload pictures shortly.
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    Jack Dempsey Fish Behavor

    not 100%
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    Jack Dempsey Fish Behavor

    sweet i hope so!! ive been waiting
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    Jack Dempsey Fish Behavor

    i have a male and female thats has been together for 8 to 10 months they always stay in the same log together till yesterday i noticed she is staying inside and he is staying outside the log?? and i also notice the female has changed color to a dark purple-black. any ideas? could they be...
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    Comment by 'bryant' in media 'jackie''

    should win hands down! unless things are rigged.
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    help needed ! almost got it in first.
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    Why do my fish keep dying??

    i second that. Do they look sick? Torn fins, hiding, cloudy eyes, bullied, suden change in temps.ect... all these can cause diseases, not just bad water.
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    My Crazy Oscar!!

    him with blood worms. sorry for the
  16. Sweetie


  17. Sweetie


  18. Mayer


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    Comment by 'bryant' in media 'Oscar'

    he is about 6 1/2" to 7"

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