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  1. KingCynosure

    Betta Fin Tears

    So wifey's betta has had some little tears in his fins for a little while now. I tried just keeping the water super clean but so far nothing is improving, even getting a little worse. He is in a 10g divided with a young female on the other side, I'm wondering if this isn't the cause? I never see...
  2. KingCynosure

    Suddenly Yellow Danio

    For a few months I've had 5 longfin zebra danios (2 more albino's). There were always two that were more yellow/gold than the rest, the others are quite blue. Is this just different coloring or are they different fish? I'm extra curious because one of the more gold ones got really bright...
  3. KingCynosure

    Plant Problems

    So I'm sure my plants are deficient in something, I just don't know what that is. The fun part is, I don't know exactly what plants I have. I'm trying to get into planting my tanks, so it's a learning process. My Anubias seems fine, it's the other two I'm concerned about. One is aponogeton of...
  4. KingCynosure

    Molly Fry Update

    My four little molly fry are about 3 weeks old now, maybe 1 cm or just under. I've been feeding them crushed flakes twice a day, and they've not left the breeder net yet. One of my questions is, when can/should I put them down to once a day? I'm also wondering when I should remove the net and...
  5. KingCynosure

    Finally! All Healthy

    A while back I got 6 black kuhli's, a week later I got 6 more. Most of them came down with what consensus says was columnaris. Into QT they go. Had no meds and no plans to get them, tbh. The 29g that they were (supposed to be) in was 78*, I slowly lowered the QT down to 72*. A little colder than...
  6. KingCynosure

    5.5g Shrimp Tank

    I'm moving my blue cray, Elsa, to a 20 long soon, and I'm pretty sure I want to do a shrimp tank with the 5.5g she's been in. I just don't know what exactly I want to do with it. Probably planted, I'll get a light at some point. Anyways, one thought was an RCS tank, breeding them to feed to my...
  7. KingCynosure

    She Finally Got A Betta!

    I finally convinced wifey to get a fish, and she decided on a betta. Good way for me to teach her to take care of them and such, and come on, everyone needs a betta at some point! Anyways, she wanted to find the perfect one, and this is the beauty that she picked: I might end up stealing...
  8. KingCynosure

    What's My Snail Doing?

    Steve, my blue mystery snail, always does weird things. I feel like this is actually normal but I just don't know what it is. I caught my gold one doing it too. They make this almost circle with their foot just out of the water. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  9. KingCynosure

    New Lighting

    I'd like to put a hood and light on my tanks. They've been fine open topped, but I'd like to be able to put some plants in and want to make sure they get enough light. I'm having trouble finding a good hood/light combo online and in stores, does anyone have any ideas? Ordering online would...
  10. KingCynosure

    29g Stocking

    What should I put in my 29g? When I'm ready to add, the stocking will be 12 black kuhli loaches, 3 MS, a bunch of ghost shrimp, and a horse faced loach. I really like different things, so something odd would work, or just great personality!
  11. KingCynosure

    Probably Fin Rot

    My betta, Henry, has been fighting fin rot since I rescued him a few months ago. He was getting better, slowly but surely, for most of that time. It's all been on the edge of his caudal fin. Thursday, last time I saw him before today, he looked fine. Now he has this terrible spot on his dorsal...
  12. KingCynosure

    Betta Id ```

    Can anyone tell me what kind of betta Henry is? I was thinking about it today and can't believe I never found out lol. I can get more/better pics if y'all need them. Thanks guys!
  13. KingCynosure

    Heater Malfunction... Again

    In my 29g I have a 100w and 2x 300w Aqueon heaters. I know it's a lot, but it's on my desk at work, and there isn't much insulation (it's a factory). I want it to be able to stay at temp through the winter. The 100w is great, haven't had any problems with it. Same with one of the 300w's. The...
  14. KingCynosure

    My Poor Loach

    So i posted a while ago about a weird white film I was fighting on my black kuhli loaches. I have 12, 6 are fine and 6 are in QT. Last time I checked (Friday night, 11pm) they were all fine. Today, just now, this was on one of my loaches. I still don't know what the white film is, no one figured...
  15. KingCynosure


    So I'm pretty sure that my dwarf gouramis have parasites. A while back I lost a cory to them, any chance that's where they got it? I'm really just wondering the best meds to dose with for that, whether I can dose the whole tank without hurting the other inhabitants, and whether I should worry...
  16. KingCynosure

    The Joy Of Water Changes

    Water changes are obviously one of the most important parts of a healthy, happy aquarium. It's sad to see people neglect this "chore" because it takes too long, or it's too much work, etc. Even if you keep up with your water changes, you might see it as an ordeal. Next time you go to change your...
  17. KingCynosure

    Gourami Mating

    I feel like my female gourami is ready to mate, but my male seems uninterested. They'll circle each other and dance around, but he always ends up running from her. She'll follow and he'll just keep going. I'm really not even sure what my question is... am I missing something here? What's going on?
  18. KingCynosure

    My Tanks

    I really just need somewhere to post random things about my tank that I think or see, that no one else wants to listen to lol. It's on my desk at work, and I spend a good 7-8 hours out of my 10hr shifts at my desk, so there are a lot of thoughts and pictures coming. I know most of y'all probably...
  19. KingCynosure

    Farlowella Behavior

    I got a Farlowella catfish today (Twig cat) and I'm not sure if (he?) is acting strange, or if they just have a really cool way of doing anything. He's currently leaning against a wall, standing on his tail, but not sucking the glass, he's actually facing the other way. I've also seen him just...
  20. KingCynosure

    My Next Project

    I have a blue cray in a 5.5g in my bedroom at home, she's about 3 inches. I'm planning on getting a 20 long for her, just waiting for a black friday sale/doller per gallon sale/craigslist deal to move her to. I'd really like to add a male afterwards too, but that's a different thread entirely...

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