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    What Color Is My Betta?

    I know this is kinda late, but a mustard gas is a fish with a dark blue or green body and yellow or orange fins. They usually have a dark edge around their fins too. He looks a little pale to be considered a mustard gas to me, but it is kind of nebulous category and he could look darker in...
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    Aced It's 45g

    He is, yeah! It's my favorite show! Not much has been happening. I lost one of the zebra danios to internal parasites a few months ago, and the bamboo shrimp to unknown causes. She was probably my favorite animal in the tank, and not knowing what caused it was especially rough. In more...
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    Random Thoughts

    I finally went to the optometrist and turns out I do need glasses. They won't be in for a few weeks so I'm stuck with contacts for now.
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    Favorite Types Of Dogs

    I have a mini poodle, but I love big dog breeds and I've always wanted something huge and fluffy. I also used to walk a few pitbulls and they were the sweetest dogs ever. This is my boy.
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    I Got A Chicken!!

    Awwwwww, she's such a little fuzzball! I can't believe how big she's getting!
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    Excited About House Plants

    It looks just like a mother of thousands I used to have. I got rid of all of mine after a different type got taller than me and put babies in every single pot we have. I think that one was just a particularly awful species, the one that looked like Smalltownfishfriend's was pretty chill.
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    Why Do You Love Your Lfs?

    My favorite of the three near me has a huge tank with their available plants and some of their permanent residents. They've got 5 or 6 discus and a huge angel that have all been there since I started going (about a year ago). They won't sell you the plants if they're unhealthy or melting, and...
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    Fishlore Dating App

    The beach, gold mining (in 1849 anyway), redwoods, and nice weather.
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    Favorite Non-fish Youtubers?

    I get the chills when the ASMR people (I don't know what they're actually called ) talk or do the sounds directly behind the left ear. Not in real life, not when there's other sounds going on in the other ear, only when it's one sound through headphones in that ear. And only down the left side...
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    Shame Tanks We Never Mention

    My 10 has hard water stains halfway down it from when it was unstocked and I didn't feel like tearing it down and let half the water evaporate out. After I got Wilson (my betta) I threw my extra java moss, anubia, and 4 or 5 silk plants in it and said I'd scape it out in a week or so. A month...
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    Is Anyone Else Here School Age

    Mine's on the 1st.
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    Oops, I Hurt My Fish's Feelings

    My 45 is in the same room as the Xbox, and when I'm playing, I sit on the floor next to the tank so I can see the TV better. The bratfish really don't like that I spend time in there that isn't dedicated to feeding them, so whenever I look up at the tank, I can see a swarm of danios in the...
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    Movie Talk

    Has anyone watched Alita: Battle Angel? I saw it on Friday and honestly have no idea how to describe it.
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    Old Age Or Something Else?

    All of that sounds great! Like DaFishNerd said, food-safe plastic bins are a great temporary home/quarantine tank if you're on a budget, and PetCo has a dollar per gallon sale every few months. A lot of members use that to get cheap tanks. Also, make sure you get an air pump for your sponge...
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    Question New Betta Is He Actually Male?

    The same thing happened with my betta, Wilson. I picked up his cup and immediately knew he was coming with me. I'm desperately trying to convince myself that he doesn't need a brother right now though!
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    Old Age Or Something Else?

    Unfortunately, that won't do much to cycle the tank. The main reason people have filters on their tanks is to house a colony of bacteria. The water moves past the bacteria, allowing it to "eat" the ammonia and convert it to nitrite, which another type of bacteria converts to nitrate. Both...
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    Old Age Or Something Else?

    The first major thing I'm noticing is that your tank isn't cycled. How familiar you with the nitrogen cycle? What did you do to cycle this tank? A lot of the time, health problems come from bettas being kept in water parameters that aren't ideal (0 ppm ammonia, 0 ppm nitrite, >20 ppm nitrate...
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    Question New Betta Is He Actually Male?

    Wow, that's so cool! He reminds me of Venus, the cat with the perfectly divided face colors. Everyone here is making me want a koi betta
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    Random Thoughts

    "Liquid with food chunks" is the worst description of soup I've ever heard, thank you so much for making me read that.
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    Question New Betta Is He Actually Male?

    That's interesting, I had no idea the beard could be clear. Your betta is gorgeous by the way!

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