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  1. Jrobber

    55 Gallon Tank Videos of my spotted ctenapoma, senegal bichir and african knife

    Awesome videos. Those are some really cool fish you have.
  2. Jrobber

    29 Gallon Tank My first time here with you

    Welcome to Fishlore!
  3. Jrobber

    90 Gallon Tank it was SUPPOSED to be a hospital tank

    Looks great and thanks for sharing!
  4. Jrobber


    Alright, thanks Shawnie
  5. Jrobber

    My new shrimps!

    Awesome looking pics. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Jrobber


    My filter media in my Aquaclear filters contain carbon particles. On the box, its advised that I replace the filter once every four weeks at least. But I've been told differently around here. So my question is, should I remove the carbon when I put the media in the filter? I don't want the...
  7. Jrobber

    75 Gallon Tank Decorative But Unique Suggestions

    There are many different numbers of fish you could keep in a 75 gallon tank, but you are kind of narrowing it down excluding chiclids and tetras. Of course if it was my tank, I'd stock it with a bunch of Mollies and Swordtails, but that's just me. :
  8. Jrobber

    New Mollies

    I agree with Ken about the LFS tanks. Does your store have a refund policy? You could take the fish back, but before you buy anymore I'd ask them to test their water in front of you. That way you know what you're getting.
  9. Jrobber

    here is our tank :)

    Thats a really cool setup. I do like it!
  10. Jrobber

    2nd Molly tank setting up

    Good info from the posters above me. Transferring water from your old tank would not help the tank cycle, but could keep your pH level about the same.
  11. Jrobber

    Ich... But not so ichy?

    Like Ken said, ICK will get worse before it gets better. You just have to be patient with it, but I understand it cans be frustrating and feels like it hangs around forever. Eventually, it will go away, but it is best to keep the temperature raised for a full two weeks. Good Luck.
  12. Jrobber

    My two side by side 55 gallon tanks

    Beautiful fish and tanks!
  13. Jrobber

    46 Gallon Bow Front Tank

    Looks very nice. I like the white gravel, it really makes the colors of the tank "pop" out.
  14. Jrobber

    10 Gallon Tank Platy n molly - Is my tank overly decorated ???

    No, I wouldn't say your tank is over decorated. I have lots of fake plants in my tank with Mollies and they don't seem to mind them.
  15. Jrobber

    I think its lookin good!

    The red gravel really looks good I think. I agree with Lynda, a background is needed. Nice photo.
  16. Jrobber

    New Videos of the tanks

    Your Pleco looks very cool. Nice looking fish and tanks. Thanks for sharing!
  17. Jrobber

    Krib Fry

    Congratulations on the fry! They look great.
  18. Jrobber

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to Fishlore!
  19. Jrobber

    Help unclear water???

    Does the aquarium have decor in it? I remember when I first set up my tank, the water was cloudy for about 2-3 days and then it went away. I did rinse the gravel and everything, but I assume I didn't rinse it well enough.
  20. Jrobber

    Couple of handsome guys.

    Wow, really beautiful fish you have!

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